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GET OUT THE VOTE! TRAINING FOR VIRGINIA'S TOP 10 ENDANGERED ARTIFACTS NOMINEES TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2013 – 10AM A program of the Virginia Collections InitiativeVirginia.

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Presentation on theme: "GET OUT THE VOTE! TRAINING FOR VIRGINIA'S TOP 10 ENDANGERED ARTIFACTS NOMINEES TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2013 – 10AM A program of the Virginia Collections InitiativeVirginia."— Presentation transcript:

1 GET OUT THE VOTE! TRAINING FOR VIRGINIA'S TOP 10 ENDANGERED ARTIFACTS NOMINEES TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2013 – 10AM A program of the Virginia Collections InitiativeVirginia Collections Initiative Virginia Association of Museums

2 Get Out the Vote! Top 10 Nominee Training Tuesday, July 23, 2013 – 10:00am Welcome Top 10 Nominees! Your Presenters/VAM Staff Support: Christina Newton, Christina Newton, Project Manager Virginia Collections Initiative Heather WidenerHeather Widener, Communications Director Virginia Association of Museums Recipients of the Commonwealth Award of Merit in Community Relations from the Virginia Public Relations Awards 2012

3 A Public Trust at Risk: Heritage Health Index Report on the State of Americas Collections Private donors and public officials at all levels must realize that ensuring a future for the nations collected heritage is a responsibility they share… …Exposure to conservation can engage the public, encourage participation in an institution, and attract financial support.

4 Virginia Collections Initiative is a statewide collaboration to ensure the ongoing safety and stewardship of collections held by Virginias museums, libraries, and archives. Funded by a Connecting to Collections Statewide Implementation Grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) with programming support from Heritage Preservation. Coordinated by the Virginia Association of Museums in partnership with: VCA

5 Based on Known Conservation Awareness Programs = National Trust for Historic Preservation Most Endangered Historic Places and Preservation Virginias Most Endangered Historic Sites Public Awareness Campaign Something Sexy for the Media & Public (We Love Lists!) Features Public Voting Component for Outreach Top 10 Endangered Artifacts Based on Successful Research

6 Compliment to Preservation Virginias Most Endangered Sites Museums, libraries, archives submit artifacts for consideration Online public voting takes place for one month Peer review panel determines final honorees VAM staff manages media relations for overall program VAM staff works with all sites over summer to maximize PR VAM staff works with honorees to maximize announcement Fall announcement and award certificates distributed How Does the Top 10 Work?

7 Why Participate? Promote your organization Raise awareness of conservation efforts & needs Engage your constituents & build a broader audience Gain increased press coverage Fundraising and Friendraising opportunity

8 Virginias Top 10 Endangered Artifacts

9 Important Dates Take advantage of these benefits by energizing your supporters to help you Get Out the Vote! for your artifact. Public Voting Site: Public Voting Timeframe: August 1-29 (midnight) Peer Review Panel: August 30 Top 10 Honorees contacted: August 30 Prepare for the Big Announcement: Sept 1-15 Press Announcement: September 16

10 Online Public Voting New this year! Voting page will include Donate button directing online traffic to nominees websites to encourage donations toward artifact conservation Confirm we have your correct website URL Voting engages supporters and the interest of the media but does not determine annual honorees

11 Public voting = your opportunity to rally supporters, expand your community, promote your cause

12 Public voting is a time to reach those who love your institution! Who are your constituencies? Employees Volunteers Board of Directors Visitors Donors and Funders Member Support Groups Organizations and businesses in your community Partners

13 Website Press Release Marketing Newsletter Blog Events Social Media How Do I Get Out the Vote?

14 Signage; Include a QR code Set up a voting kiosk at your site or local community center/library Create an Insert for your brochures during August Make sure everyone knows youre participating; educate staff, volunteers, tour guides, board, etc. Display your artifact if you can or develop a behind- the-scenes event for current or potential donors Dont Forget To Reach Out in Person

15 Talk about your artifact and voting at meetings and at special events Use your artifact as a teaching tool for school groups Host a Voting Party – vote in person; Charge $10 a vote. Creates opportunity to talk about conservation Develop an Adopt and Artifact program Think about gift shop opportunities: Create a mouse pad or t-shirt of your artifact for donors and dedicate proceeds going toward conservation Extend Your Reach: Be Creative!

16 Friendly Competition

17 350 media outlets in Virginia & Washington, DC Print media Broadcast media Online media and bloggers 650 national publications Focus on history, culture, and preservation Website, Marketing, Social Media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog Media Relations Plan: Targets

18 Top 10 Program Announced: June 5 Artifacts & Public Voting Announced: July 23 Reminder of Public Voting Deadline: August 26 Top 10 Honorees Announced: September 16 VAM manages overall media relations Nominees handle own media relations Expect to hear from the press and have your talking points ready. Whats so interesting about it? Media Release Plan: Schedule

19 2012… Over 120,000 Votes & 117 Media Hits

20 Virginia Museum of Transportation Virginia Museum of Transportation (Roanoke, VA) received a $10,000 grant from Trains Magazine toward cosmetic restoration of Locomotive #1776 thanks to their Peoples Choice honor (and exceeded their fundraising goal!) 2011 Success Stories! Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection at UVA Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection at UVA (Charlottesville, VA) started a fundraising campaign to conserve their Bark Painting and exceeded their goal within a year, utilizing donor relations events. The board of the Virginia National Guard Historical Society (Blackstone, VA) decided to launch a fundraising campaign to conserve the 1846 Mexican War National Flag after learning more about the collection after their honor.Virginia National Guard Historical Society

21 Salem Museum Salem Museum (Roanoke, VA) began oral history program with those included in Georgianna Saunders Midwife Records and received extensive press coverage and new donations. Planning a digitization project Success Stories! Historic Crab Orchard Museum Historic Crab Orchard Museum (Tazewell, VA) uses their Horse-Drawn Rock Wagon to raise awareness about conservation and plans to use restoration as a woodworking demo. They have also included conservation as an important part of the organizations strategic plan. Alleghany Historical Society Alleghany Historical Society (Covington, VA) has partnered with the City of Covington and applied for grant funding for the cosmetic restoration of their Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Locomotive 701 Merry Widow.

22 Over120K online public votes with over 111K unique surveys Across the board voting thanks to better participant engagement 117 Media hits in VA & DC outlets, across the country – 3 hits by AP! Increased awareness of collections care, the sites, and partners Recipient of a 2012 Commonwealth Award of Merit in the category of Community Relations from Virginia Public Relations Society Virginias Top 10 Endangered Artifacts program has been replicated in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma with Colorado and North Carolina developing programs Program Outcomes

23 Included in grant application, some successfully awarded. Received an unsolicited grant for artifact preservation. Program generated awareness of current fundraising campaign already in progress Published information in our membership newsletters and received funds from new donors for this specific project. Our nomination also brought different interest groups to the museum that had not known about use or this object previously. Tailored presentations to potential donors whom we knew to be interested in our artifact Participant Feedback

24 Bookmark our Top 10 website and share! QR code for voting website: Download NowDownload Now Use this Newsletter template prior to public voting to reach out to your audience.Newsletter template Need some Basics in Conservation Marketing? Access materials from ToMarket especially created for Virginias museums: Download Now.Download Now Recap: Resources

25 Some yellowed scraps of paper or old tattered textiles seldom garner media attention. You sometimes have to wrap them up in a Top 10 list to get a reminder of the constant threat to the rare and informative items held in public trust. John Long, Director Salem Museum Roanoke Times Roanoke, VA

26 You have fantastic artifacts that each tell a compelling story. But they cannot tell it alone. Engage. Connect. Reach out. Success is up to you! Good Luck & GET OUT THE VOTE!

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