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Enables your business to overcome technical regulation barriers in Russia Professional in the field of quality.

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1 Enables your business to overcome technical regulation barriers in Russia Professional in the field of quality

2 The main trade barrier for foreign company in Russia is not tariffs or language. It is Russias continuously changing legal and technical regulation and bureaucracy. SERCONS Group is a state-accredited body with authority and experience to enable business to overcome this barrier. Value proposition: General

3 Project Design Project Registration Subject to field inspections by the design bureau, perfomed by licenced construction companies and their subcontractors Application is submitted by the project owner after enclosed technical documents are validated by a licensed certification body With testing procedures composed by a certification company, the testing and results evaluation conducts a licensed testing laboratory personnel Application is submitted by the project owner after full portfolio of technical documents from all prior stages is validated by a licensed certification body Process from Project Registration to Launch into Operation Based on your basic design, delivered by a licensed design bureau in Russia Essentially every step of industrial project preparation and implementation in Russia requires a state license to execute – SERCONS Group has lisences to cover preparation and issuance of technical documents at most of the stages and has partners who will close license gaps if any. Value proposition: Specific 1 Project Construction Pre- Commissioning Permission to Launch into Operation

4 #Document TypeNo. of docs 1.Legal rights10-12 2.Design validation (drawings, design calculations, etc.) 10-12 3.Equipment certification (passports, manuals, specifications, permits, cerificates, etc.) 100-120 4.Construction quality (design and as-built comparisons) 20-24 5.Pre-commissioning tests10-12 6.Operation safefy (Evacuation plans, hasardous equipment and substances handling instructions, site access regiments, etc.) 60-70 TOTAL210-250 docs Example: Estimated Scope of documents supply commissioning of a medium size municipal gas- driven power station in Moscow to be manned by 35-40 technical and administative staff Value proposition: Specific 2 SERCONS Group will consult and prepare a detailed breakdown of technical documents required and will take responsibility for preparation and issuance of these documents in most categories, especially in certification

5 Issuance of certificates and permits: - Permits of Use + industrial safety dossiers for hasardous operations - Certificates of Conformity with Russian GOST standards for customs, - Fire Safety Certificates for inflamable products - Pattern Approval Certificates for metrological /measurement devices - Sanitary and Epidimiological evaluations for foods and other products - Exemption letters to confirm waiver of certification - Ukrainean certificates of conformity (UkrSEGRO) - ISO 9001 certificates within Russian voluntary GOST system of standards Bridging non-Russian technical documents with Russian standards: - Technical specifications - Preparation, Adaptation and Approval - Technical Passports - Preparation, Adaptation and Approval - Construction, Operation, and Maintenance Manuals – Preparation, Adaptation and Approval - pre-launch test procedures and guidelines Preparation, Adaptation and Approval Consulting on technical and legal issues of certification in Russia: - Planning certification processes - Compilation of technical regulation documents relevant to clients projects Inspections and verification: - Renewal of expired certificates 5 Value proposition: Specific 3 SERCONS Group offers a long list of contrete certificates, permits and other technical documents that we routinely deliver to our clients

6 Design Bureau Product Certification (GOST-R, etc.) Quality Management systems (ISO 9000, 14000...) SERCONS Group of services Focus of this presentation is on Product Certification

7 About company SERCONS Company was created in 1996 SERCONS Company possesses its offices in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and abroad: in Turkey, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland. The main field of activity is certification of industrial, building equipment and materials produced by Russian and foreign manufactures. We are working in the within the system of certification of State agency for technical regulation and metrology (Gosstandart of Russia), Department of State sanitation and epidemiological supervision of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, Federal service of ecological, technological and autonomous supervision of Russian Federation, Fire safety, Ministry of communications, Ministry of emergency situations EMERCOM, UkrSEPRO, GOST-R ISO 9001-2001 Issue of more than 23 000 certificates and licenses for manufacturers from 52 countries helped us to obtain the reputation of a professional and a trustworthy partner.

8 Established in 1996, SERCONS Group has grown to become Russias leading certification company…

9 Our leadership General Director - Ihsan Bozkurt "The strategic policy of our company is directed to establishment of long term mutually profitable business relations, effective cooperation with our Russian and foreign clients. Each out of 23000 certificates issued by us is a consequent of our experts responsible work, thoroughly fulfilled tests and inspections, and managers professionalism throughout the process. We take care of our goodwill and are aiming at productive and permanent collaboration with you." Commercial Director Eugenia Elnikova Our work is directed at the establishment and development of partnership relations with our clients. We highly appreciate every client and create the most convenient conditions for him. We collaborate with enterprises working in all dynamically developing productive industries: oil and gas, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, mineral resource and chemical industry, agriculture, power engineering, etc. Business Development Director - Evgeny Garifullin, Ph.D, M.B.A. Both for foreign and domestic companies alike, the main barrier in doing business in Russia is not tariffs or language. The main barrier is Russias complex and continuously changing technical regulation. Whether you plan to import or produce goods in Russia, you have to prepare a long list of technical documents and obtain permits at every stage of your project. SERCONS is the service that enables your company to overcome this barrier. We consult our clients on planning technical documentation work flow. Most importantly, we take responsibility for delivering necessary technical paperwork on time and in full compliance with Russian technical norms and standards.

10 Our customers in certification worldwide Porsche AG Pirelli Robert Bosch Friatec AG ABB (Group) Rehau AG Mitsubishi Electric 3M Worldwide Knauf Rems Werk Carrier General Motors and many others… Our customers in commissioning in Russia Sheremetievo-3 terminal Oktober Cinema Yaroslavski auto-retail center

11 Issued certificates in different countries

12 Certificates issued in the following industries

13 Our services Certification of products in compliance with GOST-R Certificate attesting the quality of delivered goods and their compliance to the terms of a contract.

14 Fire safety certificate is a document to verify and confirm compliance of products and services with fire safety regulations. Our services

15 Hygienic report is a document confirming a permit granted by bodies and institutions under the Department of Sanitary and Epidemiological Control in the RF Health Ministry for production or import of goods. Our services

16 Permit of Rostekhnadzor of Russia to manufacture and use products is a document to be obtained for products used by potentially dangerous production facilities. Our services

17 UkrSEPRO is a quality certification system currently in effect on the territory of Ukraine. UkrCEPRO is very important for Russian companies and companies that export goods to Ukraine. UkrCEPRO is similar to western certificates of ISO 9000, it is an official indicator of quality in Ukraine. Our services

18 We are working for you The group of companies SERCONS collaborates with state jurisdictions issuing special-purpose certificаtes. You can get free from routine work of submitting numerous documents, which increases time of fulfillment and expenses. Tests are carried out in accredited laboratories. The certification is fulfilled by highly skilled experts, who have accreditation in of State agency for technical regulation and metrology. We guarantee priority service and are taking into account your professional and pecuniary interests.

19 Our priorities Individual approach to each client. Individual approach during a visit of production and collecting of samples. Integrated approach to questions solution in certification Shortest terms The highest level of responsibility Flexible system of discounts for regular customers Work without agents Quality of orders fulfillment

20 Process of interaction Contract supplements in case of unforeseen changes to specification Negotiation Quotation Application for services form Manager assignment Inquiry form Services menu First meeting 20 Contract Commercial terms Specification (scope of services)

21 For further information: Telephone us: +7 495 775 20 99, +7 495 782 17 08, +7 800 333 17 08 (toll-free number in Russia) Visit our site: E-mail us: Or arrive to our office which is situated to the address: 115114, Moscow, 20 Derbenevskaya St., Bldg 16

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