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Off Campus Library Services Your virtual library © Off Campus Library Services.

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1 Off Campus Library Services Your virtual library © Off Campus Library Services

2 Off Campus Library Services in Marion, IN Jackson Library, opened January 2003 Indiana Wesleyan University strives to provide you with quality library services even though you may never enter the doors of the physical library.

3 Getting your masters in education motivates you to: Know how to distinguish between objective and subjective information. Understand what you are able to do yourself in research and when it is appropriate to enlist the help of qualified librarians to assist you. Review pertinent literature in the education discipline. Know how to find and identify quality research-based information in your discipline. Understand the navigation of library databases to find quality information

4 What OCLS is for your program Access to databases with thousands of articles, books, and material for research in the education discipline. Access to professional librarians who can guide you to finding the right material for your specific research Access to services that can expedite your information seeking needs

5 OCLS Services Include Access to online subscription databases via your student 14-digit library access # on your student ID card. ( Reference assistance Document delivery of full text (books and/or articles)

6 OCLS Services Include Interlibrary loan (if Jackson Library doesn’t have it, then OCLS can try to obtain from other libraries) Customized reference via research guides. Consultation on APA writing style.


8 OCLS Home Page Links Article Databases – Access to many discipline & general databases. Books – Access to many libraries. Websites – Subject specific web links appropriate for academic work. Key Links – Some of the most used links incl. email request, journal titles search, APA, etc. OCLS Tools – troubleshooting guides, Boolean, web evaluation, ILL, OCLS Toolbar download, tutorials, etc. Help – Other most accessed university resources.

9 Tasks to get ready for library research Download the Databases Guide, available at _Databases.pdf _Databases.pdf If you have not received your IWU student ID card yet, then email OCLS and request the library barcode # (14- digits).

10 Tasks to get ready for library research Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on the computer you will be using. Link to the free download for Acrobat Reader. –You will be ready to download/read articles from the online databases.

11 Tasks to get ready for library research Register for NetLibrary (electronic books). If at home, email and ask OCLS for assistance. NetLibrary requires a unique username & password that their server recognizes. (Different from your IWU databases login) In the library catalog lesson you will learn how to use NetLibrary books.

12 Understanding Boolean Searching Boolean is a principle for finding specific information in an online database, especially journal articles. Comes from algebra Allows combination of terms Uses operators (and, or, not) to get desired results. Venn diagrams provide visualization of what the computer does behind the “scenes.”

13 Most commonly used operators with Boolean Searching Parent participation Home School Relationship Only the overlapped area is in the result set. Parent Participation Home School Relationship All of both circles are available for the result set. AND Operator OR Operator A search in ProQuest Education Journals, of these 2 examples, as subjects gave these results: Parent participation and home school relationship = +30 articles Parent participation or Home school relationship = +350 articles

14 OCLS is: Your virtual library away from campus. Access to books Access to indexes that lead to articles Access to full text articles Access to real librarians who are experienced in working with adults and online students.

15 Contact Info: Call: 800-521-1848 Email: Fax: 765-677-2767 Service hours: –8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Thursday –8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday –9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday –Eastern time zone

16 Continue learning about OCLS Take a look at the Library Catalog and Education PowerPoint.

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