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Secretariat for External Relations: Speaking With One Voice September 15, 2009.

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1 Secretariat for External Relations: Speaking With One Voice September 15, 2009

2 Why a Unified Secretariat? Need for a multi-focused, interdisciplinary team to deal with challenges posed by new technologies, globalization, and emerging actors Coordinated and harmonized multi-area goals vs. insular, spontaneous approach Greater focus on overall institution vs. focus on individual goals Oriented to results-based management vs. list of unrelated activities Unified Secretariat = Unified Message = More Efficient Fundraising

3 What We Do The Secretariat for External Relations promotes an understanding of the Organizations role as the premier institution for promoting democratic governance, sustainable development, multidimensional security, and respect for human rights in the Americas; and strengthens the Organizations institutional image to key audiences throughout the Hemisphere. The Secretariat for External Relations manages all external and internal strategic communications for the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (GS/OAS). Strategic communications include: Institutional Identity and Brand Management Content and Message Development Risk/Crisis Management Communication Supporting Cultural Activities Building Stakeholder Relations and Fundraising Promotes Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

4 External Relations Structure Department of Partnerships and Host Country Relations (DPHC)

5 Department of Strategic Communications (DSC) The DSC advises the Secretary of External Relations on policies regarding the institutional image of the organization and the overall communications strategy of the GS/OAS. The DSC is responsible for disseminating the image of the GS/OAS within the organization and to the outside world through various media technologies and publications at its disposal, such as the OAS website and the Americas magazine. Department of Partnerships & Host Country Relations (DPHC) The DPHC advises the Secretary of External Relations on policies regarding the relationship with the host country and public- private partnerships. The DPHC is responsible for informing the appropriate host country and other executive and legislative bodies on the activities of the GS/OAS, establishing relationships with the private sector that will contribute to partnerships with the GS/OAS and coordinating with the appropriate authorities of the host country. DSC and DPHC

6 Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) The DCA advises the Secretary of External Relations on policies regarding the promotion and support of cultural activities and initiatives relative to the mandate of the GS/OAS. The DCA is responsible for the Museum of the Americas, establishing and maintaining relationships with other cultural institutions in the Americas, and supporting the cultural heritage of the Americas. Department of International Affairs (DIA) The DIA advises the Secretary of External Relations on policies regarding relations with Civil Society, Permanent Observers to the OAS, and other international, regional and national institutions. The DIA aims to maintain and strengthen relationships with Civil Society, Permanent Observers and other institutions by informing them on the activities of the OAS of relevant interest to them. DIA and DCA

7 Initial Accomplishments First unified communication plan & institutional identity system in the history of the Organization Revamped and re-launched OAS website Enhanced exposure for the Art Museum of the Americas with more visitors and media coverage Greater OAS media exposure, including op-ed piece in The Washington Post and a meeting with The New York Times Editorial Board Establishment of OAS Caucus in US Congress with subsequent policy briefings for Congressional staff, leadership dinners, and outreach to potential and key constituencies Permanent Observer contributions exceeded forecast amounts Completed Manual for Civil Society Participation in the OAS and Summits of the Americas

8 Actions for 2009 & 2010 Strengthen OAS Four Pillars by supporting specific departments, projects and programs with tailored communication strategies to increase fundraising Implement unified public relations strategy in coordination with the Department of Press and the Office of the Secretary General Promote increased support for OAS by opinion makers, decision makers and political leaders that play a role in determining overall support on Inter-American affairs Engage private sector in Member States to increase understanding of the key role the OAS plays in promoting a framework for prosperity with the goal of building support for the OAS Undertake fundraising and resource mobilization campaign (including launch of 2010 Centennial) Establish Institutional identity system and provide greater exposure for the Art Museum of the Americas, leading to more visitors and press coverage Increase alignment and harmonization of OAS cultural activities with Four Pillars Revamp OAS audio and video productions using cutting edge technologies

9 Challenges Intensify efforts to highlight the Organizations value added vis a vis other international organizations operating in the Hemisphere Increase the level of trust in the OAS by existing donors, and raise the Organizations profile for it to become more attractive to potential donors Broaden the scope of the Organizations participation within the Member States beyond short-term crises or controversial issues and engage in a long-term discussion through success stories of OAS programs and projects Maintain existing financial support, and mobilize resources efficiently to withstand any potential disruptions Raise awareness and visibility of the Organization with key audiences, especially in areas which traditionally receive little media coverage CP22908T

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