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SK E&C Engineering & Construction.

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1 SK E&C Engineering & Construction

2 Content SK Group Overview SK E&C Overview SK E&C’s Strength
Projects in Turkey Win-win Strategy

3 SK Group Overview 94 3rd 57th $147.5B
Providing the Most Valuable Solution via SK Group Synergy SK E&C can provide the most valuable solution to clients via SK group synergy consisting of 94 affiliates as the 3rd seat among Korean Business Group 94 Affiliates 3rd among Korean Business Group $147.5B Group’s Annual Sales 57th in Sales Rank *Source : SK Group Business Report, 2012 Financial Supervisory Service, 2013 Global Fortune 500, 2013

4 Info, Telecom & Semiconductors
SK Group Overview Major Affiliated Companies Trading / Logistics (Developer, Off taker) (Korean Top 5) Sales : U$ 27.5 Bil. Engineering, Construction Sales : U$ 6.4 Bil. LPG Marketing & Trading, Import Terminals Sales : U$ 5.5 Bil. City Gas, IPP Biz. (Korean Top / Market Share 25%) Sales : U$ 4.5 Bil. Shipping/Logistics Sales : U$ 1.1 Bil. Satellite Communication (Korean Top / Market Share 51%) Sales : U$ 15.9 Bil. IT / System Integration Sales : U$ 1.7 Bil. Securities Investment Sales : U$ 633 Mil. E&P, Battery, R&D Sales : U$ 68.3 Bil. Internet, Telephone, TV Sales : U$ 2.3 Bil. fiscal year 2012 Major Subsidiaries Marketing Services Sales : U$ 653 Mil. Business Area E&P, Refinery, LPG & Gas Supply, Power, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Life Science [Sales : USD 86 Bil. (56%)] Mobile Network Operator, U-City, Satellite Communication, Internet TV, Semiconductor [Sales : USD 38 Bil. (25%)] Trading, Logistics, Engineering & Construction, Hotel, Securities [Sales : USD 31 Bil. (19%)] Energy & Chemicals Info, Telecom & Semiconductors Marketing & Services Semiconductor, memory chip manufacturer Sales : U$ 10.4 Bil. Website Design Communication Sales : U$ 262 Mil. Petrochemical Sales : U$18.3 Bil. * Affiliate of SK Innovation Oil Refining, LPG, Asphalt Sales : U$59.4 Bil.

5 SK E&C Overview Future Growth Drivers, and Acceleration of Overseas Expansion 1977 Established 1984 Started Engineering Biz 1992 Entered Ghanaian and Mexican markets 1996 Creation of SUPEX-Cut 1997 Cadereyta Project, Mexico 1999 Madero Project, Mexico 2000 Launched SK VIEW Apartment Brand 2002 Development of Underground LNG Storage Technology 2003 Singori Nuclear Power plant 2005 FMP Project, Kuwait 2006 GC-24 Project, Kuwait 2008 F1 Auto Racing Track Project UAE Ruwais Refinery AI REEM Island Project MRT Subway Project, Singapore Manabi FEED Project, Ecuador Strategic Crude Oil Project, India Yanbu Export Refinery Project, Saudi Arabia Tufanbeyli Power Project, Turkey 2011 WASIT Gas Plant, Saudi Arabia Sentosa Gateway Tunnel and DTL C930, Singapore PACO Thermal Power Plant, Panama Certified as the Best Eco-friendly Architecture, Korea Eurasia Tunnel Project, Turkey JAZAN Refinery & Thermal Project, Saudi Arabia Transmission Cable Tunnel NS/EW Project, Singapore Bosphorus 3rd Bridge Project, Turkey Sales 225 International Contractor New Order & Backlog (Unit: Bil. USD) (Unit: Bil. USD) ENR Rank: 45 Established : 1977 Resources : 6,437 persons (’12) Sales : US$ 7.0 billion (’12) Backlog : US$ 20 billion (’12) Backlog New order

6 SK E&C Overview Divisions of SK E& C Housing & Building, U-Business
Oil & Gas Power Plant Infrastructure Refinery Petrochemical Gas Processing LNG Power Plant (Gas/Coal/Nuclear Renewable) Road Tunnel Bridge Underground Harbor Office Residential Multi-Complex Hotel/Resort, Smart City

7 SK E&C ‘s Global Network
Project Offices & Construction Sites SK E&C has offered the best performance and established excellent management capability based on extensive global network of project offices and construction sites Ghana 3 Storage Depots (PPSD) TOR-CDU Expansion TOR-RFCC Brazil RFCC Revamping Phase I & II Thailand Sriracha Tank Farm Marine TK Terminal No.1 Aromatics Sulfuric Acid Clean Fuel Project PTT Tank Terminal OCS#4 IRPC UHV Cyclohexane No.2 Aromatics THPP #3 Sour Condensate Rayong Refinery Upgrading Spain E-Project Cartagena LBO Project Poland Eurochem PET Plant Turkey Tufanbeyli Power Plant Eurasia Tunnel 3rd Bosphorus Bridge Romania Pitesti Branch FCC Feed HDT Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Mexico Mexico City Branch Cadereyta Refinery Madero Refinery SWT CCR Reformer MTBE / TAME SRP ASU Ecuador Quito Branch Esmeraldas refinery Manabi F/S, CEP, BEP Indonesia Polyester 3rd LBO MSG LNG to Bali Telkom FTTH Australia Gladstone LNG Colombia Bogotá Branch RFCC Revamp Panama PACO Coal Fired Bolivia Gas Compression Station Yemen LNG Offsite Iraq Daura Refinery BDP Singapore Jurong Aromatics Complex DTL-2 C915 / DTL-3 C Metro Sentosa Gateway Tunnel Cable Tunnel EW-2, NS-2 India Mangalore Crude Oil Storage Cavern Padur Crude Oil Storage Cavern Surat-Manor Highway Vietnam NSRP Marin Works Laos Laos Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Hydroelectric Power Plant United States PET Oman DHDS UAE Sulfur Handling II Bab Gas Compression RRE (Ruwais Refinery Expansion) RHC Project PISA Project Saudi Arabia Jubail Export Refinery (Utility) Yanbu Export Refinery Wasit Gas Project Jazan Refinery KAPSARC Project Qatar Dukhan Project GSUP Project Doha Metro Red Line North China ABS Kuwait BS-132 / BS-131 4th Gas Train Project (FEED) KOC GC-24 KPPC Aromatics Facilities Modernization Project GC-15 and BS-130 MAA Refinery-Reconstruction ACID GAS Removal (AGRP) Main Gathering Center Revamping Elevated Substation Venezuela Junin CEP, BEP Canada Petrocanada Insulation CM Suncor FHSE FEED Husky RLTP Ph.1 FEED Strategic Partner (SKEC Invested) - TWRE in Thailand - SBC in Kuwait Manufacturing Shop - Pipe Shop in UAE

8 Government, Public enterprise
SK E&C’s Strength SK E&C strives to become a Total Solution Provider Integration and convergence of core competiveness in SK Group deliver full value-chain for business development including EPC service. Development Structure Core Competency by domain of SK Group Planning/ Development Equity Injection Experience as Developer Feasibility Study ECA Financing MLA, Commercial Bank Loans Equity (Sponsor) Debt Financing Main Equip. Feasibility Study Financing Arrangement EPC Contract Government, Public enterprise EPC EPC Right to develop Basic Eng’g EPC Core Competency : Cost/Delivery  Execution of Global EPC Developer Detail Eng’g O&M Procurement Connecting point with Supply Chain O&M Contract Construction Strategic Partner Commissioning Fuel/Feedstock Supplier O&M O&M Experience Technical Advisory Project Organizing - Total Service from Planning to O&M (Group Pkg. Partnership) Partnering Structure - Collaboration with Investor, Developer, EPC & Main Equip. Vendor (incl. O&M service) Fuel Supply Global Operation Networks E&P Experiences Stable Fuel /Feedstock supply Group Synergy

9 Projects in Turkey (1) Eurasia Tunnel Project
SK E&C is currently constructing the Eurasia Tunnel Project in Istanbul using a tunnel boring machine (TBM) Eurasia Tunnel Project Sponsor : SK Affiliates + Yapi Merkezi Location : Istanbul, Turkey Length : 14.6km (tunnel 5.4km / road 9.2km) Period : Mar. 01, 2012 ~ Oct. 31, 2016 Scope : Investment + Financing + EPC Features : - Under-sea TBM tunnel (D:12.5m, shield type) 5.4km - Construction of connection roadway 9.2km - Tollgate and interchange facilities

10 Projects in Turkey (2) Bosphorus 3rd Bridge
SK E&C is capable of building complex bridges based on various experiences. We started constructing the Bosphorus 3rd bridge last June. Bosphorus 3rd Bridge Client : KGM (Karayolları Genel Müdürlüğü) Location : Istanbul, Turkey Period : Jun ~ Oct. 2015 Scope : EPC Features: - Construction of cable-stayed suspension bridge - Construction of A-shaped concrete tower m height from the shaft level - Total bridge length : 2,164m - Main span length : 1,408m - Total bridge width : 57.2m

11 Projects in Turkey (3) Tufanbeyli Thermal Power Project
SK E&C is constructing a lignite fired power plant in Turkey respectively the Tufanbeyli Thermal Power Plant Project since 2011. Tufanbeyli Thermal Power Project Client : EnerjiSA Location : Tufanbeyli, Adana, Turkey Capacity : 450 MW (150MW x 3) Fuel : Lignite Scope : EPC + Financing Arrangement Period : Mar ~ Feb. 2015 Status : Under Construction Features : 3 units of CFBC Boilers 3 units of Steam Turbine Generator

12 Projects in Turkey (4) Buyukefe IPP Power Project
SK E&C is currently developing a gas fired IPP project in Turkey with a local IPP developer. Buyukefe IPP Power Project Sponsor : SKE&C, KOSEP, D-Energy Location : Aydin, Turkey Capacity : 141 MW Fuel : Natural Gas Scope : Investment, EPC & O&M Period : Construction( 2014 ~ 2016) Operation (45 years after COD ) Status : Under Financing Features : 2 units of Gas Turbine Generator 2 units of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) 1 unit of Steam Turbine Generator

13 Win-win Strategy Focusing in Turkish Market
Expanding to Neighboring Country Business Opportunity Price Competitiveness Long-term Partnership Create Synergy Global Experience in Project Development and EPC Reliable Quality & Advanced Technology Delivery of Competitive Financing Package SK E&C’s Value Good Market Knowledge Sufficient local contents Wide Network Turkish Contractor’s Strength

14 We build the future that you dream of
SK E&C’s Today realizes Your Dream Tomorrow

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