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MCT AGENCY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS Managers’ Development Center Ashgabad, Turkmenistan, September 16, 2011.

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1 MCT AGENCY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS Managers’ Development Center Ashgabad, Turkmenistan, September 16, 2011

2 2 Necessity of Managers’ Development Center How to give an impulse for development of managers of the company ? How to define zones of managers' development more exactly, for planning their training ? How to achieve better mutual understanding between the members of the staff? How to raise managers` motivation? How to improve managers` self-organization? How to reduce the number of managers' mistakes in interaction with the staff and decision-making? How to rally managers into the united team? How to raise the efficiency from trainings? The answer: You need Managers` Development Center!

3 3 Цель Центра развития менеджеров The main goal of the Managers` Development Center: To raise the efficiency of a company business on: Improvement of management quality Management and Development of managers` personal potential Efficiency of business Quality of management Development of managers` potential

4 4 Преимущества Центра развития менеджеров What advantages your company gets from the Managers` Development Center?  Improvement of managers` skills of interaction with the staff and customers;  Increasing your managers` level of self-organization;  Perfection of administrative tools in manager work;  Additional motivation of your managers to activity;  Reduction of the number of mistakes in your managers’ activities;  Stimulation of your managers to self-development;  Improvement of interaction between the head and subordinating to him managers;  Occurrence in your company of the coordinates system, allowing to carry out planned development of managers and further to select managers on vacant positions more qualitatively;  Skills development of command interaction of your managers.

5 5 Technology of the Managers` Development Center Managers` Development Center – is a complex of the consecutive consulting actions united in stages, intended for increase of efficiency of managers in various level. Administrative task in the company: necessity 1. Diagnostics, assessment of managers 2. Purpose definition of the managers` development 3. Conducting the development training 5.Reports/ recommen- dations to a management 4. Post-training, the help in development

6 The second stage – one hour of couching- session for everyone who had been through the first stage, with an explanation of test results and definition of the development purposes. 6 Stages of the Managers` Development Center The member of The first stage of Managers` Development Center is the stage of diagnostics and evaluation of professional-important personal qualities of managers. Online-testing Management Staff DISC of Success Insights American company is used. Testing essence – is to reveal behavioral type of a person and according to that define his talents and development zones. This testing is used by consultants and HR- services in more than 30 countries of the world.

7 Mangers’ development training (the third stage of the Development Center) covers three basic spheres of the manager activity: 1. Organization of yourself as an effective manager: How to raise personal efficiency on a workplace? How to develop assertiveness? How to affect personal motivation? What key points to aim for self-development? 2. The organization of subordinates work: How to put tasks before subordinates and achieve their execution? How to motivate subordinates more effectively? How to manage conflicts and build business mutual relations? How to train and develop subordinates? 3. Organization of interaction with a management: How to represent the information to a management more effectively? 7 Stages of the Managers` Development Center

8 8 The fourth stage – post-training in a distance form. Released in the form of online-support of the managers who have passed managers development training. Includes questioning and polls, and also recommendations on introduction in actual working practice of the skills received in the course of training. Allows to overcome manager`s internal barriers. The fifth stage – reporting to a management. Includes: Reporting to the management on each manager, generated on the basis of testing (1st stage) – with a detailed explanation for more effective use; Recommendations granting on improvement of the administrative environment in your company.

9 9 Managers` Development Center Offers You still have doubts, that the Managers` Development Center is necessary for your company?! Our experience allows us not to hesitate: We are offering you to conduct the Managers` Development Center in your company! Attention, good deal! The company concluding a contract on conducting the Managers` Development Center until October, 30th, 2011, receives a discount of 20%. The first 3 companies will receive a discount of 30%. Cost of the consulting services Managers` Development Center depends on number of participants. For calculation of cost for your company, download a file of table Excel by address: To receive this offer, download its PDF-copy from address:

10 10 Our Team The team of business consultants of МСТ Agency, representing the Managers` Development Center: Galina Kalagina Daniil Maykovskiy Mehriban Korepanova Participants of our team are the certificated specialists in implementation of personnel assessment & development technology of Success Insights® DISC.

11 11 Our experience (examples) The consulting projectYearCompany Development Center: The complex project of the linear managers development, including an evaluation of personal professional-important qualities, and also development on training of primary management skills (subject to the estimation). 2011 Training on improvement of staff motivation 2011 Adoption centre: adoption of interaction regulations with clients – development of company staff skills and adaptation of regulations to conditions of Turkmenistan 2010- 2011 Centre of teambuilding: training of team forming (Teambuilding) 2009 Estimation centre (assessment-centre) of company managers 2007

12 1212 Our contacts Contact person: Daniil Maykovskiy Partner, Commercial director Address: 2-nd floor, 33/O.Kuliyev str., Ashgabat, Turkmenistan Telephone/fax: (+993 12) 22-08-07 Cell phone:(+993 65) 80-65-72 E-mail: Web: We are inviting you to cooperation!

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