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Home Show Flip Chart.

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1 Home Show Flip Chart

2 WELCOME! Ok everyone we are officially going to get started. My name is _____ and I am very excited to be here today. First I would like to thank (hostess) for having us all over and all of you for coming. *Present hostess with gift: “(hostess) here is a little something from me.” You are going to need this for all of the FREE jewelry that you are receiving tonight! See as the hostess of a Premier Designs Jewelry Show you get to go on a Guilt Free Shopping Spree. Plus, as a hostess you get to shop at 20-30% off all year long!

3 --To give you a little background on my favorite company, Premier:
--Before I begin, I always like to see who here has never heard of Premier Designs before or has never been to a Premier Designs Jewelry Show? --To give you a little background on my favorite company, Premier: - We have been giving away free jewelry and helping women start their own successful home based businesses for over 25 years. -Premier is based out of Texas. -All of our jewelry is made right here in the United States. -Premier is a company that is all about helping people and enriching lives and because of that we donate a portion of our profits to support missionaries, charities, and more great causes around the world. We even have a breast cancer pin in our catalog where proceeds go to breast cancer research.

4 --Please watch what I do here today, and for those of you that would like to learn more about making money and having fun with my favorite company, just get with me after the show and I would be glad to give you more information. --So today ladies, my shows are like mini skirts-long enough to cover everything, but short enough to keep it interesting!

5 Jewelry Techniques! With a show of hands, how many of you go into your closet and say you have nothing to wear? Are you accessory deprived? Did you know that when you put jewelry on an everyday outfit you give it Designer Appeal? Jewelry takes an ordinary outfit and makes it look extraordinary. It makes you look updated, professional, and approachable. Jewelry even boosts women's self-esteem Jewelry takes you from being dressed to WELL-dressed in seconds. The great thing about Premier is WE teach women how to wear jewelry and then we give it to you for free. *MODEL JEWELRY TECHNIQUES ON MANNEQUIN NOW!

6 Now it’s time to play a fun, quick game called Pass the Gift!


8 Before we begin I would like you to think of someone in your life who could use extra money. See people come into Premier for all different reasons, maybe it’s to buy a car or house, pay for college tuition, get out of debt, or to even just go on a vacation. Premier doesn’t advertise, so the only way people can hear about Premier is through word of mouth. So I always like to share Premier with everyone I meet, because you never know this might be for you or someone you know.

9 Collect the $100 bills back and share why you started Premier!

10 Time for DEAL or NO DEAL! With a show of hands, who here has held a show at their house of any kind? It could be Tupperware, Tastefully Simple, Premier? So I know that you ladies love getting free stuff. Well here is an important fact for you. Premier Designs has an AMAZING hostess plan and as a hostess you are going to shop at 100% off! One of my favorite parts about Premier is how much FREE jewelry they give away to the hostess just for having her friends over. This game is called Deal or No Deal and tonight you can win! If you Deal you are guaranteed to win! The first thing you are going to win is hundreds of dollars in FREE jewelry by having your own Premier Home Show and the second thing you are going to win is your choice of a bag or box! You could win both, but you are going to have to ask me how! *In order to win both, you have to book your show within the next 5 weeks!

11 You have many choices when you host a Premier Jewelry Show:
You can: Host an “in home fashion show” Do a Fundraiser Bridal Show Office Show (stop and shop during lunch) Catalog Sales Partner You and Two friends (Private Fashion Class) All of these choices will earn you FREE BLING! Who here already knows that they would like to make a deal and want free jewelry?

12 SURVEY, Shop & Check out Time
SURVEY, Shop & Check out Time! (Whoever checks out within 30 minutes from now goes in a special raffle) Also, please know: Jewelry in Catalog is TRUE to SIZE unless otherwise noted There is an index in the back of the catalog There is a ring sizer on the jewelry table Payment is due tonight You can try on everything BUT the EARRINGS Please Return your catalogs, pens and clipboards/folders to me at check out. When you book a show tonight, you will get catalogs to take home with you! Thank you!

13 Seeds for you to plant during your jewelry presentation!
While showing Runway-say, “This is one of my top sellers…it comes in your kit when you become a jeweler.” When showing a necklace that is a top hostess pick say, “This is one of my hostesses favorite picks that they get for FREE.” You can ALSO SAY: I am always amazed at how much FREE jewelry our hostesses get! How many of you would be excited with a $250 gift card from your favorite store? I’m offering you that as well (anything from our catalog) when you book a show! If you like more then 3 items you should consider having your own jewelry show! If you find you are wanting EVERYTHING you see, you might want to consider selling it! Jewelry is the #1 selling gift item in the world! Because I wear what I sell…I SELL WHAT I WEAR!

14 Some other things you can say when you are showing the jewelry!
-75% of our wardrobe should be accessories and only 25% clothes. -Longer necklaces, bigger earrings = 10 lbs. thinner (segment on Good Morning America) Long necklaces are not only slimming, but they are runway hot! -Instyle Magazine-Women wore the same outfit to work for 3 days, but changed their accessories. When their co-workers were polled to see if they noticed that these women wore the same outfit for 3 days, no one noticed. It’s the power of accessories. -Everyone has to own a strand of pearls. -Silver is denim friendly and looks great on black.  Silver is also acceptable year around and in the evening. -Jewelry is the #1 gift item in the U.S. 75% of that market is High Fashion Jewelry. -Holding a Premier Jewelry Show is the most cost- effective way to build your jewelry wardrobe! -You can dress basic…it’s the jewelry that brings an outfit to life! -With our jewelry line you can take an everyday outfit and give it “Designer Appeal!” -Accessories are a great way to update your look. -Accessories take you from being dressed to well dressed in seconds. -You can talk about first impressions and how quickly people make first impressions, but jewelry will make you look more put together. -Describe your jewelry with words like: Versatile, elegant, captivating, stunning, exquisite…

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