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What’s New in WatchGuard Dimension v1.2

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1 What’s New in WatchGuard Dimension v1.2
WatchGuard Training

2 What’s New in Dimension v1.2
Expanded detail on Devices pages Device model for FireCluster members XTM OS build number with OS version number Log Search AND operator IP Mapping extended to additional reports Dashboards Blocked APT Malware in the Security Dashboard Full screen mode for FireWatch Report Enhancements New Proxy Traffic pivot reports Gateway AV and IPS detail reports include the signature name Local time zone used for exported CSV and PDF reports Support for Advanced Persistent Threat (APT Blocker) reports New VPN Bandwidth by Rate pivot report WatchGuard Training

3 What’s New in Dimension v1.2
Administrative Task Enhancements Diagnostics Task History for the Dimension Server Send feedback to WatchGuard Localized Dimension UI WatchGuard Training

4 Devices Page Enhancements
WatchGuard Training

5 Devices Page — OS Build Number & FireCluster Model
The Devices page now includes: The build number with the Fireware XTM OS version number for each device. The WatchGuard device model for each FireCluster member. WatchGuard Training

6 Log Search Enhancements
WatchGuard Training

7 Log Search Query Enhancement
When you search Dimension log messages, you can now include AND operators in query blocks. You can add up to nine search query blocks to your search, with a maximum of four AND operators per block. WatchGuard Training

8 IP Address Mapping Enhancements
WatchGuard Training

9 IP Mapping — Additional Reports
IP Mapping now applies to these additional reports in Dimension: Dashboards Executive Dashboard > Top Destinations Security Dashboard > Blocked Destinations FireWatch > Destination Tab Traffic Packet Filters Host Summary by Source ('Host') Host Summary by Destination ('Host') Session Summary ('Source', 'Destination) Proxies Source by Hits ('Host') Source by Bandwidth ('Host') Destination by Hits ('Host') Destination by Bandwidth ('Host') Session by Hits ('Host') (should really be Source, Destination) Session by Bandwidth ('Host') (should really be Source, Destination) WatchGuard Training

10 IP Mapping — Additional Reports
Services Intrusion Prevention Service > Source IP Device Audit Trail by IP address Denied Packets by Client Authentication Allowed by Location Denied by Location Detail Alarms Detail by Source and by Destination Denied Packets Denied Packets Detail by Source or by Destination Denied Packets by Client Detail Intrusion Prevention Service by Source or by Destination WatchGuard Training

11 Dashboard Report Enhancements
WatchGuard Training

12 Security Dashboard The Security Dashboard includes the new Blocked APT Malware widget The widget includes information about all the malware blocked by APT Blocker WatchGuard Training

13 FireWatch Full Screen Mode
You can now improve your view of FireWatch with Full Screen mode. Full Screen mode is available in the latest versions of most web browsers that support HTML5. You cannot use Full Screen mode in versions of Internet Explorer before v11. The Full Screen button is hidden for web browsers that do not support HTML5. WatchGuard Training

14 FireWatch Full Screen Mode
To start Full Screen mode, at the top of the FireWatch page, click . WatchGuard Training

15 FireWatch Full Screen Mode
Select which groups to include in the Full Screen mode display. WatchGuard Training

16 FireWatch Full Screen Mode
Set the refresh interval. WatchGuard Training

17 Report Enhancements WatchGuard Training

18 New Pivot Reports Proxy Traffic reports now include two new pivot reports to replace two pivot reports available in previous Dimension releases: Protocol by Hits replaces the Source by Hits Summary pivot. Protocol by Bandwidth replaces the Source by Bandwidth Summary pivot. VPN Bandwidth by Rate The VPN Bandwidth report now includes a pivot report to see the data by rate. WatchGuard Training

19 Subscription Service Report Enhancements
Gateway AntiVirus and Intrusion Prevention Service The Detail reports for Gateway AV and IPS now include the signature name in the report data. Advanced Persistent Threat Dimension now includes APT Blocker data in these reports: Executive Summary PDF Security Dashboard APT Summary Detail Services PCI Compliance WatchGuard Training

20 Time Zone for Report Export
The local time zone is used for exported CSV and PDF reports. When you export a report as a CSV or PDF file, the time zone that appears in the file is the local time on the client computer. Previous releases used UTC time zone for CSV and PDF reports. WatchGuard Training

21 Administrative Task Enhancements
WatchGuard Training

22 Diagnostic Task History
See the Diagnostics Task History for the Dimension Server Select Administration > System Settings > Diagnostics > Dimension Server. The Task History section includes all system tasks run by your Dimension Server in the last 30 days. WatchGuard Training

23 Send Feedback to WatchGuard
The feedback that Dimension sends to WatchGuard helps WatchGuard to improve products and features. Includes information about how Dimension is used and issues encountered with Dimension. Does not include any information about the company or any company data that is sent through Dimension. Feedback data is anonymous and encrypted. WatchGuard Training

24 Send Feedback to WatchGuard
Enable Dimension to send feedback to WatchGuard: In the Dimension Setup Wizard In the Administration > System Settings > Configuration page settings. WatchGuard Training

25 Send Feedback to WatchGuard
Review the Dimension feedback setting in the Administration > System Settings > Status > System Information section. WatchGuard Training

26 Dimension UI Localized
You can now select to view the Dimension user interface in any of these languages: French Spanish (Latin America) Japanese Korean Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Click the language drop-down list, and select a language. Explanatory text included in the Executive Summary and Compliance reports that you view in Dimension is also localized. PDF reports that are generated from your web browser view include the localized text. PDF reports that are generated from a report schedule do not include localized text. WatchGuard Training

27 Thank You! WatchGuard Training

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