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Everything under control ©ANT Group 2008 Garda System.

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1 Everything under control ©ANT Group 2008 Garda System

2 SNMP, Analog, Digital, IP, RF … everything © Copyright ANT Group 2008

3 Control-Center centric Any communication between users and sites pass thru the Control Center Also when you use Internet access © Copyright ANT Group 2008 The control center is made up of: a PC running NetPOD Manager the server application a PC running NetPOD Supervisor the client application: it can be the same PC running the server a series of Network interfaces to communicate with the remote sites a series of Communication interfaces to chat with the users

4 Why everything passes thru the Control Center ? Sites Users This is for three main reasons : – Connection path Sites can be linked in many different ways. The control center knows how to reach the site, the user does not. – History Management All operations carried out from any operator, on line, from a cell-phone, e-mail or other is logged into the database. – Total Security All operations can be viewed and supervised in real-time, also when the user is connecting directly to an equipment on site. © Copyright ANT Group 2008 will log to the Control Center

5 How does the Server get in touch with the sites? The sites can be reached via any type of media that supports a Serial Communication Interface (SCI). The communication path is defined and stored in the control center Each site can be configured with amain media and one or morebackup media. New equipment can use SNMP or WEB server; old equipment and analog measurements use ANT data bridge and RDF units © Copyright ANT Group 2008 This is the key to the Garda System success

6 NetPOD Server SW: the heart of the system it sends commands and collects alarms/events/data from the remote sites; it manages the system communication/database it forwards alarms to technicians via voice/SMS/e-mail it backs-up daily data and manages the database integrity it exports database and reports in many universal formats © Copyright ANT Group 2008

7 How do You get info from the Control Center? The user connects to the control center via: the client application NetPOD Supervisor – Authorized username and password – A GUI (Graphical User Interface) to Configure the system Read system instant data Read historical data Send commands SMS text messages – receive alarms/events filtered by the control center – send commands using a simple text language e-mail text messages – receive alarms/events filtered by the control center – send commands © Copyright ANT Group 2008

8 RDF: the Radio Router RDF provides three extraordinary powerful features, unique to the Garda system : Each site can be configured as a data router, storing and forwarding the relevant communication to the next site if not in site with the former TCP-IP connections with the control center can be obtained using a low data rate media. At the transmission site, the two paths (towards the server and towards the next site) can use different communication media, allowing mixed communication networks de facto creating clusters © Copyright ANT Group 2008 RDF handles a number of media: RS232to the local PC Ethernetover TCP or UDP VHF/UHF radioSFN Network GSM dialupmain or backup PSTN dialupmain or backup GPRSover TCP or UDP CDMAover TCP or UDP UMTSover TCP or UDP Satelliteanalog or digital RDF is the Remote Data Frontend It is an Analog & Digital Data Concentrator, to fully interface any old, new and ancillary equipment

9 How RDF becomes a VHF/UHF Radio Router? The RDF receives a data packet – checks if data is for its own use, – if not, it checks the routing pattern, and – retransmits the selected data the next RDF on its path – And again till the final destination. Each RDF acts at the same time as a remote control and a Radio Router. A packet is routed in less than a second: it will reach destination with many jumps in just a few seconds. © Copyright ANT Group 2008 Large network Each RDF can connect directly to up to 12 RDF (star) and up to 255 per network Proprietary Protocol ANT uses a proprietary protocol optimized and improved over the years on collision detention, error recovery, etc… Backup media Should the data not pass through the Radio channel, the RDF can switch to alternative channels (modem, mobile phone, dedicated router, etc). Example:

10 RDF: Connect Everything © Copyright ANT Group 2008

11 H OW MUCH EQUIPMENT CAN I CONNECT ? Each Server can accommodate [1] : SNMP Unlimited IP/devices & OID/tags RDF Up to 16.711.680 RDF – 255 RDF per sub-network (NET) – 65.536 sub-networks Using any connection media [1] limited only by the SW license © Copyright ANT Group 2008

12 N ET POD S UPERVISOR S OFTWARE NetPOD Supervisor is the client application It is the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the NetPOD Manager which is the server NetPOD Supervisor connects to the NetPOD Manager via TCP/IP It runs on WINDOWS® Vista, XP, NT or 2000 platforms It runs only when the user wants to read data, check for alarms, send commands or configure the system. System administrator will grant different operating permission to users © Copyright ANT Group 2008 Or You can use the web to browse data but it is not as complete as Supervisor. For example, you cannot configure the system.

13 Design a limitless Network structure You can start with a simple layout... Grow... and then change the entire layout without having to replace anything Any RDF can be reconfigured by changing (switching around) the communication system with ease. © Copyright ANT Group 2008 For example: you can insert a GSM modem inside a UHF RDF just plug it in tell the control center that it is linked by GSM with a radio sub network; or the RDF can be instructed to use the GSM as backup modem in case of main link failure. The Garda system is always upgradable

14 Design an expandable Site Control Structure © Copyright ANT Group 2008 Just a few examples…… But you can add: Microwave links Satellite up/down links Ancillary equipment (UPS, RF & Video switches, RF tracking, etc.)

15 Garda system in synthesis: SNMP, Analog, Digital, IP, RF Limitless Network Structure Expandable Site Control Structure and © Copyright ANT Group 2008 Everything under control

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