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The Way We Work Transforming the Government Workplace.

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1 The Way We Work Transforming the Government Workplace

2 Workspace Transformation New flexible and more mobile ways of working mean that not only can we reduce the amount of office space, but we can also create new styles of office. Flexible working demands more flexible workspace.

3 The changing world of work 40% desk occupation on average Increased mobile ICT - Jelly-bean working Demand for variety/flexibility Alternative work locations Home working up 22% since 2001 Pressure on property and utility costs Climate change - CO2 Transport The Way We Work: 21 November 2011: 3 of 11

4 Government workplaces of the Future Supporting the workforce through a smaller more efficient estate Non-territorial working in a shared estate Focus on supporting the employee beyond the confines of the traditional workplace Common ICT accessibility for all civil servants Common access and physical security systems

5 Key Issues 2012 and beyond: changing work expectations for people driven by availability of networks & technology make working from different locations much more accessible and practical – performance / results driven management of staff will be more widely acceptable Reduce Estate Cost: flexible working will reduce amount of empty workstations as well as improving peoples productivity – also an opportunity to reduce office portfolio. Carbon Emission Reduction: flexible working environments will help reduce our office portfolio as well as cutting staff transport emissions when working from home. Wide spread use of video conferencing is also helping reduce transport costs & emissions The Way We Work: 21 November 2011: 5 of 11

6 The Way We Work : 21 November 2011 : 6 of 11 New Ways of Working Leadership insight Strategic intent Organisation Culture Fixed Static Fixed Mobile Home New Ways of Working Space Technology Process People Workplace analysis (Utilisation & Purpose) Understanding (policies & guidelines) Discovery (Communications & Collaboration) Work style analysis (Observation & survey)

7 The Way We Work : 21 November 2011 : 7 of 11 New Ways of Working change is hard opportunities lost real change happens opportunities optimised no change limited opportunities superficial change opportunities lost The relationship between mindset change and workspace new old Mindset Workspace

8 Workspace Transformation my desk my space our space any space any place Mindset change and progress in distributed working

9 Understanding the challenges Understanding the business case for flexible workspaces Understanding the spatial impacts of flexible working What the flexible worker needs the office for Designing workspaces for different activities Integrating the physical and virtual office Introducing a new working culture to the new workspaces The Way We Work: 21 November 2011: 9 of 11

10 2012 and Beyond… From: Email Travelling to meetings Everyone in a room Managed by attendance Same place everyday Paper handouts My desk Tethered to a desk To: Instant messaging Video conferencing Everyone connected Managed by deliverables Choose where to work Review documents on screen Our shared space Wireless The Way We Work: 21 November 2011: 10 of 11

11 The Way We Work

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