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Enabling business beyond the corporate network.

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1 Enabling business beyond the corporate network.
©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

2 “ About Zscaler Mission
Enabling business beyond the corporate network: Secure & policy-based mobility, cloud & social media — anywhere, on any device Technology World’s largest secure cloud gateway No hardware, no software Customers Trusted by 3,500 leading enterprises Over 20 million users in 188 countries Largest customer: 1,600,000 users Market Leader 100% year over year growth Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Zscaler saves bandwidth cost, improves user satisfaction by eliminating latency and performance issues, and reduces IT administration. It’s an IT director’s dream.” ©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

3 Trusted By the Most Demanding Brands
Retail Financial Consumer Goods LEADING BEVERAGE COMPANY Manufacturing Healthcare Technology Public Sector ISP & Others

4 3 Trends Transforming Network & Security
Business Users go Mobile Users work from home or on-the-go Users who BYOD 50% 90% Cloud Apps go Mainstream Cloud-based applications used by an enterprise 50 Social goes Enterprise employees use Facebook at work 75% — Impact — Mobile, Cloud & Social: Driving business beyond the corporate network (often without policy & protection) This is breaking the traditional appliance-based security. Users are often outside the corporate network accessing cloud-based services. 80% of my MLPS traffic use to be for applications at my HQ and 20% was Internet bound. Now it’s just the opposite.” – CIO, Fortune 50 company

5 Old IT – Protect the Corporate Network (Static Perimeter)
Servers, applications & Data at Corp HQ or DC Internet access was not critical Protect the perimeter with firewalls On-prem firewall/IPS appliances protect servers from incoming attacks Gateway proxies to protect Users On-prem gateway proxies (URL, AV, DLP) enforced policies for users accessing Internet MPLS backbone connected various offices Branch – backhaul traffic to HQ or regional hub Road warriors – Require VPN No policy or protection 90% of the users were in the office. 90% of the access was to on-prem applications. The model worked fine. Backhaul VPN Backhaul MPLS Headquarters On the Road/Mobile Home / Hotspot Regional Gateway Branch Branch Appliances/MPLS backhaul kept life under control for IT ©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

6 New IT: Direct to Internet is the New Normal
Perimeter is dynamic Applications & data are moving to the cloud Users are going direct to Internet VPN not a desirable option 3G/4G traffic does not go through appliances Gateway proxies and firewalls get bypassed MPLS backhauling is too expensive Causes latency – unhappy users Headquarters On the Road/Mobile Home/Hotspot Regional Gateway Branch A few years ago, 90% of my MPLS traffic was for applications in my corporate data center and 10% was Internet bound. Now, it’s just the opposite.” — CIO, Fortune 50 company ©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

7 Enabling Requirements
Dynamic Security Move from limiting access to enabling strategic business initiatives: mobile, cloud, social Consistent set of policies across multiple devices and locations, (including BYOD) Reduce complexity: consolidate point products Centralized visibility, control and compliance Lower TCO Reduce traffic backhaul cost No hardware/software. Pure OPEX model Enhance user experience Reduce latency, provide transparent experience Easy addition of global points-of-presence Provide optimal path back to corporate applications Appliance technology was built for URL filtering and lacks the functionality required in today’s social and mobile world.” — Phil Hochmuth, IDC ©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

8 Zscaler Secure Cloud Gateway
Mobile & Distributed Workforce Business Applications Web 2.0 and Social On-the-go Nothing good leaks out, nothing bad comes in Enforce Business Policy NO HARDWARE | NO SOFTWARE HQ Cloud Apps Securely Enable Direct to Internet Home or Hotspot Mobil Apps Regional Office Services Zscaler was the only one that truly delivered an ultra-low latency experience along with exceptional protection from threats. And best of all, it works exactly as advertised.” ©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

9 Market Leader and Most Visionary
ZScaler …the fastest-growing vendor… …earned the strongest score in Completeness of Vision… …cloud has the largest global footprint… …Zscaler is a very good candidate for most enterprises… Zscaler exhibits the qualities of a market penetration leader.” ©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

10 Enabling Business Beyond the Corporate Network
Secure. Everywhere. Direct to Internet Enable secure Internet access with no new hardware/software Dynamic vs fixed security Cloud-based vs appliance based model No traffic backhauling Most points of presence Zero latency experience Always secure Ultra-fast processing power – inspect everything Enabling Mobility Beyond mobile device management Protect road warriors & remote offices No backhauling traffic, No latency Protect work at home users Secure direct to Internet connections to business apps Enable BYOD Consistent policy for all devices Securing Cloud Apps Securely enabling cloud applications and social media Cloud applications Provide secure access to business critical apps Protect data loss Bandwidth control Allocate BW to prioritize business-critical applications Social compliance Enable legitimate use of social media & ensure compliance Unified Policy and Reporting Apply one policy for any device, location. Real-time cloud intelligence and interactive analysis. Security that Scales No hardware, software. No latency experience. Most points of presence.

11 Securely Enable Direct to Internet Traffic
Dramatically Reduce Costs Policy-follows-the-user everywhere No traffic backhauling; No VPN to HQ Transparent user experience POLICY REPORTING Define policy at a central portal Same policy for users everywhere ADMIN Consolidated Real- time Reporting Zscaler’s patented Nanolog technology Mobile & Distributed Workforce Home or Hotspot HQ Regional Office On-the-go Forward traffic (Configure FW or router) Internet Enforce policy bi-directionally Zscaler enables us to very effortlessly manage policy across 100 locations.” ©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

12 Enabling Mobility: Why MDM is Not Enough
Enable BYOD devices Secure access from devices to corporate assets Keep personal use separate Protect road warriors with zero- latency performance No backhauling traffic No latency Protect work from home users from mobile threats Secure direct to Internet connections to corporate applications, assets Keep malware out of corporate network Zscaler Mobile traffic inspection Data traffic policies URL categorization and App Controls Prevention of phishing, XSS etc. Mitigating mobile malware Mobile DLP MDM Authentication Provisioning of device settings and policies Enterprise App Store Remote Lock, Wipe, etc With Zscaler we now can enforce consistent Internet access policies, whether employees are at our office, on the road, or at home.”

13 Securing Cloud Apps & Social Media
Securely enable cloud applications Protect data loss Prevent accidental exposure to threats Social media controls Enable legitimate use of corporate media Inspect both incoming and outgoing content Ensure social media posts adhere to corporate policies Bandwidth control Easily and efficiently allocate bandwidth to prioritize business — critical web applications over recreational usage. Zscaler’s well-designed in-the-cloud service with integrated functionality provides high security and granular control al low TCO.” ©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

14 Purpose-Built for Direct to Internet Challenges
World’s Largest Security Cloud No hardware, no software Global reach: 20 million users High-performance: 10 B Transactions/Day Zscaler allows us to consolidate point products, simplify IT administration and reduce cost, while offering rich functionality and ultra-low latency.” ©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

15 Unified Policy Management & Reporting
Define once and apply consistent policy across devices, locations Policy follows the user Cloud Intelligence Dashboard Detailed reports on every transaction Intuitive and easy to use NanoLog™ for real-time analytics: Real-time interactive analysis of billions of transactions Unified reporting for , web, social, mobile, etc. Zscaler enables us to effortlessly secure traffic across 39 countries, with consolidated real-time visibility.” ©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

16 Zscaler Benefits Reduce Costs Simplify IT Always Secure
No hardware/software Eliminate traffic backhauling Simplify IT Consolidate point products Streamline policy administration Unified reporting Enhance User Experience Near-zero latency Transparent – no bypassing security Always Secure Business Enabler Proven Solution 3,500 industry leading enterprises use Zscaler 20 million users, 188 countries Future Proof Purpose-built to enable mobile, social, cloud Cloud-delivered solution always up to date No Surprises Protection against advanced and emerging threats Real-time cloud intelligence & reporting ©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

17 Why Customers Use Zscaler
Legacy: All traffic was backhauled to 4 data centers Now: Eliminated dozens of Blue Coat proxies No latency; no backhauling of traffic Security & Web 2.0 control; Follow-the-User policies 120,000 users in 130 countries 4,000 users in 18 locations Legacy: All locations locally managed Now: Direct-to-Internet thru Zscaler TCO: $500,000 over 3 years 17 fewer (full-time) admins required Reduced PC infections from 2/week to 2 in 6 months Legacy: Many disparate point products; URL only Advanced threat protection with SSL Integrated real-time reporting Consistent policies for office and on-the-go Bandwidth cost cut into HALF 4,000 users in 39 countries Legacy: 40 point solutions; No Unified Policies Botnet protection with full inline inspection Managed access to Web 2.0 Site Minimized cost and IT administration Increase security, transparency & compliance 45,000 users in 183 countries

18 Zscaler in the News “Just Like Everything Else in the Enterprise Space, Security is About to be Disrupted” “Security companies that have historically owned the lion’s share of the enterprise market are losing deals to newer players like Zscaler.” - TechCrunch ©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

19 “ Key Takeaways Three trends transforming IT: mobile, social, cloud
Business is moving beyond the corporate network New, dynamic solution is needed: secure cloud gateway Requirements: Dynamic security, reduced costs, enhanced user experience Zscaler Secure Cloud Gateway: goes beyond static appliances to safely enable direct to Internet, mobility, social web Trusted by Industry Leaders: 3,000+ enterprises use Zscaler Market Leader: leader and most visionary in Gartner magic quadrant Zscaler saves bandwidth cost, improves user satisfaction by eliminating latency and performance issues, and reduces IT administration. It’s an IT directors dream.” ©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

20 Enabling business beyond the corporate network.
©2012 Zscaler, Inc. All rights reserved.

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