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Resume Development Workshop Choctaw Nation Career Development.

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1 Resume Development Workshop Choctaw Nation Career Development

2 The Resume is a marketing document that appropriately positions a person for the job he/she is seeking. The resume highlights and summarizes the skills, achievements, education, training, experiences, etc. that qualify a person for a particular job. The resume contains key words that are directly related to the requirements of the desired job.

3 Professional format Organized and focused on target job Neat and easy to read/skim Correct grammar, punctuation, & capitalization Relevance Skills, qualifications, and accomplishments that match target job Key words (terminology) that tie individual to target job or profession Accomplishments and performance from past jobs or projects Education, certifications, & training Professional experience

4 Job description or list of requirements for career field Description of education, training, & certifications/licenses earned with dates & locations Work experience (not more than 10 years) with titles, dates, accomplishments/responsibilities, & locations May be paid or volunteer experience

5 List of skills related to the target job Soft Skills: dependability, professionalism, organization, time management, flexibility, initiative, leadership, etc. Transferrable Skills: skills that you have used/learned in other jobs that may transfer to this position – customer service, computer skills, management skills, sales, etc. Technical Skills: computer programs used, certifications, industry language, etc.

6 Contact Information Professional addresses Cell phone service with fully paid account Professional voice mail greeting (Hello this is John Smith. I am sorry that I cant take your call at this time. Please leave your name and number and a brief message and I will return your call as soon as possible.)

7 A resume MAY include the following if it is relevant to the target job and adds value to the resume. Educational courses GPA (if 3.6 or above) Equipment operated Memberships in professional or community organizations Military service Extra-curricular school activities (leadership, event organization) Personal – foreign languages, special talents

8 Include a Qualifications Summary section Objectives – not recommended Dates – use the year only in the employment history and education sections Length – generally 1 page, more pages may be used if you have extensive relevant experience Font – use fonts that commonly available on most computers and that have high readability (Arial, Lucida, Verdana, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Garamond) References – separate reference page; 3-5 professional references, accurate contact information Always get a persons approval before using as a reference

9 Job Description: Sales Representatives sought to join Specialty Healthcare Inc.'s successful sales team. Currently we are seeking a professional and dedicated Sales Representative with a background in respiratory services, durable medical equipment sales, home medical equipment, or pharmaceutical sales to help us grow our $600 million business. As part of our team you will be joining a group of dedicated professionals and the national leader in Respiratory Care and in-home patient care. As a Specialty sales professional, you will be responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with doctors, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, local professionals and other referral sources in the medical community. In addition you will be expected to meet or exceed your monthly sales quota, continually educate clients, and market our services, respiratory equipment, and medications to new prospects. Job Requirements : 2 year college degree plus a minimum of two years related experience or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience Applicant must possess a valid driver license issued by the state in which they are employed Motivated and self driven, with a proven history of success in sales Strong team player Relationship building people skills Highly organized, strong presentation skills Desire to work in an environment that rewards for top performance

10 S TEPHEN D. J AMES 1547 Circle Dr Cell Hugo, OK Medical Sales | Respiratory Care Professional Professional Qualifications Successful sales/customer relations experience with Dallas-based multi-state company. Effective relationship-builder who is personable, dedicated; aggressive in pursuit of new accounts. Outgoing personality with strong presentation skills and commitment to developing and maintaining solid customer base. Extensive experience-based knowledge of newest respiratory care equipment and related services. Goal-oriented team player who is motivated, organized, and takes pride in a job well done. Well-liked by others and known as a fast learner who works hard, is efficient, and believes in providing extraordinary customer service; competitive by nature.

11 1. Writing your resume to sound like a series of job descriptions. 2. Writing in the first person. 3. Including unrelated and personal information. 4. Using passive language or no action words. 5. Repetitiveness.

12 6. Poor formatting or formatting that is too flashy. 7. Sending a resume without a cover letter. 8. Sending an unfocused or generic resume. 9. Typos and other spelling or grammatical errors. 10. Sending your resume to a nameless, faceless person.

13 Online Applications and Resume Uploads (.txt files) 1. Create a new file using Words Save As feature. Under format select text only. 2.Close the new file. 3.Reopen the file, and youll find that Word has automatically reformatted the resume into Courier font, removed all formatting, and left-justified the text. 4.Review the resume and fix any glitches such as odd characters that may have been inserted to take the place of curly quotes, dashes, accents, or other nonstandard symbols. 5.Remove any tabs and adjust spacing as necessary. You might add a few extra blank spaces or move text down to the next line. 6.If necessary, add extra blank lines to improve readability. 7.Consider adding horizontal dividers to break the resume into sections for improved skimmability. You can use any standard typewriter symbols such as *, -, (, ), =, +, ^, or #. 8. Don't worry about the length of the resume. When you save it as a text file, it will generally increase the length. Then, if you add in a few more blank lines, it will be even longer and that's fine. Don't be concerned. Use this method for copying/pasting resumes into on-line systems.

14 OKCIS – OK Career Information System Click Individual School-Agency Login UN: choctawcdPW: okcis699 Click Create My Portfolio Set up your portfolio by entering your personal information (use correct capitalization & punctuation) Click My Portfolio at top right corner of page Click My Education and Work History (ResumeTool)My Education and Work History (ResumeTool) Enter your resume information and follow instructions for organizing & printing the resume You may contact an Employment Specialist with the Choctaw Career Development program for assistance.

15 Career Ready 101/KeyTrain Use the same username & password used for your pretests (see a Choctaw Career Development Counselor if you are now a client of the program) Click on My Resume Follow the steps to build, save, and print your resume You may contact an Employment Specialist with the Choctaw Career Development program for assistance.

16 – Microsoft Word Template Resume-in-Word.htm Resume-in-Word.htm Free on-line source for resume development with tutorials and templates. Resume Styles – Functional, Chronological, Combination Templates are a guide, and can be re-arranged or changed to meet your needs and your style.

17 Proofreading Have your resume proofread by at least 3 individuals Save the resume Save your resume with a file name that identifies the job the resume applies to and the date. You may have a number of similar resumes that you have created for particular jobs, and you may need to be able to access them specifically by job in the future.

18 Printing Always print the resume on high quality bond paper Professional colors: off-white or gray Presentation of the Resume Mailing – mail the resume in a matching, correctly addressed envelope Personal delivery – present the resume inside a neat, professional presentation-type folder, possibly with a clear front cover Resumes are usually submitted with a corresponding cover letter

19 Never drop off your resume or job application while wearing casual clothing Save your resume on a jump drive so that you can access it from anywhere Learn about the company before applying for employment Be aware of personal information and photos placed on the internet Google your name

20 Rhonda Mize Academic & Employment Services Coordinator Choctaw Nation Career Development cell office fax

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