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Sophos Security and Data Protection Overview by: Mun Foong, Che – Channel Manager.

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1 Sophos Security and Data Protection Overview by: Mun Foong, Che – Channel Manager

2 Michael E Porter Professor at Harvard Business School A leading authority on company strategy and the competitiveness of nations and regions Six-time winner of the McKinsey Award for the best Harvard Business Review Harvard Business School's program for newly appointed CEOs of multibillion dollar corporations Father of the Modern Strategy

3 3 Sophos – A Leading Security Vendor Globally Security experts innovating for 23 years Focused on sophisticated management capabilities for the enterprise customer Protecting over 70,000 customers and 100 million end-user in nearly 150 countries Revenue in 08/09 of US$270m with 27% year- on-year growth 19,000 new customers worldwide during FY 2009. Over half of newly-acquired Sophos customers were Symantec and McAfee displacements. Providing real-time threat analysis and live updates 24 hours a day

4 About Sophos Privately held since inception in 1985 Sophos and Utimaco combined in 2008 1500+ Employees, more than 600 people in R&D Solid revenue growth, profitable Dedicated focus on businesses 4

5 Global Presence Asian Offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia with Representation in Thailand


7 Reputation Analysis Behavior Analysis Malware Analysis Spam Analysis Application Analysis Web Analysis Sydney Oxford Boston Vancouver Exploit Analysis Search engines Spam Traps Honey Pots Customers (WS1000) Other vendors Reputation data Blocking by reputation Smallest, fastest signatures SophosLabs knows threats better than anyone

8 Sophos Security and Data Protection Security that frees organizations to focus on their business Simplified security enables your business Trusted expertise and proven solutions Complete protection for less investment

9 Complete Protection 9 Proactive threat protection with a single engine across endpoint, email and web Anti- malware Controlling devices, applications and the use of email/web prevents the inadvertent and deliberate leakage of information DLP Securing data on computers and removable storage devices as well as in email communication Encryption Ensuring computers meet the required internal security policies Managing internet acceptable use policy Compliance

10 Comprehensive security and control

11 Simplified Management 11 Intuitive management provides dashboard view of security status New policies and functionality can quickly be deployed across the estate Managed appliances automate day-to-day administration of the gateway Automatic, frequent, zero-effort updates Reduces administration Sophisticated data leakage prevention across endpoint, email, web Certified encryption technologies secures sensitive information Centralized encryption policy management enforces company wide Anonymizing proxy blocking ensures acceptable internet use Ensure compliance The integrated third party security software removal tool makes deployment easy Managed appliances deploy easily offering immediate results Ease of Switching

12 Switch or Upgrade? Switching to SophosUpgrading to Symantec 1.Install Sophos Enterprise Console on the same server or parallel system (so you are still protected as you switch). 1.Uninstall the Reporting Server if you have it installed. 2.Deploy Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection to clients - automatically if you use Active Directory or using the wizard. Our integrated tool will ensure Symantec AntiVirus will be automatically removed. 2.Use Symantec System Center to configure settings for the management server and clients that prepare them for migration. These settings changes consist of: disabling scheduled scans, modifying Quarantine purge options, deleting histories, disabling LiveUpdate, disabling roaming, unlocking server groups, and disabling Tamper Protection. 3.Uninstall Symantec System Center.3.Install the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. 4.Migrate your legacy clients and servers. 5.Uninstall Symantec System Center. 6.Migrate legacy client or server that was used to protect the computer running Symantec System Center. Source: migration information on

13 Trusted Solutions 13 Minimizes impact on system performance of users machines Seamless user experience of internet surfing Low impact Technical Support provided by in-house experts Pre-packaged intelligence from SophosLabs Support Recognized as an industry leader Award winning products and technologies Proven

14 14 Gartner Magic Quadrant for EPP Gartner recognizes key strengths: Strong reputation for support and service from customers and the channel Good balance of management simplicity without sacrificing depth of control Multi-platform management from a single console Improved data protection capability with Utimaco acquisition Improved malware detection NAC embedded in the agent

15 15 Gartner Magic Quadrant for EPP Buyers that prefer a broad, comprehensive EPP suite with simplified management capabilities......should consider Sophos. Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms 2009

16 16 Gartner Magic Quadrant for EPP Buyers that prefer a broad, comprehensive EPP suite with simplified management capabilities......should consider Sophos. Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms 2009

17 17 Gartner Magic Quadrant – Mobile Data Protection Through its completed acquisition of Utimaco, Sophos has created a combined company that can challenge McAfee. The cultures of the companies were compatible..and the new road map is impressive. Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Mobile Data Protection Sep 2009

18 Virus Bulletin RAP Average Quadrant Jun – Dec 09

19 Sophos Security and Data Protection Anti-virus, -spyware, - adware Application control Device control Full disk encryption Network access control Firewall Wide range of platform support Spam, phishing, malware Sender Genotype reputation filter SXL real-time spam updates Content control SPX and TLS Encryption Hardware/software options Real-time malware scanning URL/reputation database Content control Anonymizing proxy blocking HTTPS scanning DLP post control Managed appliances Email Security and Data Protection Endpoint Security and Data Protection Web Security and Control

20 Endpoint (90,000 users) SAP (Germany) – 10,000 Servers Endpoint– 20,000 User Key wins (Global)

21 21 6,000 User License Symantec Displacement 60,000 User License Computer Associates Displacement 10,000 User License McAfee Displacement 90,000 User License McAfee Displacement 1,400 User License Symantec Displacement 6,000 User License Symantec Displacement 3,800 User License McAfee Displacement 100,000 User License McAfee Displacement 5,000 User License Computer Associates/Sybari Displacement 22,300 User License Computer Associates Displacement 20,000 User License McAfee Displacement 15,000 User License Symantec Displacement 350,000 User License Symantec Displacement 20,000 User License Symantec Displacement 11,000 User License Symantec Displacement 5,000 User License Symantec Displacement 20,000 User License Symantec Displacement Sophos confidential. Not for distribution or external discussion 20,000 User License Symantec Displacement

22 Whats new in Endpoint 9.0

23 Endpoint Security and Control 9.0 Enhancements cover: Management Security Data Protection

24 Making management even easier

25 Management enhancements Role based administration: 4 default role levels (admin, sys admin, help desk and guest) authenticated via Windows groups customizable control over policies and actions devolve sub-estate management Computer based reports (compliance - protection status over time) User based reports (application, device and data control policies) Reports can be scheduled and emailed automatically Event viewer provides quick mechanism to analyse events Brand new updating technology

26 Even better security

27 Security enhancements Firewall location awareness – rule sets for on and off LAN DNS or default gateway used to define location Firewall training – report only mode in console, alert on learning Combined client GUI and system tray icon (firewall + SAV) Configurable rootkit detection/blocking Continued HIPS rules enhancements Supports Windows 7!

28 Integrating DLP

29 Device Control enhancements Dedicated device control policy Policy exceptions for individual instance or model types Ability to control modems as a device type Network bridging prevention Granular control of: Storage devices: Removable storage - USB keys, removable hard disks Optical / disk drives - CD / DVD / HD-DVD / Blu-ray Network devices Wi-Fi / Modems Bluetooth Infra-red

30 Rich DLP functionality that is simple to manage TOP SECRET First fully integrated endpoint DLP solution One agent One license (Endpoint Security and Control) Monitor and enforce on all common data exit points Removable storage / optical media Read only mode for storage Internet applications (web browser, email client, IM client) Designed to prevent accidental data loss Train staff through use of desktop prompts Events audited and available for review within SEC

31 Recent Updates

32 Non-Windows releases SAV for Mac 7.0 Supports Mac OS X 10.6 New user interface Scheduled scanning SAV for UNIX 7.0 Central monitoring and reporting via Enterprise Console Solaris 9/10 on SPARC and Intel, HP-UX 11i (Itanium) Scheduled scanning

33 How do you get it?

34 Download available now No license cost upgrade for customers with following: Endpoint Security and Control Endpoint Security and Data Protection

35 Summary Key new features Data loss prevention at the endpoint Control of access to devices, ports and data from a unified client Firewall enhancements: location awareness, centralized learning Anti-virus protection / HIPS enhancements Integrated and extended role based administration Improved updating/package management, replacing EM Library Extended reporting – status, scheduled

36 Thank you! Any questions?

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