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Clark–Reliance Company Manufacturing Update Presented to General Electric July 17, 2007.

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1 Clark–Reliance Company Manufacturing Update Presented to General Electric July 17, 2007

2 Jerguson Gage Assembly Area Improvements Added one Valve Assembly and one Gage Assembly Person –Total of five in this area –Gage Assembly person will be moving to 2 nd shift after training period Installed Free Standing Workstation Crane Installed Jib Crane Added an additional valve assembly station

3 Jerguson Gage Assembly Area Improvements Jerguson Gage Assembly Machine is now fully utilized Purchased components to manufacture two new Cover Machining Fixtures Started recruiting for 3 rd shift machining area help

4 Jerguson Gage Assembly Area

5 Jerguson Gage Assembly Machine

6 Vertical Machining Center Area Improvements Installed new Free Standing Bridge Crane over entire area Purchased Bar Support System to improve end-working process –Enables part to run at much higher speed –Eliminates safety issues

7 Vertical Machining Center Area

8 Sheet Metal Fabrication Area Sheet Metal Storage Racks are now fully utilized Plasma Cutting Table Utilization Program is well under way –Most Jacoby/Tarbox retainers are now cut in- house –Working with Purchasing to transition other products in-house

9 Sheet Metal Fabrication Area

10 Bar Stock Storage Area Roll-Out Storage Racks are now fully utilized Hired a Saw Operator –Cuts and stages material for all areas including: Vertical Machining Center Area Hycoa Filtration Equipment

11 Bar Stock Storage Area

12 Magnicator/Magnesonics Area Improvements Added two additional Welders –Total of seven Added one additional Assembler –Total of two Purchased two new welding machines Purchased two jib cranes Purchased Free Standing Bridge Crane for material storage area

13 Magnicator Material Storage Area

14 Shipping Area Area has been completely relocated Free Standing Office should be operational shortly Hired an additional Shipping Person –Will move to 2 nd shift after training period

15 Shipping Area

16 Instrumentation/Hycoa Weld Area Added Two New Welders –Total of nine Installed two new Jib Cranes Purchased two new Welding Machines Purchased Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables for Positioners

17 Instrumentation Weld Area

18 Additions & Improvements in Manufacturing (Last 8 Months) Set-up new Sheet Metal Fabrication Area Installed 3 new weld booths for Hycoa Product Purchased 4 new welding machines for Hycoa Product Purchased Modula Vertical Storage System Installed new Shop Offices in Filtration Equipment Addition

19 Installed 4 new one ton capacity Jib Cranes in the Filtration Equipment Addition Installed 6 new Steel Storage System Roll-Out Bar Storage Racks Installed 3 new Steel Storage System Pull-Out Sheet Metal Racks Piped Hycoa weld booths for gas service

20 Re-located Manual Machine Area which included: –New (used) Horizontal Band Saw –New (used) Engine Lathe Installed Mazak Ultra 650 Six Pallet Horizontal Machining Center for Hycoa product Re-located Shipping Area Erected Shipping/Receiving Portable Office

21 Brought additional Narrow-Aisle Tow Motor from Hycoa Installed additional Material Storage Racks for Hycoa and Mahle Inventory Completed Hycoa Consolidation Re-located and expanded Jerguson Gage and Valve Assembly Area Purchased new Material Storage Racks for Jerguson Inventory Installed Guard Rails in several areas for safety

22 Purchased new Hand Tools for Filtration Equipment Group Purchased new Roll-Around Carts Purchased new Racks and Cabinets for Filtration Equipment Group Expanded Jacoby/Tarbox Assembly Area Expanded Reliance Assembly Area Re-located and expanded Jerguson Electrical Assembly Area

23 Purchased new shelving for Jerguson Electrical Assembly Area Purchased numerous Portable Fans for all manufacturing areas Re-located and expanded Reliance Electrical Assembly Area Consolidated Magnesonics Electrical Assembly into Strongsville Implemented program to burn Jacoby/Tarbox Retainers in-house Purchased Hydraulic Torque Wrench for Filtration Equipment Assembly Area

24 Installed new lights in Filtration Equipment Hydro-Test Area Purchased new Infrared Shrink Wrap Tunnel for Jerguson and Reliance Kits and loose gaskets Initiated Lincoln Electric Welding School Program Hired Renee Wichman as 2nd Shift Supervisor Purchased numerous Sub-Arc Welder Upgrades, including: –Motorized Cross-Slide –New Vacuum System –New Flux-Recovery System –New Tank Turning Rolls –New (remanufactured) 5000# Positioner

25 Purchased new Riding Floor Sweeper Installed new Computer Work Station at the Mazak Ultra 650 (Hycoa) Horizontal Machining Center Purchased all new Ladders for Filtration Equipment Group Installed new Free Standing Work Station Bridge Cranes in the following areas: –Jerguson Gage and Valve Assembly –Magnicator Material Storage Area –Vertical Machining Center Cell

26 Installed Jib Crane in Jerguson Gage Assembly and Hydro-Test Area Purchased two 500# Capacity Jib Cranes for the Instrumentation Weld Area Over the past six months we have added 25 people in manufacturing

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