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Expansion: Scaling the Benefit of Coaching for Teams Presented by DJ Mitsch, MCC 2001 Past President ICF.

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1 Expansion: Scaling the Benefit of Coaching for Teams Presented by DJ Mitsch, MCC 2001 Past President ICF

2 About Darelyn “DJ” Mitsch, MCC Former ICF President (2001), among the first 25 coaches in the world to receive MCC designation Former Broadcast Executive – VP/General Manager – pioneer female in that industry President of the First US “Corporate Coaching Company” 1994 - The Pyramid Resource Group ◦ Attracted a team of masterful coaches to work in collaboration with HRD teams and large company initiatives to drive a culture of coaching in organizations ◦ Designed process called The Extraordinary Game – a Team Coaching program Publications ◦ Co-authored Choice Magazine article entitled Expansion: Scaling the Benefits of Coaching to Groups and Teams, December 2008 Issue ◦ Author and Editor – Coaching for Extraordinary Results – ASTD In Action Learning Series, Case Book ◦ Forthcoming, The Team Advantage, Coaching Teams to Play an Extraordinary Game in 16 weeks! Contact Information: The Pyramid Resource Group NC, USA ◦ ◦ or via phone –US 919-677-9300 ext 101 2

3 3 Objectives for this Team Coaching Session 1.Review current trends and business imperatives driving need for team coaching 2.Briefly distinguish Team Coaching versus Group Coaching 3.Discuss “impact” for team coaching 4.Describe the Team Charter process that sets stage for Team Coaching

4 Affinity Groups Educational Forums Mentoring Intact Team Team Mandates Building Keyword: “ENGAGEMENT” Keyword: “CHOICE” Keyword: “PARTNER” Key Talent New Manager / New Team Leadership Stretch Develop Leaders Stay Relevant Innovate Keyword: “GROWTH ” Groups Individual Leader Team Organization Sponsor Scale KEY ENTRY

5 5 Comparison— Team & Group Coaching Similarities Distinctions: Group CoachingDistinctions: Team Coaching Focus on… Choice Individual results Peer relationships Coach holding agenda Participants shaping agenda Requires… Masterful coaching Model: advanced skills Presence Member collaboration Results/Common Focus Dynamic Communication Focus on… Engagement Team results/individual contribution Role/leader relationship Coach holds agreement process Team innovations include flexibility w/ agendas, but rely on process

6 Business Imperatives Driving Need for Expansion to Team Coaching Communication, Communication, Communication Organizations need a “boost” in team effectiveness Virtual teams need to have a framework for building business Project Teams - need to focus on accelerating the intended result Sales Teams - particularly seasoned, have seen most every other type of training Collaboration – people talk about it, but are often “clueless” about how to execute it Accelerated Movement – Key talent and leadership move in and out of position, so there are few stability factors.

7 Definition—Team Coaching … is a transformational process where a highly skilled coach partners with a team leader (the manager/executive) to engage the members in an action learning environment, and coach the team as they work together to achieve a specific business outcome. 7 Key Word “Engagement” (which is distinct from Coaching Groups with key word being “choice.”)

8 Applications for Team Coaching Sales Teams High performing – need to stretch Low performing – need to boost New Manager needs to flatten learning curves – produce immediate impact Project Teams Innovation Teams Leadership Teams (CEO’s, Division Heads etc.) setting strategies Global Work Teams (often virtual) New Leader Assimilation 0 Jump Startling the Team under new leadership\ Cultural Initiatives driving organizational changes

9 Impact of Team Coaching Two Cases: ▲ New Sales VP inherits team of 14 District Managers (2 district groups, physical division in geography and emotional division after former leaders ousted). Goal – move up in revenue share from 5 th – 4 th rank out of 21 regions within a year. Outcome – from 5 th to 1 st rank in one reporting term – trimester – team began to “love” each other. ▲ Regional Marketing & Sales Team work to launch a new product – cross-functional team from marketing and sales – tension around expectations and dynamics. Goal – Region to Have #1 launch in the country Outcome – After FDA delayed approval by 3 months, team launched product and was ranked #1 in the country in 1 st reporting period.

10 So Where to Begin? Have the team create a foundation – a code of conduct for what they want to address – this becomes the touchstone for your coaching conversations. Step One – Team Charter Step Two – Identifying the gaps

11 A Team Charter Have team list everything that is important to them including challenges and what they wish to change. In small groups of 3-5 people have them discuss what they want to include in this new operating code of conduct, or Team Charter. ◦ Sample items  Respect and listen fully to others without speaking over each other  Listen for intensions underlying the stories our teammates tell us  Embrace the rapidly occurring changes, and find ways to leverage those to address the needs of our customers Sample Team Charter on our website

12 12 Questions and Discussion

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