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This presentation was created by The Office for Veterans Workforce Development Welcome to the Connecticut Department of Labor.

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1 This presentation was created by The Office for Veterans Workforce Development Welcome to the Connecticut Department of Labor

2 2 We counted on you... NOW You can count on us for... Job Opportunities Training Resources Thank You for Your Service!

3 3 The Office for Veterans Workforce Development assists veterans/ covered persons with their employment and training needs Job service assistance Referral to supportive services Intensive career services (case management) State and federal program information/referral Our Mission

4 4 Provide priority services to ensure that all covered persons are treated with dignity and respect at all CT Department of Labor facilities and by all CTWorks staff Encourage the use of CTWorks as Veterans Resource Centers Work as an advocate for Veterans (Covered Persons) interacting with public and private agencies

5 5 Provide job service assistance for military members separating/retiring from active duty Assist National Guard and Reserve units at pre- mobilization and demobilization centers with information on employment and training opportunities Transitional Assistance Program (TAP)

6 Serving the Connecticut Veteran population of more than 300,000

7 7 Veteran Employment Representative Locations 5 Regional Offices and 9 Satellite Offices U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Office 3 Outstations U.S. Submarine Base West Haven VA ERRERA Community Care Center West Haven Vet Center

8 8 Military members who have separated within the past 36 months Service connected disabled veterans Campaign badge veterans Veterans with non-service disabilities Veterans with 180 consecutive days active duty (not including training), not serving in support of any conflict National Guard/Reserves members (Title 10) Homeless veterans Covered Persons Veterans Eligible for Services

9 9 Program Overview Priority of Service Veterans Intensive Services DOL & CTWorks One-Stop Career Centers Resource Centers Workshops Training Options Additional Resources

10 10 Priority of Service The Jobs for Veterans Act of November 2002 created priority of services for Covered Persons for all U.S. Department of Labor federally funded employment and training programs

11 11 Intensive Services (Case Management) Disabled Recently separated Campaign badge Chronic unemployment For Veterans/covered persons with barriers to employment & training that may include: Homeless Ex-offender Legal/medical issues 18 to 24 year old veterans

12 12 Job Searching Career/Vocational Assistance Labor Market Information Training Resource Centers ( workshops, fax, computers, internet, copiers, telephones, newspapers, résumé paper & envelopes) Resource Centers Résumé Assistance Eligibility for Referral to Other Benefits and Programs Veterans Representatives & the Career Centers

13 13 Available throughout the state. Click here and select your area.Click here Professional Development Workshops Workforce Investment Act Orientation Job Searching Techniques Networking Job Applications Résumé Writing & Critique Cover Letters Interviewing Skills Computer Skills Job Retention

14 14 Education & Training Opportunities Workforce Investment Act Training Apprenticeships Education and Training Connection Universities Community Colleges Vocational/Technical Schools

15 15 Additional Resources G.I. Bill Connecticut Veteran Tuition Waiver Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment CT Bureau of Rehabilitation Services Small Business Administration Community Economic Development Fund Adult Education

16 16 Disability Accommodations Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Job Accommodation Network (JAN) Human Rights & Opportunities Commission Human Rights & Opportunities Commission Office of Protection & Advocacy ADA Coalition of Connecticut CT Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Advocacy & Assistance

17 17 USERRA Uniformed Services Employment And Reemployment Rights Act Prevents Veterans from being discriminated against as a result of military service Administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, Veterans Employment & Training Service (VETS) For information/assistance, click here, call 860-263-6490,click here or contact ESGR (Employment Support for the Guard and Reserve)ESGR USERRA

18 18 We hope this presentation has been of assistance. If you have further questions, please click here to contact your local Veteran Employment here Thank you for your service.

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