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CA CUE eL Sig January 16, 2013 Please check your audio by going to: Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard.

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1 CA CUE eL Sig January 16, 2013 Please check your audio by going to: Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard

2 CA CUE eL Sig Rob Darrow Director of Member Services

3 CA CUE eL Sig Upcoming Webinars in January - –The new! Research in Review Webinars Jan. 15 – features the researchers of two online learning reports from Colorado (free) Feb 19 – Center for Online Learning Research (Michigan Virtual University) –Competency Works webinars – series of 6 starts on January 31, Number 2 on Feb. 1 (free) –Teacher Talk webinar on Jan. 17 about Open Educational Resources (OERs) in education

4 CA CUE eL Sig Reports of Interest From Colorado. –A) Perspectives of Online Learners –B) Characteristics of Online Learners –Both reports focused on students in full time online programs in Colorado – From Sloan-C – 2013 Report about Higher Ed Online Learning Growth, etc. (still increasing each year by about 10%). – g_course_2012 g_course_2012

5 CA CUE eL Sig Upcoming Date of Interest National School Choice Week –Jan. 27-Feb. 2 – Digital Learning Day – Feb. 6 – CUE Conference March 13-16 –

6 CA CUE eL Sig Allison Powell Vice President State and District Programs

7 CA CUE eL Sig New Learning Models Work Online and blended learning models are at an early stage, and many important questions require further research and development. Answering these questions will require that stakeholders across the field share an ambitious vision of online and blended learning’s potential, understand where the field is today relative to that potential, and innovate rapidly in collaboration with one another on critical open questions.

8 CA CUE eL Sig As part of iNACOL’s Strategic Plan, we want to: Create the conditions required to develop a broader set of effective blended and online learning models by: Building a compelling vision of the field’s potential and the suite of learning models, courses, and curriculum necessary to build college- and career-readiness for all students Conducting research to understand the field’s progress relative to the vision and identify the key gaps in knowledge and practices that remain Disseminating what is known (e.g., Promising Practices) via website, reports, webinars, conference presentations, and other iNACOL networks Building commitment among funders and providers to channel their innovation efforts toward addressing key gaps so that the field can more rapidly achieve the destination we seek

9 CA CUE eL Sig iNACOL’s Goals for New Learning Models: Develop a vision and belief statements for the field of K-12 online and blended learning Create a roadmap and resources for implementing and supporting new learning models Share promising practices and success stories from the field

10 CA CUE eL Sig iNACOL has put together our vision of potential of new learning models which include: –Transformative –Student-centered –Personalized –Allow flexibility and student to move at own pacing –Enable student agency (student voice/control) –Use technology to accelerate learning –Increase equity and access –Improve the quality of education –Result in student higher achievement –Outcomes include understanding and application of knowledge, skills and dispositions through demonstration of deeper learning and evidence toward college and career-ready, world-class standards

11 CA CUE eL Sig What are “non-negotiable” principles that programs should adhere to? Equity High levels of rigor for all students.

12 CA CUE eL Sig Where would you say the field is at today in regards to new learning models? Beginning Only a few models that support the vision

13 CA CUE eL Sig What types of things keep you up at night?

14 CA CUE eL Sig What needs to happen in the field to realize this vision?

15 CA CUE eL Sig What role does iNACOL need to lead?

16 CA CUE eL Sig New Learning Models Wiki

17 CA CUE eL Sig Next CUE eL SIG Meeting Wed. Feb. 20 at 2pm Will you be attending CUE Conference March 13-16?

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