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Project Control: Developing the As-Planned S-Curves Part #2 May 30, 2014 Hide/Unhide Exercises.

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1 Project Control: Developing the As-Planned S-Curves Part #2 May 30, 2014 Hide/Unhide Exercises

2 Purpose Illustrate how to develop a set of As- Planned S-Curves from scheduling information and estimates developed sometime before actual construction operations begin. Review the conceptual design estimating process to the extent necessary to set the context.

3 Learning Objectives Be able to construct an as-planned schedule of work and cost versus elapsed time from a typical (but simplified) construction project Gantt Chart. Be able to plot and identify the as Planned S- Curves best representing these schedules.

4 Who Develops the As Planned Gantt Chart? And When? It depends upon what part of the process is in question. We are going to assume that the Gantt Chart is developed by the Contractor to plan construction operations. We are going to assume that the schedule data are generated sometime before the onset of actual field operations.

5 Example Construction Project The project is to reconstruct 2-miles of park access road conforming to Texas FM-Road standards. This involves the following tasks: 1. Mobilization – Equipment, office set up, etc. 2. Sub-base preparation – hauling, grading and compaction, redo of some culverts, etc. 3. Base course construction – hauling, grading and compaction. 4. Wearing Course construction – shoot and chip 5. Demobilization – Clean up, equipment, office, etc.

6 Class Discussion Exercise #2.1 on Construction Methods. Ask Selected Individuals or Pairs to answer the following: What is Base Material and what is its purpose in the design of the road? How is the Base built? What is shoot and chip? What is Pea Gravel? What is the design profile of a FM Road?

7 Project Task Duration and Cost Data Assume: All labor, material and equipment cost estimates are available from the estimating process. Maximum Task overlap with a 1-day minimum delay on an early start schedule.

8 Assumed Estimating Process The entire project is broken into Work Packages (work breakdown structure): build base, shoot and chip, etc. Estimated unit quantities for each work package are calculated from the plans and specifications at an appropriate level of detail. The corresponding unit prices and productivity rates are obtained from historical data – We will use the R. S. Means manual in this class. Work Package (or Task or Activity) durations and costs are derived from the historical data as applied to the estimates. These data serve as inputs to the scheduling process which result in Bar-Charts similar to the one on the next slide.

9 Class Exercise 2.2 As individuals describe the crew (equipment and personnel) configuration necessary to construct the base course. As Pairs agree upon the configuration. As a Team, estimate the hourly cost rate.

10 Example Gantt Chart with Related S-Curve % Data Simplifying assumptions: All work is equally weighted where 1 day equals 1 unit of work. Daily work accomplished is NOT a function of daily cost.

11 Class Exercise #2.3 As Individuals, compute the number of cubic yards of base material required to build 2-miles of FM Road base, 24-feet wide, and 1-foot thick? As Pairs, compare answers and then compute the linear feet of daily progress, if you can build 2,700 sq-yds of base per day?

12 What Does all this Imply? The relationship between time and cost and time and work. For example, at the end of day 8 you plan to have completed 50% of the Work and to have spent 47% of the Budget.

13 Corresponding As-Planned S- Curves Note: The relationship between the scales. There is a reason – to make room for the As-Built S-Curves

14 Exercise #2.4 Individually, using engineering paper, plot the S-Curves for these data, label the axes, the curves, and the plot. Turn in your work before you leave.

15 Module Assessment Question If you had to ask a question about this topic, what would it be?

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