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The Joy Maker Challenge 2014 “Get Involved. Give Back. Be A Joy Maker.”

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1 The Joy Maker Challenge 2014 “Get Involved. Give Back. Be A Joy Maker.”

2 High Level Goals/Outcomes Youth engaged in service: Generate 100,000 acts of joy (youth service) that will translate into the donation of 100,000 toys or games from Hasbro to Toys for Tots. Inspire youth across the country to give back during the holiday season. Provide schools and educators with easy, accessible tools to use to promote service in their schools.

3 How it works Challenge schools to activate K-12 students in acts of joy (youth service projects) from November 10 th —December 10 th. After completing service projects, the school shares their service impact story on the campaign microsite. For each student that volunteers, Hasbro donates a toy or game to Toys for Tots. By sharing their service impact stories, schools are entered to win a number of prizes. –20 schools will receive $250 to support continued service in their community. –A grand prize winner will receive $1000 to support continued service in their community plus a holiday party and $10,000 worth of toys to donate locally.

4 How Can I Participate? It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Visit the Joy Maker Challenge microsite at joymaker to register your school, download a service-learning tool kit, and get project ideas; Plan and implement a volunteer service project and; Share your story to be eligible to win great prizes for your school.

5 It’s more like, why wouldn’t you? The Joy Maker Challenge is: Free and easy: –Just sign-up and we’ll give you all the ideas. A great way to bring joy to other children around the country: –For each action a child or teen takes to help others, Hasbro will donate a toy or game to Toys for Tots—up to 1 million dollars’ worth. Key to building a stronger school community: –The Joy Maker Challenge helps bring students, teachers, and administrators together for a common mission. Everyone gains new skills through service and administrators have the opportunity to foster a culture of caring throughout the school community. Why Should I Participate?

6 Do you have tools and resources? Yes! generationOn has tons of great tools and resources to help you and your school take action. The ‘Learn’ section of the microsite has 4 grade appropriate toolkits (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 8+). Each toolkit has 3 lessons, 3 projects, and 3 reflection guides. Many of the projects are low or no-cost. Our projects are only suggestions, feel free to think of your own!

7 Where do the toys go? For each youth engaged in service during The Joy Maker Challenge, Hasbro donates a toy or game to Toys for Tots. Toys are donated nationally and distributed to areas of high-need. Additionally, 50 generationOn Joy Maker Challenge Ambassadors will receive 100 toys to donate locally. –Ambassadors are members or partners of generationOn.

8 I’m not a school, can I still participate? Everyone can participate in The Joy Maker Challenge. If you are a youth organization or other non-school organization, simply choose a school where some or a few of the youth you work with attend. Let the principle know! Send them the microsite or toolkit. Complete your project and share your story for a chance to win! If you do not want to register on behalf of a school, that’s fine. However, only schools will be eligible to win the prizes.

9 My students are completing more than one project… Great! We encourage schools and students to complete as many acts of joy as possible. You can share as many stories with us as you like. Each story will trigger the donation of a toy or game to Toys for Tots, up to 1 million dollars’ worth! When it comes time for the drawing, schools will be entered only once to ensure fairness.

10 I’ve shared my story, now what? After sharing your story, you’ll receive an email with a link when your story is live on the microsite. Share your story on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to inspire others to get involved! Don’t forget, in order to win, you must share your story by December 10 th !

11 What if I win!? If you win the grand prize drawing, you’ll be notified via phone and email and will have three business days to accept the prize. Toys will be shipped and will arrive on the 18 th or 19 th of December, depending on when you accept the prize. You must have a non-profit organization to whom you would like to donate the toys.

12 How can I inspire others to get engaged? It’s easy! Challenge them. Use Facebook or Twitter to challenge friends, teachers, or other schools to get involved. Got a rival school? Challenge them to get involved. Ask the whole school to participate! Get your principle to up the ante and reward the grade with the highest percentage of student participation a prize.

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