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Michael Colijn Paris 29-30 May 2008 Gas Industry Workshop on microCHP What do you do, when you are ahead of the rest?

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1 Michael Colijn Paris May 2008 Gas Industry Workshop on microCHP What do you do, when you are ahead of the rest?

2 2 - The Product - (from idea to commerce)

3 3 Alternator Heating water circuit Fan Gas valve/controller Exhaust Heat Exchanger Electrical output Core engine Burner WhisperGen MicroCHP System Enclosure Additional burner

4 4 The WhisperGen Stirling Engine Technical Details Model / Housing MkV AC Generator gas fired, floor standing unit Motor Double acting 4-Cylinder-Stirling-Cycle Power Electric: 1.000W AC at 220 – 240V. Heat: Standard heat output 7,5kW and maximum heat output 12kW Fuel Natural gas [most types] Grid connection 4-pole Asynchronous, IEC connection Size & Weight 480 x 560 x 840 (B x D x H) <137 kg Environment Ambient temp: 0-45°C Humidity: 0-95% Flue gas Horizontal or vertical connection Certification CE-marked & local accreditation

5 5 The WhisperGen EU1 Based on the same 4-cylinder design –Principle is: reliability, stability, manufacturability If anybody claims to have a product, there are only 3 questions to ask: –Can you make it in volume for

6 6 -The Marriage – (of a little girl with a BIG BOY)

7 7 WhisperGen Heres what Wikipedia has to say: WhisperGen, a New Zealand-based company has developed stirling engines that can be powered by natural gas or diesel. Recently an agreement has been signed with Mondragon Corporación Cooperativa, a Spanish firm, to produce WhisperGen's microCHP and make them available for the domestic market in Europe.Mondragon Corporación Cooperativa Founded:1995 based on a development by Don Clucas Employees: 100 Ranking:1 st Commercial Stirling microCHP company worldwide Structure:Limited Company, >93% owned by Meridian Energy, New Zealands largest energy supplier that is 100% Government owned

8 8 WhisperGen So what have they manufactured in Christchurch? Since its start in 1995, WhisperGen has manufactured units 7 large winter trials of >500 units across Europe 15 different locations & countries Life time testing of > hours cumulatively Longest running units have +10 years life Proven reliability: lab, field trials, with end-users Proven energy saving, proven carbon saving Proven commercial viability

9 9 WhisperGen So where do they make these WhisperGens? WhisperGen country Christchurch

10 10 Mondragon Cooperative Corporation Heres what Wikipedia has to say: The Mondragón Cooperative Corporation is a group of manufacturing and retail companies based in the Basque Country and extended over the rest of Spain and abroad. It is one of the world's largest worker cooperatives and one important example of workers' self-managementBasque CountrySpainworker cooperativesworkers' self-management Founded:1956 by a priest, Father Arizmendi Employees: , and still growing Structure:Workers Cooperative Turnover:Euro 14 billion [2007] Total Assets:Euro 43 billion Ranking:7 th largest industrial group

11 11 Mondragon Cooperative Corporation So what do they manufacture, apart from WhisperGens? They make >1000 different products in >100 factories, with a total space of more than >1 million football fields But for us – today – it is important to know they make >1,000,000 gas fired heating appliances per year. And they make engines for Europes largest car brands, and they make >8m units of whitegoods (fridges, washing machines etc) per year. The combined knowledge of gas industry, white goods appliances and automotive is why WhisperGen wanted to work with MCC.

12 12 Mondragon Cooperative Corporation So where do they manufacture these WhisperGens? MCC country Mondragon

13 13 The Joint Venture WhisperGen EHE Efficient Home Energy MCC Production of WhisperGens for Europe in Europe

14 14 The Joint Venture Based in the Basque Country –On its own land –Own factory line –Using expertise, personnel and logistics from both MCC and WhisperGen Initial line of 30,000 units p.a. –Low volume production Q –Slowly ramping up towards end 2009 Distribution in Europe –Main distribution partners identified –Network in 6 key countries established –Service team functional & experienced

15 15 - The Test – (the proof of the pudding)

16 16 The Test High number of installations In different countries Different partners At least 3 winters Integrate your findings To build commercial product

17 17 Where are those WhisperGens? UK: 6 th year NL: 5 th year IR: large trial FR: Large trials IT: Field trials D: Many trials ES: Trials SI: Test units P: Several sites S: Several sites B: Lab tests CH: Trials A: Trials

18 18 Future Tech: The Virtual Power Plant Testing the strength of the network with 48 WhisperGens

19 19 Future Tech: The Virtual Power Plant Testing the strength of the network with 48 WhisperGens Conclusions from the test with WhisperGens on the Grid: The Network is SAFE The Network is STABLE WhisperGen can be INSTALLED without any special changes

20 20 - Next steps – (toward a real microCHP market)

21 21 Next steps Stop the next year syndrome, by starting production now Work with industry to call for fair & open access to market – grid connection, gas efficiency standards Fight unfair standards with aligned companies and governments

22 22 Next steps The most important issue for microCHP is that governments understand its simplicity: –Our technology gives energy saving –Energy saving = carbon reduction At all cost we – collectively – need to avoid overcomplicated calculations that do not work thermodynamically, and nobody understands WhisperGen/EHE will continue to work with industry on collective standards and government support across Europe for a range of technologies

23 23 What can we learn from Alice in Wonderland? Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that! Alice takes advice from the Queen...

24 24 So, what do you do, when you are ahead of the rest? 1.You look for confirmation in what you are doing by testing, testing, testing 2.You work with fellow developers & future competitors to develop the market, fair standards And 3.You keep running as fast as you can, because there is nothing less certain than staying in front.

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