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and lonely this place is.

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1 and lonely this place is.
Teresa Kassuga on the Yorkshire moors. Just notice how windy and lonely this place is. FYI: This photo WASN’T taken in 1801!

2 Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë

3 1 Mr Heathcliff Lockwood wanted to be alone. Why did he think this would be possible in Thrushcross Grange? Why did Lockwood go to Wuthering Heights? Why didn’t Mr Heathcliff look like a farmer as Lockwood expected? Why was Wuthering Heights built with thick stone walls and very small narrow windows?

4 What did Lockwood learn about the young woman he met in Wuthering Heights when he went there again?
Why did Lockwood stay for a night at Wuthering Heights?

5 2 Catherine Earnshaw What was written on the shelf in the bedroom where Zillah took Lockwood? What was his opinion about that? What happened in the night? What did Lockwood see when he was leaving the room? What is Mrs Dean’s (Nelly) opinion about Heathcliff when it comes to money?

6 3 The Strange Child Who took Heathcliff to Wuthering Heights? Why did he do that? What did Heathcliff look like? How was Cathy’s and Hindley’s reaction to Heathcliff different? Why was Hindley sent to college? What happened to Cathy and Heathcliff when Hindley went away?

7 Who was Frances? What did she look like?
What did Hindley make Nelly and Joseph do when he became the master of Wuthering Heights? When Hindley remembered how much he hated Heathcliff what did he do with him? Cathy and Heathcliff did whatever they wanted. Why did they look in through the windows of Thrushcross Grange?

8 What were Edgar and Isabella doing that made Cathy and Heathcliff laugh at them?
Edgar and Isabella heard Cathy and Heathcliff laughing. What happened to Cathy when they were trying to run away? Heathcliff was thrown out. Why did he give up taking Cathy home?

9 4 Christmas at Wuthering Heights
How did Cathy change after staying at Thrushcross Grange for five weeks? What did Heathcliff look like? What were Heathcliff’s three wishes on Christmas Day? What made Heathcliff throw a dish of hot apple sauce at Edgar’s face? What was Heathcliff’s punishment for doing that?

10 Nelly was feeling sorry for Heathcliff
Nelly was feeling sorry for Heathcliff. How did she know Cathy had the same feelings?

11 5 Cathy and Edgar What was Hindley’s reaction to Frances’s death?
How did Heathcliff save Hareton’s (Hindley and France’s son) life? Cathy was always polite when she visited the Linton’s. How did Edgar find out that Cathy was wild and bad-tempered? What 3 things did she do when Nelly didn’t leave the sitting-room?

12 Cathy told Nelly that she would marry Edgar
Cathy told Nelly that she would marry Edgar. What reasons did she give for loving him? Heathcliff heard Cathy saying that she couldn’t marry him. What reason did she give? What part of the conversation didn’t Heathcliff listen to? What comparisons did Cathy make between her love for Edgar and Heathcliff?

13 6 Cathy’s Marriage Why did Cathy get ill on the night that Heathcliff disappeared? Cathy married Edgar and went to Thrushcross Grange? Why did he and his sister do whatever she wanted? Three years later Heathcliff returned. What did he look like?

14 7 Heathcliff and Isabella
Although Hindley hated Heathcliff, he invited him to stay in Wuthering Heights. Why? Heathcliff and Cathy argued in the kitchen after he had kissed Isabella. Nelly told Edgar and he asked Heathcliff to leave the house. Why did Cathy throw the key into the fire? What happened?

15 Cathy made herself ill. What did Nelly see as she walked across the garden on her way to get the doctor? How might Cathy get well in the doctor’s opinion?

16 8 Two Homes on the Moors Isabella married Heathcliff and lived unhappily in Wuthering Heights. What had Heathcliff done to show Isabella how cruel he was? Why did Isabella have to lock their bedroom every night? Nelly was allowed to go to Wuthering Heights. She arranged a secret meeting between Cathy and Heathcliff. What happened?

17 9 Terrible Times Isabella ran away and never came back. Where did she live? Who was Linton? What did he look like? How did Heathcliff treat Hareton, Hindley’s son, after Hindley’s death? Lockwood had met Hareton at Wuthering Heights. How did Nelly describe him?

18 10 Young Catherine How old were Cathy and Hareton when they first met?
How did Cathy treat Linton? How did Linton feel about going to Wuthering Heights? Why did Heathcliff want Linton to marry Cathy?

19 11 Catherine meets Heathcliff
Why did Heathcliff wish Hareton was his son? Why did Cathy and Linton laugh at Hareton? How did Cathy keep in touch with Linton? What did she do while Nelly was ill? Linton insisted on meeting Cathy. When Edgar agreed, how often and where could they meet each other? How did Linton behave on their first meeting?

20 Why did Heathcliff lock Cathy and Nelly in Zilla’s bedroom in Wuthering Heights?
How long was Nelly locked in the room?

21 12 The Death of Edgar Linton
What did Edgar decide to do when Nelly told him Cathy had married Linton? The lawyer didn’t go to Thrushcross Grange immediately. What did he say? What had really happened? Heathcliff opened Cathy’s coffin on the day of Edgar’s funeral. What did she look like? How long had she been dead?

22 On the day Cathy was burried, Heathcliff intended to open her coffin
On the day Cathy was burried, Heathcliff intended to open her coffin. Why didn’t he do it? Why did he feel happy? What was written on Linton’s will? What did Lockwood decide to do when Nelly finished the story?

23 13 Lockwood Returns to Wuthering Heights
9 months later, Lockwood returned to Thrushcross Grange. What did he find out about Nelly Dean? What were Cathy and Hareton doing when Lockwood saw them through a window? Why did Cathy compare Hareton to a dog? When did Cathy and Hareton start getting on well?

24 14 Lockwood Hears the End of the Story
How did Heathcliff start to behave? Where did he want to be buried? Now Heathcliff is also dead. What is said about him and Cathy? What is going to happen to Cathy and Hareton?

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