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GSDs 2013 Fall Conference Call. FUNDRAISING: WITH Liz Vander Leeuw FROM THE FOUNDATION.

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1 GSDs 2013 Fall Conference Call


3 Fundraising: The Basics Fundamental principle of fundraising: People give to people! Thank your donors againand againand again! Establish a sponsorship committee, and develop sponsorship opportunities Assign dollar amounts to opportunities based on visibility and value to sponsor - not the cost of the event Develop a prospect list, and identify the right person to make the ask

4 Defining You Case For Support Describe your cause or case Relate it to your community Demonstrate it as real Convince the donor that the cause is worth supporting Explain how the funds will be used Create a sense of urgency And always remember… thank your donors again – and again – and again!

5 How We Can Help Provide fundraising plan guidelines Distribute best practices documents Share fundraising and stewardship examples Give feedback on your materials Answer questions and act as a sounding board

6 Foundation Staff Christine Williams, CFRE Executive Vice President (703)295-6346 Elizabeth Vander Leeuw Senior Manager, Annual Giving (703)295-6461 Natalie Zundel Senior Manager, Major Gifts (703)295-6347


8 An ASCE Membership Champion Motivated to make a difference in growing the profession A catalyst, creating & encouraging strategic thinking of membership growth. At the epicenter of member recruitment &retention activities ASCE Membership Champions

9 Who Should Enroll? Membership Chairs, Committee Members, Membership Contacts Section and Branch (S/B) Pres./VP/Pres.-Elect/Past Pres. Younger Member Forum/Group Pres./VP Local Institute Contacts Other volunteers who have been asked, or are willing to help get & keep members ASCE Membership Champions

10 The Benefits Of Being A Champion Enabling greater efficiency of time and resources Making adjustments as needed and establishing fluid action plans throughout the year to ensure success Establishing a well-defined membership strategy Increasing Section or Branch dues income Delivering informative metrics on Section/Branch membership trends Membership Champions Program

11 Membership Champions Program-Benefits Helps You Create A Playbook 1-on-1 interactive needs assessment session Plug n play strategy Binder of customized tools & resources Helps You Suit Up For The Game Champions Center – Resources – Brochures, PPTs, Training

12 Membership Goals 1. Increase number of new and reinstated members 2. Increase new member retention after year 1 3. Increase student conversion 4. Increase engagement in 35-50 year olds (dues paying members) 5. Increase retention rate Membership Champions Program

13 How You Can Help As leaders, your credibility is significant Ask people to join or participate Meet with leaders of agencies and companies in your local area Meet with leaders of agencies and firms on your ASCE travels Become a Membership Champion and use the available tools and resources Membership Champions Program

14 No Term Requirement Dedicated Staff and Resources Exclusive to Membership Champions

15 Early Bird Renewal Drawing Younger Member Renewal Contest Early Bird Renew for 2014 and qualify to win a Visa Gift Card! Renewal drawing dates and prizes visit Younger Member Renewal Contest Ask Younger Member friends to renew! highest % for YM team of renewed members by December 13, 2013, it could win $1,000! A total of three $1,000 cash prizes will be awarded to an YM team from each category (Large, Medium, Small)

16 Section & Branch Renewal Renew Your ASCE and Section Membership Today - and encourage your Section and Branch members to do the same! If your ASCE Section has the highest percentage of renewed members by December 13, 2013, it could be the lucky winner of $1,000. A total of three $1,000 cash prizes will be awarded to an ASCE Section from each category (Large, Medium, Small)!


18 Committee on Diversity & Inclusion (CDI) Kim Parker Brown, P.E., M.ASCE Naval Facilities Command HQ Chair & Founding Member Florence M. Ching, P.E., M.ASCE Naval Facilities Engineering Pacific Younger Member Representative Dr. Celia A. Earle, A.M.ASCE Brown & Caldwell Robert N. Evans, P.E., F.ASCE McKissack & McKissack Architects & Engineers Jimmy A Galvez, P.E. Sherwood Design Engineers Theresa E. Harrison, P.E., ENV SP ASCE/AAAS Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow® Athena M. Hutchins, P.E., M.ASCE Niagara Intl. Transportation Corp. Eunices Simon-Alexander, A.M.ASCE AECOM/Tishman Construction Karen A. Sweeney Turner Construction Company Melissa Sue Wheeler, A.M.ASCE Georgia Power Company Region 5 Governor

19 Promote D & I as a way of doing business within ASCE and the civil engineering profession. Advance recruitment & retention of diverse membership and profession Expand perceived value, visibility and presence of diversity & inclusion Increase the positive perception and sustainability of the civil engineering profession and ASCE Advance civil engineering as an inclusive and people- serving profession Web- & social media- based communications strategy Collaborate to advocate for D & I across ASCE Integrate inclusion into recruitment- & retention-focused partnerships Create data archive & information resource Catalogue, develop & promote tools & materials

20 ASCE Section & Branch Diversity Awards Winner (1) $500 Honorarium Certificate Established in 2003 (CDWCE) Highlight strides ASCE Section & Branches are making towards a more inclusive profession Part of S&B Award submission Presented at MRLCs Honorable Mentions (3) $200 Honorarium Certificate

21 Winning Submissions Best Practices Collaborative Beyond K-12 Outreach Focus on Chapter Governance Include Metrics Impact on Local Community Leverages Media Service as thought leaders and community consultants Established Diversity Committees Beyond race/ethnicity & gender

22 Selection Process Due October 30 Section G S&B Award Application- 25 pts) Judging Committee: CDI Members Best Practices criteria used Notified in December 2013 Presented at WSBL

23 Committee on Diversity & Inclusion Staff Liaison Constance Thompson 703.295.6405


25 Pre-College Outreach Leslie Payne, Senior Manager Fall 2013 Region Governors & Section & Branch Presidents Call

26 Pre-College Outreach Civil Engineering Club 13 Clubs! Water Resources Module Honolulu, HI (4) Cedar Hills, UT Dallas, Texas Nashville, TN Lakeland, FL Glen Burnie, MD Philadelphia, PA Brooklyn, NY Hampton, NH Yokahama, Japan

27 Theres still time… Download CE Club Guide Identify school partner / faculty advisor Find core group of volunteers / Sponsors On your mark Go! Get Set… GO! email: Civil Engineering Club Register Club online with ASCE Hold Planning Meetings with faculty advisor Receive the CE Club Resource Kit Launch your CE Club!

28 Engineers Week! Same programs, new look!!

29 Pre-College Outreach Resources Shop the Outreach eStore: Visit our online Volunteer Center: Like us on Facebook! Tutorials Career Fair Kit

30 Pre-College Outreach Resources 100+ civil engineering activities for kids! NEW Bridges Content on ASCEville!

31 ASCE Pre-College Outreach Program Manager Leslie Payne 703.295.6364 Need more help?



34 Capital Branch (WA) Members Meet Rep. Schrader

35 Legislative Fly-In 2014: March 18-20 Applications available: Late October 2013 Deadline: December 2013


37 ASCE State Government Relations Mission – Develop, encourage, and support Section and Branch efforts to influence state and local government on issues affecting civil engineering and advocate for ASCE priority issues at the state level State Government Relations Committee – Member committee that guides state program – One member from each ASCE Region

38 Resources Legislative tracking service available online – Staff can assist Sections with drafting testimony, position papers, letters, op-eds, and letters to the editor Staff generates alerts on pending legislation to members asking them to act (support or oppose) Materials and information for visits with state legislators

39 Importance of State Level Involvement States are where the action is! Opportunity to build relationships: – 43 U.S. Senators previously served in state legislature – 219 Members of U.S. House previously served in state legislature Source: National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)

40 WWW.INFRASTRUCTUREREPORTCARD.ORG Products and images are for illustrative purposes only. ©2012 ASCE 16 graded categories 50 state profiles 100+ infrastructure success stories Infrastructure news Category videos

41 With Investment, We Prevent:

42 What can you do? I Have One Minute – Sign Up to Take Action on Future Infrastructure Issues Sign Up to Take Action on Future Infrastructure Issues – Join the Save Americas Infrastructure Facebook group Join the Save Americas Infrastructure Facebook group Ive Got Five Minutes – Email Congress the Report CardEmail Congress the Report Card – Share Your States Facts on Facebook, LinkedIn or TwitterShare Your States Facts on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter – Send the Report Card link to your State legislator Send the Report Card link to your State legislator – Request a Report Card Speaker for a Community Presentation Request a Report Card Speaker for a Community Presentation I Want to Do More – Sign Up to Become an Advocate for Infrastructure - Well send you updates from time to time about infrastructure and how you can help Sign Up to Become an Advocate for Infrastructure – Schedule a presentation for a new group of non-engineers. The Report Card Toolkit is up and available with Report Card presentations, state fact sheets, etc.Report Card Toolkit is up and available – Take a Behind the Scenes Tour of Your Local Infrastructure – Offer to sign up your kids class for a tour of an infrastructure facility – Tour a new project in your area or go to a community meeting

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