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Work Breakdown Structure WBS

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1 Work Breakdown Structure WBS
Prof Awad S. Hanna

2 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
A hierarchical system which sub-divides larger elements of the project into smaller elements. The smallest unit of the WBS is the work package. Prof Awad S. Hanna Prof Awad Hanna

3 Work Breakdown Structure Example
Level Work Breakdown Structure Level Description 1 Warehouse Total Project 2 Administration Mobilization/ Demobilization Masonry Wall Steel Columns & Joints Roof System Subproject 3 Sitework Footing Floor Slab Masonry Wall Steel Columns & Joints Roof System Interior Finishes Category of Work 4 Excavate Footings Form & Reinforce Footings Place Footings Work Package 5 Labor Material Equipment Resources Prof Awad S. Hanna

The scope of work in each work package should be defined to avoid overlaps and omissions between work packages. Work packages should be defined in terms of design, construction methods, and completion requirements, with associated performance dates Prof Awad S. Hanna

5 Scope of Work Packages Each work packages should be: 1. Manageable
Specific authority and responsibility can be assigned. 2. Independent With minimum interfacing or dependence on other elements. 3. Measurable In terms of progress. Prof Awad S. Hanna

6 The Project Cost System
Objectives of Establishing Project Cost System. 1. Keep the construction costs of the project within the established budget. 2. Develop labor and equipment productivity information for estimating the cost of future work. Prof Awad S. Hanna

7 Cost Code Project Number Area Code Work Type Code Distribution Code 9708B Cost Code for stripping concrete formwork for bridge deck (Labor). Prof Awad S. Hanna

8 Project Number 9708B 05 03157.20 3 Eighth project in 1997 (Bridge)
Prof Awad S. Hanna

9 Area Code 9708B 05 03157.20 3 Geographic location OR
Associate Field Cost to Specific supervisor or Management Prof Awad S. Hanna

10 Work Type Code 9708B 05 03157.20 3 03 Concrete 0315 Concrete Formwork
Wood Concrete Formwork Wood Concrete Formwork for Deck Wood Concrete Formwork for Abutment Prof Awad S. Hanna

11 Distribution Code 9708B 05 03157.20 3 1. Total 2. Material 3. Labor
4. Equipment 5. Sub-Contract Prof Awad S. Hanna

12 Cost Code and Cost Control
All items of expense are charged to the project where they are incurred. "General" or "miscellaneous" cost accounts should not be used, is poor practice, and should be avoided. The cost code is to serve its basic purpose, it must be understood and used consistently by all company personnel. Prof Awad S. Hanna

Cost report intervals are a function of the project size, nature of the work, and the type of contract involved. There must be a balance between the cost of generating the reports and the value of the management information received Prof Awad S. Hanna

14 COST CODES The most widely used cost codes are
Masterformat, CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) Uniformat, UCI (Uniform Construction Index). Masterformat is widely used software companies and government agencies. Prof Awad S. Hanna

15 Most contractors match their cost control system to their payroll periods and to their time-monitoring system. Prof Awad S. Hanna

16 COST CODES (cont.) Masterformat Uniformat Has 16 divisions
Divisions were developed according to trades Uniformat Has 12 divisions Tends to follow the progress of construction Prof Awad S. Hanna

17 Relationship Between UNIFORMAT & MASTEFORMAT
Prof Awad S. Hanna

18 UNIFORMAT Level A and B Prof Awad S. Hanna

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