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International Partnership Opportunities for Hospice Palliative Care Providers [ADD SPEAKER INFO HERE]

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1 International Partnership Opportunities for Hospice Palliative Care Providers [ADD SPEAKER INFO HERE]

2 Presentation Overview I.The Global Need II.History – from Africa to Global III.What’s New? IV.Partnerships What We Do How We Help The Benefits V.Our Website VI.How to Become a Partner

3 The Global Need 80% of the need for palliative care is in low and middle income countries Treatment of pain is inadequate globally – especially in low and middle income countries In fact, these countries, that represent 83% of the world’s population, utilized a mere 8% of total morphine consumption

4 History – from Africa to Global Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa (FHSSA) began in 1999 In 2004,FHSSA became an affiliate of NHPCO Focused on building partnerships between US hospice providers and providers in Africa Implemented grants and related projects in Tanzania and Zimbabwe Provided education scholarships for nurses and social workers in Africa

5 History (continued) Historically, many questions asked about developing partnerships outside of Africa NHPCO membership surveyed in June 2012 –56% of respondents (205) indicated they would participate in a partnership opportunity in a broader range of countries/regions Foundation Board voted unanimously in favor to expand partnerships globally September 2013

6 What’s New? In March 2014, NHPCO launched Global Partners in Care, the re-imagined, re-designed, and re-inspired organization formerly known as FHSSA. With a mission to build partnerships to enhance compassionate care globally, we are continuing to build on the proven partnership model that has been successful through FHSSA. Still fully committed to partnerships in Africa, we are expanding its reach to other countries in need.

7 Partnerships: What We Do Our Partnership Program provides the opportunity for U.S. hospice palliative care organizations to make long- term commitments to support hospice palliative care organizations in other countries. The goals for each partnership are to: –Develop international relationships –Provide educational opportunities for health care professionals –Promote idea-sharing –Generate financial support

8 Partnerships: How We Help To help Partners engage in a wide variety of activities to expand and improve services for those in need, Global Partners in Care: Provides personalized consultation, ongoing technical assistance Offers partnership resources for your organization Wires financial donations from U.S Partners to their respective International Partner Collaborates and coordinates with international and national palliative care associations Networks U.S. Partners together so they can learn from each other

9 Partnerships: The Benefits Establishing a partnership in a developing country provides your organization the opportunity to: Gain a global perspective on hospice/palliative care Expand visibility in your community Boost your staff morale Broaden fund raising opportunities Join a network of other global partnerships Pay it forward to help those where the need is great and resources are few.

10 Our Website

11 How to Become A Partner 1.Discover what our Partners are doing –View “Stories” on our website –Read our quarterly newsletter, Focus on Compassion 2.Present information to your organization’s leadership and staff –Access resources on our website under “Become A Partner” Information Sheet Impact Report Video Sample Letter of Agreement Partner Application 3.Express your interest –Email: –Phone: 703-647-5176 4.Download, complete and return the Partner application 5.Our staff will contact you with next steps to become a Partner

12 “The partnership with Nikoranga Hospice in Africa has made us a better hospice. We have learned the meaning of humility and grace. We are reminded of how powerful it is to make the most of everything you have and how little we actually need to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.” -Catherine Hamel, Executive Director. Gilchrist Hospice Care, MD 2014 Global Partnership Award Winner Please join us!

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