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SANAM Industrial & Commercial CO In The Name Of GOD.

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1 SANAM Industrial & Commercial CO In The Name Of GOD

2 S ANAM S H OLDING Sanam Industrial & Commercial Co. in 1987 in the areas of Manufacturing, production and supply of goods and equipment Was established Continuing to expand the scope of contractor In 2001 as a joint stock company to issue 176,855 Were recorded.

3 A REAS OF A CTIVITY SANAM S HOLDING 1. Construction Construction 2. Production Production 3. Service Areas Service Areas 4. The field investments

4 CONTRACTOR 1. telecommunication telecommunication 2. Energy Energy 3. ICT ICT 4. Civil and Construction Civil and Construction 5. Rail Transport and power Rail Transport 6. Water and Wastewater

5 Production

6 P RODUCTION Oil Gas Industry Petrochemical Industry Automotive Industry Transport Wind Turbines Power plants Carbon fiber

7 O IL I NDUSTRY Rotary fittings RIJ ring gasket Drilling check valves Safety control valves Actuators Core tube bumpers (fiberglass and steel) Core drilling Dosing Pumps Drilling rig explosion-proof electrical fittings 25 to 200 Amps. برگشت

8 Pneumatic valves, solenoid, ultra-fast burst High Pressure System valves SOL Valve cut blasting برگشت Gas Over OIL Actuators Actuators

9 Packer Flow Coupling Control Line Lock Mandrel

10 Sliding Side Door NO GO LANDING NIPPLE Fluted casing sub TUBING CROSS OVER

11 G AS I NDUSTRY 10000psi high pressure spool pieces Pressure Vessels برگشت W ATER AND W ASTEWATER Water Resources and Treatment

12 A UTOMOTIVE I NDUSTRY Abilities : Making the most complex parts of cars produced domestically and Grade A SAPCO. The running projects : Propeller series Nissan, Mazda axle, propeller shaft of Mazda, Mazda suspension. برگشت

13 13 Design and manufacture of automotive parts and mechanisms Design and Construction mazda excel Design and Construction of Suspension mazda Propeller Design mazda Propeller Design nissan Propeller Design Capra Design and Construction Inflator Airbag و Safety Belt

14 14 Design and manufacture of automotive parts and mechanisms Back

15 T RANSPORT Consultancy, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of ventilation systems, tunnels and subway stations (Axial fan, filtration, air cleaners and smoke dampers and normal) ، Electronic equipment, air-handling units ، Electrical signaling and telecommunications, jet engine displacement air system, automated ticketing and fare collection systems, automatic entry and exit of metro rail passenger transportation. Abilities : Isfahan Metro The running projects : Lines 1, 2 and 4 in Tehran Metro


17 17 (AFC) Intelligent network control pathways

18 18

19 C ARBON FIBER Abilities: Production capacity of 600 tons of acrylic fibers, carbon fibers, carbon fabric with capacity of 150 tons and 120 tons capacity برگشت

20 W IND T URBINES Abilities: Design and Build Wind Turbines 2/5 MW

21 نیروگاهها Ignition pod Gaslight torch-Oil light torch Liquid fuel nozzles turbine Brenner gas turbine سوایرلر چند ضلعی Diffuser Impeller توربین مولد گاز Torch Fuel Power Plant

22 Turbines were built By Sanam

23 Torch Fuel Power Plant Liquid fuel nozzles turbine Brenner gas turbine

24 Aromatic units to form a cylindrical furnace burners برگشت Burner furnace to form aromatic unit cube Strong pressure steel pipes Reducing double Turbine disc

25 S ERVICE 1.(Quality of Service) 2.(Business Services) 3.(Insurance Services) 4.Repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment 5.Measurement and Calibration 6.Test

26 26 Certificate

27 27




31 31 Telecommunications Abilities: Feasibility study, design, procurement, installation, commissioning, integration, testing and delivery system for GSM BTS sites and fiber optic networks and storage facilities, the development of mobile networks, fixed and mobile radio communication Quick site emergency Auxiliary equipment includes mono-pole tower, Shelter و... Projects done: Implementing more than 300 projects in the provinces of Kerman, Alborz, Tehran, Azar East Azarbayjan, Khorasan, Semnan, Masjed Soleiman,


33 33 Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Capabilities: design, implementation, installation, commissioning, monitoring and technical support to projects in oil, gas and petrochemical industries in EPC upstream and downstream oil and gas, power sometimes, composites and carbon-based chemical industry and construction, research and chemical lab services Projects done: Installation of South Pars phases 17 and 18


35 35 Abilities: Design, development, hardware supply, installation and implementation of information systems and software, consulting, design and implementation of the Backbone Network, Data Center, electronic protection and perimeter protection, fiber optic networks Projects done: Purchase, installation and configuration of Cisco switches with related equipment, drilling and running 73 kilometers of optical fiber ICT

36 C IVIL BUILDINGS Abilities : 1. Design and manufacture of special steel and concrete structures 2. PMBOK portfolio management process is conducted in accordance with standard and specialized software to use the same network (EPM) 3. Large projects of more than 3,000 residential units Residential projects with more than 20 classes 4. Construction of concrete and steel bridges 5. Construction of tunnels




40 QCTC training course over people-Day in all areas of quality, international systems, techniques for quality engineering, technical, engineering and... in the country Industries. P ROJECTS :

41 B USINESS 1. Providing different levels of quality electronic items (military - industrial and commercial) 2. Production and assembly of electronic boards in different quality classes 3. Feedstock for metal (including sheets, tubes and steel bars, aluminum Vastnls in different sizes, as well as various alloy steel) and non-metal (including kinds of industrial chemicals and...) 4. Provision of telecommunications equipment, including wireless and fiber optic repeater, various communication antennas, feeder, connector and Manufacture and supply of industrial machines such as lathes, and related spare parts

42 J OIN VENTURE COMPANIES Shar company in civil projects Sabir international company in tunneling bridge project RTI company in track & substructure, mechanical systems in Railway and metro projects Metra company consultant company in Railway & metro projects Jahad Tosse Manabe AB in Dam & Refinery projects in maintenance & Repair of plants projects In maintenance & repair of plants projects

43 Thank you for your attention

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