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N Established from successful software engineering business. n Company formed in 1997. n Joint venture relationship with Inner Range to develop Windows.

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1 n Established from successful software engineering business. n Company formed in n Joint venture relationship with Inner Range to develop Windows head end for Concept 3000/4000. n Continued to develop a range of products for Access Control & Security systems. n Software is now being used around the world. n Young company - therefore very keen to provide the best support possible. Company Profile

2 n Accept Lite - Single panel, single PC workstation. Limited to 4 doors & 200 users. n Accept - Single panel, single client. n AcceptNet - Multiple panel, multiple client, multiple tenancy. Software for Inner Range Concept Systems System Management Software n PSD Reporter - User access, time sheet, muster, user site status & cost centre reporting. n PSD Messenger - Pager, SMS & support. Add On Software Modules

3 n AcceptNet Server and Client Software. n Panel Connection via RS232, TCP\IP, PSTN modem. n Client PC Connection via TCP\IP LAN. n Multi-tenancy across one or more panels. n Scheduled PSTN Modem dialling to remote panels for updating database or retrieving review. n Multiple locale diagramming. n Review Manager. Manage your Concept 3000/4000 System with AcceptNet Standard Features

4 Manage your Concept 3000/4000 System with AcceptNet n Full panel database programming for all panels. n Easily manage users across one or more panels. n Automatic review archiving. n Powerful review filtering system. n Unlimited operators & permissions. n Automatic backup of AcceptNet System. n Server can run as a Service on NT4, Win 2000 or XP. n Import user data from external text file. n Direct Card translation for PS2 Keyboard Readers. n Visitor database for large sites. n Protected by Hardware Key. n Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP compatible. n Anti-virus software warning – slow, possible corruption. Standard Features

5 n AN Upgrade from Accept Std to AcceptNet n AN Extra Panel n AN Extra Client n AN-007 – Photo ID & Card Management n AN User Access Counting n AN Storage Hire Interface n AN-010 – Pegging / Guard Tour n AN-011 – Prison System Features n AN-012 – Hotel Management Interface - VingCard n AN-013 – Generic Interface for CCTV Switchers, DVRs, etc. n AN-014 – Special Door Access Reporting n AN-016 – User SQL Interface via TCP/IP n AN-017 – Auto Import User Data from Text File Options Available Manage your Concept 3000/4000 System with AcceptNet

6 The AcceptNet System n RS232. n PSTN Modem. n TCP\IP Network. n Any combination of above for multiple panel connection. Concept Connection n TCP\IP LAN. n Multiple simultaneous client connections possible. Client Connection Other Possibilities n Client 2 – Photo ID workstation. n Client 3 - PSD Reporter workstation for Payroll & Mustering. n All clients User Site Status Utility

7 n Customise review messages. n Show user image, user details on user access. n Show mimic panel on alarm events. n Show locale diagrams on any events. n Trigger Generic CCTV or inter-panel control. n Set up messages and recipients for Messenger. Standard Feature - Review Manager

8 Standard Feature - Locale Diagrams n Select background image or floor plan. n Select default entity images or select customised image. n Edit panel database from locale diagram. n Entity states are updated on receiving review. n Display multiple locale diagram windows. n Control CCTV, DVR via Generic CCTV Interface

9 Standard Feature - Multiple Tenancy n Select User Types for tenant. n Select Time Zones for tenant. n Select Holidays for tenant. n Select Diaries for tenant. n Select Home Auxiliaries & Home Zones for tenant. n Specify review handling.

10 AN-007 Option – Photo ID & Card Management

11 AN-008 Option - Access Counting n Currently used to control car park at Wollongong Hospital. n Exit boom gate AUX controlled by card swipe if user has credit. n User purse is decremented for a valid period and max entry count. n User type can be neutralised, or swapped, if user has empty purse. n Keeps track of number of cars and can control car park full sign. n Could be customised for Amusement Arcades or wherever credit can be given to an access card.

12 AN-010 Option – Pegging/Guard Tour

13 AN-013 Option – Generic CCTV Interface n Review Manager n Locale Diagram Select From

14 AN-014 Option –Door Access Reporting Select n Panel n User n Door n Time Generate Report

15 Current & Future Developments for AcceptNet n Contact ID /IRFast for monitoring remote panels. n Real time video display. n Thin Client for low bandwidth connection to Server. Internet & Pocket PC clients. n Super Server for managing multiple AcceptNet Servers. n Speech Recognition and Text to Speech. n Web browser for iHome & iBusiness. n Expand interface list to include High Level interfaces to Lift Controllers, etc. n Improve documentation. Training manuals, trouble shooting guides, etc. n Professionally designed icons and locale images, etc.

16 Example AcceptNet Clients n QUEENSLAND INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL RESEARCH. 2 panels, 3 clients, 120 doors with PSD PhotoID. n CARLTON UNITED BREWERY, Queensland 1 panel, 2 clients, 20 doors with PSD Reporter & User Site Status. n TOTAL CARE INDUSTRIES, Canberra 2 panels (RS232 & PSTN Modem), 1 client, 40 doors. n Canberra International Airport 3 panels (RS232, 2x TCP\IP), 20+ doors. n Computer Science Corporation 2 panels (RS232 & TCP\IP), 2 clients, 20+ doors. n Auckland Museum 2 panels n Canberra International Library AcceptNet & PSD Reporter for mustering. n WOOLONGONG HOSPITAL, NSW 2 panels, 5 clients, 100 doors with Access Counting, Photo ID & Messenger. n National Library, Canberra 1 panel, 1 client, 40 doors, with Photo ID. n UNISYS, NSW 4 panels (3 x TCP\IP, 1 RS232), 2 clients, 100+ doors. n VISA INTERNATIONAL, Singapore 1 panel, 2 clients, 40 doors with Photo ID n UK, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Iceland, 50+ sites.

17 Time & Attendance from your Access Control System with PSD Reporter n User Access Reporting Filter review. User or door referenced. Fully customise the format of exported data. Fully customise reports with in-built report writer. Database Backup & Restore. Compatible with all Access Control Systems & AcceptNet. Standard Features Options Available n PR-002 – PR-005 Number of Users Processed. n PR-006 Muster Reporting n PR-007 User Site Status Utility n PR-008 Time Sheet Reporting n PR-009 Cost Centre Reporting.

18 PR-006 Option – Muster Reporting n Emergency muster processing and comparison muster. n Can be triggered from AcceptNet or User Site Status Utility. n ON SITE & IN AREA Status. n On Site Too Long, Not On Site For Period, In Area Too Long.

19 PR-007 Option – User Site Status Utility n Shows ON SITE, IN AREA, Last Access, On Site Too Long, Not On Site For Period, In Area Too Long. View Time Sheets & User Access Events. n Status is updated by timer, on demand or on first search character typed. n Trigger Emergency Muster Reports in PSD Reporter.

20 n Fixed charge per access or timed charged. n Charge tenants for after hours air conditioning use. n Can also count access events. For All Process Options n Automatic export of data to other applications. n Auto batch processing of all configured processes. n Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP compatible. PR-008 Option – Time Sheet Reporting n Filter or round entry & exit times for individual user types. n Add pay codes. n Leave reconciliation & accumulated hours reports. PR-009 Option – Cost Centre Reporting

21 Send Messages Triggered by your Access Control System with PSD Messenger n Send review or alternative messages to paging devices, either local or via Orange or Link Service. n Send SMS messages via PSTN modem using Telstra MobileNet Service. n Send messages via SMTP Server. n Receives messages and destination references from AcceptNet. n Additional serial port for connecting to panel review. n Motorola PET and ASCOM Line Protocol support. n Message success or failure & communications log. n Network access for sending messages, available soon. n Text to speech via PSTN Modem, available soon.

22 PSD Software Support n Customise software to meet clients requirements. n Offer support directly to our design engineers. n Free phone, support to installer companies who need help with installation. n Support contracts available for end users. Takes pressure off installers having to know the software in detail. n Detailed manuals are included with software. n On-line help system included with software. n Web site contains; support, manuals and trial downloads. Free demo version of AcceptNet. n Products sold and distributed by Security Merchants.

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