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Mars-Energo Scientific & Production Enterprise © Mars-Energo, 2012 Instruments for Power Industry.

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1 Mars-Energo Scientific & Production Enterprise © Mars-Energo, 2012 Instruments for Power Industry

2 Ongoing activities Company profile Mars-Energo was established in 1991 and now the company offers a variety of future-oriented and cost-effective Power Industry solutions based on their remarkable history of innovations and leadership in the Russian market of measuring instruments. Core objectives : Developing and maintaining the aggregate of measurement standards for electrical quantities within Russia and the CIS countries Providing test and power quality assessment tools for organizations and companies dealing in electricity market within Russia and worldwide Providing solutions for automatic meter reading systems In the spheres of low-voltage and high-voltage measurements, improving the existing measurement equipment and creating working- and reference-class test tools of new generation through Mars-Energo research and development activities 2

3 Ongoing activities Production facilities All premises are based in St. Petersburg and include R&D department, mounting/ assembling/ adjusting areas, metrological service site as well as offices and stockrooms which comprise a total area of approx.1500 sq.m. 3

4 Ongoing activities Products/Services 4 Automatic Meter Reading Systems Reference- and working class measuring instruments and test systems Power Quality Measurement and Assessment solutions High-Voltage Metrological Laboratories

5 Ongoing activities Markets, selling points and customers Mars-Energo products are primarily focused on Power Industry applications. Geographical: Russia, CIS countries, Baltic countries (Estonia). We expect companies from Asia, Latin America and Middle East to be our customers. Our customers : Industrial test labs, electricity generation and distribution companies and other companies dealing in power (electricity, gas, oil) sectors as well as in transportation, mining and metallurgical sectors; Rosstandart LLC and other centres of standardization, metrology and certification ), D.I. Mendeleev All-Russian Institute for Metrology (VNIIM), Russian Research Institute of Metrological Service (VNIIMS) ; Energy Industry companies, Federal Grid Company (FGC), Interregional Distributive Grid Company (DGC), JSC RusHydro and many others. 5

6 Ongoing activities 6 Competitive advantages Mars-Energo products are manufactured in compliance with all actual Russian and IEC standards, and also firmware and software can be quickly upgraded on putting new standards into force. Most of the products are multifunctional (e.g. reference standard, power quality analyzer and comparator in one instrument). Most of the products are designed in stationary and portable versions. Some of the products are unique in the Russian and other markets (e.g. High-Voltage Mobile Metrological laboratory especially designed to calibrate instrument transformers on site). Being compared with analogues produced by globally known competitors, our equipment, featuring comparable (or the same) technical and metrological specifications, functionality, flexibility etc. is offered at a significantly lower price.

7 Ongoing activities Activities in progress Within the scope of the program Russias national standards strategy, manufacturing of subsystems within State Primary Standard of AC Power; Development of measuring instruments for high-voltage new- generation reference class test systems; Development of new-generation measurement systems for electric power substations. 7

8 Ongoing activities 8 The International Certification Network IQNet and its official partner TEST St Petersburg Co. Ltd, the biggest certifying company in Russia, granted a certificate of conformity which proves that Mars-Energo quality management system complies with ISO 9001:2008 international standard and GOST R ISO 9001-2008. TEST St Petersburg Co. Ltd, a member of the International forum on accreditation (IAF) ACCREDIA (Italy), has also granted a certificate to confirm that Mars-Energo quality management system complies with ISO 9001:2008. IQNetcertificateIAFcertificate

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