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Content Overview Update Process Additional Tools.

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2 Content Overview Update Process Additional Tools

3 Overview

4 Overview Category Remote Management Suite General Features
Full remote administration of your IGEL infrastructure Central installation, configuration and update management including Buddy Update OS independent UMS console DD

5 Security Secured communication …
With SSL protection With Local certificates on the client side Even through firewalls due to the usage of HTTPS Full and reliable backup functionality Failover mode enables high reliability of the UMS User authentication and rights management Access control on directories, profiles and thin clients for administrators and groups of administrators

6 Automated Deployment and Roll-out
Import and configure new thin clients before roll-out through MAC address Multiple clients can be imported with CSV-Files CSV-Files can be generated automatically and provided with delivery CSV-Files can contain additional information like serial number for asset management MAC address CSV File Serial number

7 Asset Management Hardware inventory Software inventory
licensed features Installed Hotfixes (WES) Export Asset information via Views

8 Update Process

9 Failsafe upgrade mechanism - Overview
IGEL Firmware (Linux, Microsoft Windows CE or Microsoft Windows XP Embedded) IGEL Failsafe Update System

10 Failsafe upgrade mechanism – Functional Demo
IGEL Firmware running Transfer of new Firmware Updated IGEL Firmware running Update initiated Reboot Update succesful Reboot Update failed Reboot IGEL Failsafe Update System running

11 IGEL Failsafe Update Mechanism - Benefits
IGEL Update system is always healthy Linux - except of hardware failures Windows Embedded Standard and CE – except of hardware and filesystem failures Even powerloss during update process will not harm the system No need to send the device to IGEL because of failed firmware updates Stay up-to-date without the risk of damging a running system!

12 Incremental Firmware Update
Contains complete UD firmware image UD Firmware update UD Firmware Image on FTP / HTTP file server UD2-120 LX ICA - ICA - RDP - network - printing - UMS agent - … Entry Level: - ICA - RDP - … Standard Level: - VMware View - Appliance Modes - Ericom PowerTerm Terminal Emulation Advanced Level: - ThinLinc - NoMachine NX Update initiated from or via Download UD5-420 LX - ICA - RDP - network - printing - UMS agent - VMware View - Appliance Modes - Ericom PowerTerm Terminal Emulation - … ICA, Appliance Modes, Ericom PowerTerm Terminal Emulation

13 Wide Area Network (WAN)
Buddy Update Update only a single client in the branch office via the internet connection in order to reduce bandwidth consumption Updated client serves as image source (FTP update server) via LAN for all other branch office Thin Clients Headquarter – Data center Branch Office LAN Wide Area Network (WAN) Updated Client FTP Update Server

14 Partial Update Install or update applications on Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Thin Clients Update package contains only new or modified files No complete snapshot needed Very low bandwidth usage Faster update/customization of the clients Reduced administration time and effort Increased flexibility through combinations of different update packages Less complexity through reduced amount of snapshots Higher availability and productivity

15 Upgrade license deployment
UDC Token + Upgrade licence +

16 Additional Tools

17 Support Wizard Automatic collection of log files from UMS server, UMS console and thin clients if necessary Log package can be sent via to our support team

18 Firmware Downloader Tool for downloading firmware updates from the IGEL webserver Management of downloaded updates within the UMS Management of multiple firmware version, also previous versions Automatically offers available firmware updates depending on the registered clients

19 Questions & Answers DD

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