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Southwestern Community College Library Services for Distance Learners

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1 Southwestern Community College Library Services for Distance Learners

2 Distance Learners Access to College Resources The virtual library has resources and 24/7 help. You are invited to visit the campus library, especially for Library events after hours! Students 16 yrs + participate in the fall & spring Video-Gaming Events. For more information, link to

3 Study Zones If you would like to meet with your distance learning colleagues, you may schedule a study room: Conference room (seating 20) Instructional room (seating 12) Tutorial/study room (seating 2).

4 If you are a distance learner using the Jackson campus and looking for books…. Login to MySCC account and choose the Library tab. Select CCLINC Library Catalog to search for titles. Call the Holt library and tell the staff which books youd like for us to hold for you. Pick up the books that week.

5 If youre a distance learner using the Macon Campus and looking for books… Login to MySCC account and choose the Library tab. Select CCLINC Library Catalog to search for titles. Call the Holt Library staff, and we will deliver the books you select to the information desk at the entrance of the Macon Center. Please call the Holt Library so we can create an account for you.

6 LOOKING FOR BOOKS? (Other Distance Learners) Please use the closest Public Library for your resources. If you cannot find what you need… Request an interlibrary loan through your Public Library. Call the Holt Library, and well help find titles. If you can pick up the books at the Holt Library, we can do the interlibrary loan for you.

7 TO ACCESS NC LIVE DATABASES… If you HAVE an account with Holt Library, then use your library barcode # as a password for NCLIVE. If you have NOT created an account with the library, then…. Contact your instructor for a password. This password gives you access to NC Live databases for full-text articles.

8 Whats a database, anyway?

9 A Database Is… …a compilation of data that is organized so that its contents can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. NC Live is a collection of 100+ databases. When you learn to navigate databases, you will save time and find reliable info not found through free search engines.

10 What research sources will you find in a database? Newspapers Journals Encyclopedias Full-text books Audio books Streaming video

11 How do you navigate NCLIVE? From your home computer, login to MySCC. Choose library tab. Select NC Live link. Select Southwestern CC & type the password: a.14-digit barcode # or b.Password supplied by the instructor NC Live menu page will appear!

12 Need help using NCLive? Select the Need Help link in the top banner of the NC Live homepage. Find: 1. Tutorials and FAQs 2. Explanation for peer reviewed journals 3. Form to report technical problems

13 Need help with citations? From the librarys homepage, -library-resources -library-resources select the link Diana Hacker Guide to Citations and Research Papers.Diana Hacker Guide to Citations and Research Papers After you choose your style (MLA, APA, etc), make sure you look at the Sample Papers, as well as Finding Sources & Documenting Sources.

14 The Academic Search Premiere tutorial will explain this database of more than 10,000 journals! arch/basic_search.html The Literary Reference Center tutorial will help you with your Literature coursework. ryReferenceCenter.html Online Database Instruction for two NC Live databases

15 Library Assistance for Distance Learners If you cannot find the information you need within 30 minutes, please ask for help! (Most students are not using the correct search terms, or they are looking in the wrong databases!) Chat with a NC Librarian 24/7 http://NCKnows.org Call or email the SCC library staff meet-staff meet-staff

16 Meet your Librarians! Library Director: Dianne J. Lindgren B.A., Florida Southern College M.A., University of South Florida 828.339.4269 800.447.4091 ext. 4269 Librarian: Vickie Lepore B.A., University of Florida M.S., Florida State University 828.339.4268 800.447.4091 ext. 4268

17 Library Hours When college classes are in session M – Th 8 am - 9 pm Friday 8 am - 5 pm When college classes are not in session M – Th 8 am – 5 pm Friday 8 am – Noon

18 Photo ID cards Jackson Campus: Cashiers office in Balsam Bldg. & Library Macon Campus: Business office Distance Learners without a Student ID Card: Contact your instructor for the NC Live password.

19 How many items can you check out? 8 items at a time Books (2 weeks) Magazines (1 week) DVDs (1 week) + 3 DVDs (1 week)

20 Avoid Fine$ To renew materials: Email the library staff Call Holt Library Renew online through My Account if you have contacted the library and created an account. 10 per overdue item, per day except days when the library is closed. Written notices are mailed to remind users of overdue item status.

21 When the college is closed for weather conditions and emergencies… THE LIBRARY IS CLOSED!

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