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Bucharest, July 31, 2012 | Bitdefender 2012 Cloud Security for Endpoints Customer Presentation.

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1 Bucharest, July 31, 2012 | Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Cloud Security for Endpoints Customer Presentation

2 Pag. 2 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Bitdefender at a glance Leading security technologies − AV-Test Best Protection 2011 and #1 in all 2012 trials conducted to date by AV-Test − Advanced+ rating and highest protection rate in AV-Comparatives testing in July 2012 − Only security company to have won all 21 Virus Bulletin VBSpam awards to date Protecting more than 400 million people (including technology partnerships) Five local offices 250+ engineers in R&D team Products localized in more than 20 languages

3 Pag. 3 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Most SMB antimalware solutions are useful in achieving a set of objectives Block the majority of malware (viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits, adware, etc) as well as Internet threats Help identify issues early and prevent organization-wide outbreaks Stop users from deactivating protection and enable a security responsible to manage updates and address issues remotely

4 Pag. 4 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Traditional security pitfalls On-premise management server complexities  Too cumbersome for organizations that lack servers and IT staff Costs extend beyond the AV solution license  Visible costs - server hardware, dedicated IT to maintain onsite architecture  Hidden costs - server licensing and power, maintenance downtime Lack of flexibility  Lack of easy support for remote users or offices

5 Pag. 5 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Cloud Security for Endpoints by Bitdefender Local scanning and hosted management console Eliminates the complexity of onsite architecture, frees IT time and enables even less technical users to manage the solution Cost-effective protection Single subscription fee, no upfront costs Reduce security costs as servers are hosted and maintained by the service provider Single console for real time control of all remote users or offices Best antimalware protection according to AV-Test reviews in 2011

6 Pag. 6 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Cloud-based architecture  Security console available within minutes, no server installation and configuration required  Simple and fast to deploy protection remotely from the console Intuitive security administration  Pre-configured policy templates  After deployment, only effort is to monitor security reports  Solution does not require advanced IT skills to administer Readily available security service and web based administration

7 Pag. 7 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Based on a hosted architecture, Cloud Security for Endpoints eliminates the following costs: Simplified security infrastructure generates immediate savings Server hardware Server licenses, power and maintenance Deployment and configuration of the onsite management component Regular maintenance Manual updates

8 Pag. 8 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Control all sites and roaming users in a single console  Enhanced security with real time control for the increasingly mobile workforce  Minimize IT travel costs  Highly efficient for geographically dispersed organizations Centralized control of security for remote users and offices Mgt. Console Servers hosted and maintained in service provider cloud Protect and manage all remote users or offices Company site Site 1 Site 2

9 Pag. 9 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Proactive defense against a wide array of threats  Stop viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, rootkits  Site advisor, antiphishing and data theft protection  Two way personal firewall with intrusion detection Highest awards from the top independent testing organizations  AV-Test Best Protection 2011 and all 2012 testing rounds to date  AV-Comparatives highest protection rate in July 2012 Number-one-ranked antimalware technologies

10 Pag. 10 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Enterprise-level security without complex onsite architecture Cloud-based architecture eliminates onsite server and maintenance costs Efficient and simple management of remote users and offices from a single console Added value – besides regular antimalware features, also included are web filtering, antiphishing, user control and productivity modules Improve security using number-one ranked security technologies Value propositions

11 Pag. 11 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Case study – Ideal Integrations Profile IT system integration company, clients ranging from SMB to VLE Problem Inefficient to deploy and manage security, using separate on- premise systems for each customer Solution Hosted deployment Cloud Security for Endpoints Free up internal resources using centralized security management Added flexibility and simplified customer licensing

12 Pag. 12 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Features Cloud hosted central management console and local scanning Configurable security policies and reports per user, group, or company Antimalware, antiphishing and Internet protection for desktop, laptop and server endpoints Detects and uninstalls competing antimalware solutions Remote deployment and real-time control and monitoring of all systems no matter where they are located Productivity module that enables the administrator to control or restrict internet access or access to certain applications

13 Pag. 13 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Key differentiators Bitdefender technology is consistently ranked #1  Bitdefender tops tests conducted by the top independent agencies  Other companies usually boast sporadic, older or less trusted tests Unique console for all security needs  Simplified central management of all modules in a single console More value  Not just antimalware but also firewall and IDS for web protection  Additional web control and productivity features also included

14 Pag. 14 Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Licensing Free trial: 30 day period, after which product ceases to function Subscriptions for 1 / 2 / 3 year models. Special discounts apply for education, government, competitive upgrade and renewal Licenses per endpoint (same price for server or workstation)

15 Questions. Thank you. Copyright @ Bitdefender 2012 Twitter: @virt_sec LinkedIn:

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