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The Shift to Work Outside the Traditional Office.

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1 The Shift to Work Outside the Traditional Office

2 A global Workplace community focused on increasing Workplace Innovation & Consciousness At World Workplace 1 st time ever…. WE Workplace Track! 8 Stimulating Presentations WE Space - Room 121 Meet the WE leadership team and learn about our: Research, Innovation Group, Website, WE:binars and Chapter outreach and much more! WE Dine Out Thursday 7pm – invite forthcoming Dont miss the WE experience!

3 IFMA Welcome IFMA Host & Introduction: Chris Hood, Managing Director Workplace Innovation CBRE

4 The locations for work are changing! New WOW 2013 Survey results

5 Panel Benjamin Dyett, Co-Founder Grind Caroina Rendeiro, CEO Right Space & Past President of the Global Workspace Association Mark Gilbreath, CEO LiquidSpace Moderator: Bob Fox, Principal FOX Architects Publisher, Work Design Magazine

6 Workspaces Work is becoming more fluid Increasing variety in types of workspace: Telework & Third Places

7 Workspaces Individual choice and engagement Technology and tools we use is increasing Many more types of collaboration

8 Workspaces Downsizing of traditional office space More highly flexible options Space on demand Activity based workspace

9 Grind Workspace and Community Type of space available How it Works

10 Grind Who is using Grind? Type of services offered? The Experience. The Advantages

11 Grind How does Grind compare to coworking? How has it changed since you first opened? Trends that you are seeing Use of multiple locations

12 Right Space Business centers and virtual support Type of space available History of business

13 Rightspace Demographic of users How different types of space are used? Use by Individuals / Businesses Differences in use and demand

14 Rightspace Trends looking forward Hybrid Centers Research Labs Niche to Your Market

15 Rightspace Use by Larger Organizations Efficient use of Space Interaction and chance encounters

16 LiquidSpace Brief History/Growth Range options available The Biggest Demand

17 LiquidSpace Use by individuals v. larger organizations. Biggest users Change in Real Estate Strategy Trends and Patterns of Use

18 LiquidSpace Customer experience Technology and Online vs Offline Hospitality & customer service approach

19 Discussion

20 Questions & Answers

21 Come join us for the next in the series of Workplace Evolutionaries WE:binars THURSDAY, November 21 st, 11:00 – 12:00 EST What in the World is Happening to Workplace? Moderator: Chris Hood, CBRE With Panelist: Gabor Nagy and Jim Creighton Please join us for a sharing of the results from the NewWOW 2013 Global Workplace Survey. Enjoying an ever-increasing response rate, this survey tells the continuing story of Workplace evolution in a way which will surprise and delight. Gabor Nagy and Jim Creighton from New Ways of Working will be our guide to the latest and greatest information. RVSP: You dont want to miss out on the WE experience.

22 A Global Workplace Community focused on increasing Workplace Innovation & Consciousness Upcoming WE:binars Oct. 17 th – Highlights from World Workplace Presentations Nov. 21 st - Findings from the New Ways of Working Survey

23 Thank you!

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