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PRESENTATION TITLE Orientation Press the spacebar to continue…

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2 PRESENTATION TITLE Orientation Press the spacebar to continue…

3 General Instructions To move through the screens, hit the space bar or click the left mouse button. To go back a slide, hit the backspace button. To exit this slideshow at any time, hit the Esc key on the top left of your keyboard. To have the text read, click on the picture of the speaker at the top right of each page. 2

4 Welcome to WorkForce West Virginia! This computer-based orientation is designed to provide you with an overview of the services available through the WorkForce West Virginia system. For Assistance If you have questions at any time, do not hesitate to ask a staff person to help you. 3

5 Let WorkForce pave the way! WorkForce West Virginia is a partnership of employment and training organizations working together to connect employers and job seekers. Our Career Centers provide a central location to receive information and services regarding employment, labor market, careers, education and training. 4

6 WorkForce West Virginia offers a wide range of services. To help you understand which services will best meet your needs, this orientation will explain: Where the Career Centers are located What services are available How WorkForce West Virginia can help with specific needs What steps are needed to take advantage of these services 5

7 We are located in all regions in West Virginia. Our hours of operation and services offered vary depending on location. Please contact your local office if you have any questions. For addresses and contact information, please click on the title Region X of the region you need. Region 7 Region 6 Region 5 Region 4 Region 3 Region 2 Region 1 Locations Close to You 6

8 WorkForce offers support you may need to make the best career decisions Explore in demand jobs on our Labor Market Information site. Online career exploration through mySkills myFuture. See how you can use your skills in a different career path with MyNextMove. Find a job. WorkForce has the largest listing of jobs in the state with an average of 2,750 jobs listed monthly. 7

9 Explore Your Career Options On our Labor Market Information site, you can plan for your future by seeing what job opportunities are growing throughout the state.Labor Market Information mySkills myFuture offers personalized career suggestions based on your interests and level of work experience. Just input what you like to do and what you have done to see what job prospects are out there. mySkills myFuture MyNextMove is a tool that allows job seekers to learn more about their career options. No matter what you have done before, this tool will show you what else is available with your current skill sets or with a little bit more training. MyNextMove 8

10 Upgrade Skills/Education Once you develop your goal, we can assist you with upgrading your skills through: Workshops Job Readiness Training On the Job Training Classroom Training Technical Training Computer Based Tutorials 9

11 WorkForce West Virginia utilizes the job skills assessment system known as WorkKeys ® to measure real world skills that employers believe are critical to job success. The benefits of receiving a WorkKeys ® certificate: To show employers you are ready to work Receive a nationally recognized certificate signed by the Governor of West Virginia The certificate is a work-related skills credential – it provides proof of your job skills nationwide. 10

12 Job seekers can use KeyTrain ® to help them improve skill levels and to assess their potential levels on the WorkKeys ® tests. KeyTrain ® lets you review topics in each skill area and allows you to do practice problems similar to those on the actual tests. Will help you learn how to budget your time on the tests so you will be able to complete each test in the time allowed. Sample test questions and practice quizzes are also available online at 11

13 Public Computer Centers In many of our locations, our Public Computer Centers are available to aid with: Job searches WorkKeys® testing KeyTrain® remediation Workstation for the disabled at every office 12 Resume creation Typing courses Free printing, copying, and scanning of documents WiFi available at Charleston, Elkins, and Parkersburg

14 Saturday Hours Three of our Public Computer Centers – Charleston, Elkins, and Greenbrier Valley – will now be open Saturdays from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Services offered on Saturdays include: Basic computer use for job searches, resume building, etc. Help with resume preparation by WorkForce West Virginia staff Mock interviews to help build interviewing skills Preparation for WorkKeys® Career Readiness Certificate testing Certificates for completing typing classes and other computer skills classes (Note: There will be no unemployment claims accepted during Saturday hours) 13

15 Find a Job If you are looking for a new job, a better job, or even a new career, WorkForce West Virginia will assist you in achieving your professional goals. Assistance is available to: Enroll in our system (click here to enroll) Enroll in our system Find job openings Apply for positions Understand the local job market Network with employers Prepare for the interviewing and hiring process Prepare for and complete pre-employment testing (including apprenticeships) 14

16 Your 1 st step is to register with WorkForce West Virginia You may register on-line at at the nearest WorkForce office or at any internet based By including your information on this computer database, you will be: Making a resume that you can email to employers Pick out jobs you like that will match you with what you want to do and signing up for job notifications in those fields Getting connected with our system to be able to apply for those jobs through WorkForce West Virginia 15

17 After registering on line, you should contact a WorkForce office to make sure that you are fully registered. Key Things To Remember About Registration Make sure your information is updated every 30 days You will only receive notifications of new job postings that match the job preferences youve selected Contact us or go online if you need to update any of your personal information 16

18 Receiving Job Notifications When a new job is posted to the system, WorkForce West Virginia staff notify the job seekers who match the specific job preference and qualifications. Job seeker may be notified through: Automated phone notification system Personal phone calls Letters 17

19 What You Can Do To Help Yourself Find A Job You can help yourself in the job search process by: Logging on daily to the WorkForce West Virginia websiteWorkForce West Virginia website Looking through the Job Postings in our lobby Looking through other job posting websites on the internet (website list available by request) Attending local career fairs and workshops. Information is available through WorkForce West Virginia centers and on WorkForce West Virginias website 18

20 Specialized services are also available to meet specific needs. Click on a service below to learn more about it. Hit the space bar to continue. Adult Youth (14-21) Seniors (55 & Older) Veterans Individuals with Disabilities Dislocated Workers Unemployment Compensation Trade Act 19

21 Congratulations! You have taken the first steps to a new or better job! Ask our staff for assistance if you have any questions. 20

22 Region 1 Beckley WorkForce WV Career Center 200 New River Town Center Beckley, WV 25801 Job Service: 304-256-6792 Unemployment: 304-256-6796 Mercer County WorkForce WV Career Center 195 Davis Street Suite 102 Princeton, WV 24740 Job Service 304-487-2248 Unemployment: 304-425-1896 Welch WorkForce WV Career Center 110 Park Avenue Suite 100 Welch, WV 24801 Job Service: 304-436-3131 Unemployment: 304-436-2527 Greenbrier Valley WorkForce WV Career Center 20 Red Oaks Shopping Center Ronceverte, WV 24970 Job Service: 304-647-7410 Unemployment: 304-647-7410 Summersville WorkForce WV Career Center 830 Northside Drive Suite 123 Summersville, WV 26651 Job Service: 304-872-0820 Unemployment: 304-872-0821 Region 1 Workforce Investment Board 200 New River Town Center Suite 200 Beckley, WV 25801 Office: 304-253-3611 Region 1 WIB Website Click the arrow to return to the map.

23 Region 2 Huntington WorkForce WV Career Center 2699 Park Avenue Suite 240 Huntington, WV 25704 Job Service: 304-528-5525 Unemployment: 304-528-5538 Logan WorkForce WV Career Center Fountain Place Plaza 300 Prosperity Lane Logan, WV 25601 Job Service: 304-792-7010 Unemployment: 304-792-7020 Putnam County WorkForce WV Career Center #19 Putnam Village Shopping Center Teays, WV 25569 Job Service: 304-757-7270 Unemployment: N/A Region 2 Workforce Investment Board 2699 Park Avenue Suite 240 Huntington, WV 25704 Office: 304-429-5900, 1-800-942-7344 Region 2 WIB Website Click the arrow to return to the map.

24 Region 3 Charleston WorkForce WV Career Center 1321 Plaza East Charleston, WV 25325 Job Service: 304-558-0342 Unemployment: 304-558-0292 Region 3 Workforce Investment Board PO Box 3726 Charleston, WV 25337 Office: 304-344-5760 Region 3 WIB Website Click the arrow to return to the map.

25 Region 4 Parkersburg WorkForce WV Career Center 300 Lakeview Center Parkersburg, WV 26102 Job Service: 304-420-4525 Unemployment: 304-420-4625 Point Pleasant WorkForce WV Career Center 404 Main Street Point Pleasant, WV 25550 Job Service: 304-675-0857 Unemployment: 304-675-0857 Ripley WorkForce WV Career Center 206 Stone Drive Ripley, WV 25271 Job Service: (304) 373-0313 Region 4 Workforce Investment Board 531 Market Street Parkersburg, WV 26101 Phone: 304-424-7271 Region 4 WIB Website Click the arrow to return to the map.

26 Region 5 Weirton WorkForce WV Career Center 100 Municipal Plaza Suite 300 Weirton, WV 26062 Job Service: 304-794-2001 Unemployment: 304-794-2000 Wheeling WorkForce WV Career Center Warwood Shopping Plaza 1275 Warwood Avenue Wheeling, WV 26003 Job Service: 304-238-1045 Unemployment: 304-238-1035 New Martinsville WorkForce WV Career Center 257 North State Route 2 New Martinsville, WV 26155 Job Service: 304-455-0902 Unemployment: 304-455-0902 Region 5 Workforce Investment Board Warwood Shopping Plaza 1245 Warwood Avenue Wheeling, WV 26003 Phone: 304-231-1170 Region 5 WIB Website Click the arrow to return to the map.

27 Region 6 Clarksburg WorkForce WV Career Center 16 Sterling Drive Bridgeport, WV 26630 Job Service: 304-627-2125 Unemployment: 304-627-2120 Elkins WorkForce WV Career Center 1023 N. Randolph Ave Elkins, WV 26241 Job Service: 304-637-0255 Unemployment: 304-637-0257 Fairmont WorkForce WV Career Center Veterans Square 320 Adams Street, Suite 107 Fairmont, WV 26654 Job Service: 304-363-0654 Unemployment: 304-363-0654 Morgantown WorkForce WV Career Center 304 Scott Avenue Morgantown, WV 26508 Job Service: 304-285-3120 Unemployment: 304-285-3124 Region 6 Workforce Investment Board 17 Middletown Road White Hall, WV 26554 Phone: 304-368-9530 Region 6 WIB Website Click the arrow to return to the map.

28 Region 7 Martinsburg WorkForce WV Career Center 891 Auto Parts Place Suite 1314 Martinsburg, WV 25403 Job Service: 304-267-0065 Unemployment: 304-267-0065 Moorefield WorkForce WV Career Center 1929 State Road 55 Moorefield, WV 26836 Job Service: 304-538-7741 Unemployment: 304-538-3176 Region 7 Workforce Investment Board 1929 State Road 55 Moorefield, WV 26836 Phone: 304-530-3917 Region 7 WIB Website Click the arrow to return to the map.

29 Adults Specialized services are available to individuals at least 18 years of age that meet income guidelines established by WorkForce West Virginia. These services are most appropriate for individuals who are in need of more intensive and personalized attention to achieve their career goals. These services are available through out Workforce Investment Act partners. Please ask a WorkForce West Virginia associate for more information on this service.

30 Adults Case Managers work one-on-one to assist with: Career goal development Assessing needs, skills, interests Resume development Job Readiness training Occupational training Referrals to partner agencies Linking to opportunities for skill upgrade and job placement Click the arrow to return to the map.

31 Youth (14-21) If you are between 14-21 years old and meet eligibility requirements, WorkForce West Virginia will create as many real life experiences as possible to help you reach your goals. Work Readiness Skills Work Experience Leadership Development Educational Support Contact your local Workforce Investment Board for youth opportunities as they are provided through our Workforce Investment Act partners. Click here for a map of office Click the arrow to return to the map.

32 Seniors (55 & Older) Specialized services are designed to help older, lower income persons find employment. Participants receive personalized assistance to develop new skills and expand current skills while also supplementing their income through part- time/full-time employment.

33 Seniors (55 & Older) Participants receive training through: Subsidized Training Placement at non-profit organizations, public agencies, and private business Quarterly training related to health care, legal issues, and more as well as socializing with other senior workers. Job Search training workshops focused on resume writing, interviewing skills and testing.

34 Seniors (55 & Older) Taking advantage of the services offered to seniors offers additional benefits: Reimbursed Physical Examination Prior to employment (Optional) Free Assessments to match your skills, interests, and capabilities Opportunities to meet new people Assistance every step of the way by staff dedicated to the needs of older workers These services are offered by the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services through the Workforce Investment Act. Please ask a WorkForce associate for more information or visit to learn Click the arrow to return to the map.

35 Veterans Veterans Services Specialists are trained to work exclusively with veterans to: Provide vocational guidance Ensure priority treatment for job referrals Link to resources and programs Develop job opportunities

36 Veterans In accordance with U.S. Code, Title 38 and state legislation, qualified veterans receive priority in all government funded employment/training programs and services. Using the Workforce West Virginia registration database, veterans receive advance notification of job openings for which they are qualified. Program designed to promote the hiring of veterans include: Tax Incentive Programs Federal Contractor Job Listing Program

37 Veterans Tax Incentive Programs Employers can receive tax credits for hiring veterans through: Military Incentive Act of 1991 - offers West Virginia employers up to $5,000 in tax credits on their West Virginia corporate or personal tax liability for hiring veterans who are either: Economically disadvantaged Vietnam era or Korean conflict veterans Disabled Unemployed active members of National Guard/Reserves Work Opportunity Tax Credit - offers $1,500 in federal tax credits to employers who hire eligible veterans.

38 Veterans Federal Contractor Job Listing Program Employers having federal contracts of $100,000 or more are required to take affirmative action to employ veterans who either: Served during the Vietnam Era Have special disabilities Recently separated from duty Served on active duty during a war or campaign in which a campaign badge was authorized These West Virginia employers must list (with some exceptions) all job listings with WorkForce West Virginia.

39 Veterans Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act Veterans, Reservists, and National Guard members are granted certain job rights by law. Veterans Services Specialists assist individuals with submitting claims by making referrals to the appropriate resources (such as Veterans Employment & Training, Department of Labor, etc.). Please contact your local office for more information on Veterans Opportunities. Check out the local map for sites.local map Click the arrow to return to the map.

40 Individuals with Disabilities WorkForce West Virginia provides specialized services for individuals with disabilities including: Accommodation Assessment Individualized Services

41 Individuals with Disabilities Reasonable accommodations may include: Acquiring or modifying equipment or devices Job Restructuring Modified work schedules Reassignment to vacant positions Adjusting or modifying examinations, training materials, or policies Providing readers and interpreters Making the workplace readily accessible to and usable by people with disabilities

42 Individuals with Disabilities Rehabilitation services are available to individuals who: Have a physical or mental impairment which interferes with your ability to work Will benefit from rehabilitation services Require rehabilitation services in order to work Information from you, medical records, educational records, and other records are used to learn about your disability, how it affects your work, capabilities and limitations, and whether rehabilitation services can help you become employed

43 Individuals with Disabilities Searching for and finding a job is a joint effort for you, your counselor, an employment specialist and others. Training in areas such as: resume´ writing interviewing techniques job-seeking skills Your counselor can also help you deal with: issues in the workplace covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act your right to confidentiality On-the-job support may be provided to help you adjust to the job demands and limitations that may occur because of your disability.

44 Individuals with Disabilities Individuals interested in vocational rehabilitation services may call, write or visit any West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services office. The individual must complete and sign an application to initiate the eligibility determination process. If determined eligible, the client and rehabilitation counselor make an informed choice and develop an Individualized Plan for Employment. Placement into suitable employment is the goal of vocational rehab services. Please see a WorkForce representative for more information on vocational rehab services. Click the arrow to return to the map.

45 Dislocated Workers Specialized services are available to individuals that are at least 18 years old: Have lost their job through no fault of their own or Have been unemployed for 12 out of 26 consecutive weeks and can no longer find employment with their current skills. These services are most appropriate for individuals who are in need of more intensive and personalized attention to achieve their career goals. Additional benefits may be available through Unemployment Insurance.

46 Dislocated Workers Case Managers work one-on-one to assist in: Career goal development Assessing needs, skills, interests Resume development Job Readiness training Referrals to partner agencies Linking to opportunities for skill upgrade and job placement Occupational training funded through the Workforce Investment Act.

47 Dislocated Workers Some dislocated workers may be eligible for Trade Act Assistance (TAA) if they have been dislocated from a company in which: Jobs were sent overseas or is downsizing due to foreign competition A TAA petition has been filed and approved by the Department of Labor TAA includes: Training Trade Readjustment Allowance Alternate Trade Adjustment allowance

48 Unemployment Compensation Unemployment Compensation (UC) is designed to provide benefits to eligible persons who are temporarily unemployed through no fault of their own, and who would be employed full-time if suitable jobs were available.

49 Unemployment Compensation Requirements You must be either totally or partially unemployed as defined by the law. You must have sufficient wages in employment covered by a state or federal unemployment compensation law. You must be able to work and available for full-time work.

50 Unemployment Compensation Applying for Benefits When you become totally unemployed, you should report to the claims office that serves your area as soon as possible after you lose your job. Click the arrow to return to the map.

51 Trade Act Some dislocated workers may be eligible for Trade Act Assistance (TAA) if they have been dislocated from a company in which: Jobs were sent overseas or is downsizing due to foreign competition A TAA petition has been filed and approved by the Department of Labor TAA includes: Training Trade Readjustment Allowance Alternate Trade Adjustment allowance

52 Trade Act Training Financial assistance is available to TAA participants who are seeking to obtain skill upgrades and transferable skills to become re-employed. Assistance is available for short or long term training. Trade Adjustment Allowance (TRA) TAA participants can qualify for weekly compensation after their unemployment has been exhausted. Alternate Trade Adjustment Assistance Wage supplement is available for TAA participants 50 years old who find employment within 26 weeks after layoff. Click the arrow to return to the map.

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