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Trade Adjustment Assistance. Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Through the Trade Act of 1974 as Amended by the Trade Act of 2002 Effective November 04,

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Trade Adjustment Assistance. Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Through the Trade Act of 1974 as Amended by the Trade Act of 2002 Effective November 04,

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1 Trade Adjustment Assistance

2 Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Through the Trade Act of 1974 as Amended by the Trade Act of 2002 Effective November 04, 2002

3 Trade Adjustment Assistance Is available to workers who lose their jobs as the result of: increased foreign imports, or a shift in production to certain countries, or reduced hours of work and wages due to the adverse effect of the above.

4 Goal of TAA To provide assistance to workers affected by foreign imports to return to suitable employment as quickly as possible.

5 Steps to TAA Eligibility Petition filed by a company official, union, One- stop operators, State Workforce Agencies or dislocated worker units, or at least three affected workers. Company Federally certified as being adversely affected by foreign imports, or having shifted production to certain countries. Workers apply for individual certification by completing TAA-855. Labor Department determines eligibility. Individual worker notified by mail of eligibility determination for TAA benefits. Certification

6 A denial or negative determination can be appealed (within 21 days).

7 TAA Benefits & Reemployment Services Income Support (TRA) Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) Training Job search Allowance Relocation Allowance Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA)

8 You have the right to apply for TAA benefits Each TAA benefit has eligibility requirements. The time limits for you to apply for each TAA benefit is included in this presentation. Take action in a timely way in order to make the most of your benefits.

9 Income Support Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA) Is income support for eligible Trade- Impacted workers that immediately follows unemployment insurance

10 TRA Benefit Limits 26 weeks of Regular Unemployment Insurance. 26 weeks of Basic TRA. Up to 52 weeks of Additional TRA if participating in training. Up to an additional 26 weeks of TRA for Remedial Training. $

11 Prompt Application and Pursuit of Benefits is Vital Many program benefits have deadlines. TRA and HCTC benefits depend on being enrolled in TAA approved training or receiving a Waiver form within: – 8 weeks after the petition certification, or – 16 weeks of the qualifying separation, whichever is later The waiver form will be discussed with you immediately following this presentation.

12 Basic TRA - may be available if: You are enrolled in TAA approved training by the 8/16 deadline (see next slide), or. The training requirement is waived, or You have completed TAA approved training. $ $

13 Training Enrollment Training enrollment (training application accepted by CT Dept. of Labor & you are accepted into the approved program which begins within 30 days of such approval) occurs no later than the latest of: 1. The last day of the 8th week after the week in which the certification was issued 2. The last day of the 16th week after the workers most recent total separation

14 Training Enrollment continued 3. 45 days after the later of the dates specified in (1) or (2), if it is determined that there are extenuating circumstances that justify an extension in the enrollment period, or 4. The Monday following the week in which a waiver is terminated.

15 Additional TRA may be available if: You are still participating in training, and… You filed your training application within 210 days of your most recent separation or the company certification (whichever is later). $ $

16 TRA Income Support Payments Claims for TRA Payments are filed by mail (not by telephone). Payment delivery takes longer than regular unemployment insurance. Each weekly claim must be accompanied by an additional document.

17 Each weekly claim must be accompanied by either: Training Attendance form, or… if not in training, a Job Search Efforts sheet documenting where you looked for work.

18 Job Search Requirements: Minimum three employer contacts per week. Contacts can be in person, by phone or by mail. Contacts must be made on at least two days of each week.

19 When Unemployment Insurance runs out - what is an acceptable job search under TRA? Unless your job prospects are good, you are required to accept any offer of work which is within your capabilities. You must consider other types of work, including work below your highest skill level and work which pays lower wages.

20 TRA Job Search Requirements: Such work must pay at least the State minimum wage. Such work must be more than your TRA gross weekly benefit amount. The job must have been offered in writing or listed with the Labor Department. However, you are not required to accept a rate of pay substantially less than average for that type of work.

21 UC-230 Job Search Efforts Sheet must include the following: workers name, Social Security number, and dates of week being claimed. the date of contact. company name. company address. person contacted (a name or title is required). how contacted. type of work sought. Result (not hired, not qualified, pending).

22 CONNECTICUT LABOR DEPARTMENT EMPLOYMENT SECURITY DIVISION UC-230 (REV.1/95) REPORT OF WORK-SEEKING ACTIVITIES SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER NAME In order to be eligible for TRA benefits, the law requires that you make a thorough work search for each week claimed. You must (a) actively seek work throughout each week, (b) make efforts to find work on at least two (2) days during the week and (c) contact a minimum of three (3) employers each week. The signature of prospective employers is NOT required. I AM CLAIMING BENEFITS FOR THE WEEK BEGINNING _______________________________ AND ENDING __________________________ SUNDAY SATURDAY DATENAME OF EMPLOYER EMPLOYERS ADDRESS PERSON CONTACTED HOW CONTACTED TYPE OF WORK SOUGHT RESULTS (1) (2) (3) (4) PLEASE NOTE: EFFORTS LISTED ABOVE MUST CORRESPOND WITH SUN.-SAT. DATES OF CLAIM FILED. UC-230 Job Search Efforts Sheet

23 H ealth Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC)

24 What is HCTC? A Federal tax credit that pays 65% of the health plan premium for eligible individuals enrolled in qualified health plans. The remaining 35% of the premium is paid by the eligible individual. Qualified Health Plan Premium Cost

25 HCTC Qualified Health Plans Federal/State COBRA Continuation Coverage - if you are paying more than 50% of the cost of coverage. Contact your current health plan or former employer for information. Health Reinsurance Association of Connecticut - contact phone number: (800) 842-0004 Spousal Coverage - if your spouse pays more than 50% of the cost with after-tax dollars Individual Policy - if the policy began at least 30 days prior to separation from the employer.


27 How Does HCTC Work? Eligible individuals with qualifying health insurance can: –Apply to take the tax credit at the end of the year when filing a federal income tax return (even if they do not owe any taxes); or –Enroll to receive the HCTC monthly as their premiums become due.

28 Who is Eligible for HCTC? Individuals receiving Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA), including certain individuals whose TRA is interrupted due to a break in training. Individuals who would be eligible to receive TRA but have not yet exhausted their Unemployment Insurance – whether or not they meet TAA training enrollment requirements. Individuals receiving Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA) benefits, also called Reemployment TAA. Individuals receiving a Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) benefit payment who are 55 years or older and not eligible for Medicare.


30 TAA Training

31 If suitable employment is not available. Obsolete skills may mean its time for a new career. While attending TAA-approved training, you do not have to look for work. Training should be of the shortest duration necessary to enable you to return to work. Skill training must be full time and completed within 104 weeks (130 weeks if remedial instruction is needed). Meet with your TAA rep. Early for planning.

32 TAA Training Must be approved of by the Connecticut Department of Labor. Must lead toward an occupational goal.

33 TAA Training Requirements The training is reasonably available from either governmental or private sources. The training is suitable for the worker and available at reasonable cost. There is reasonable expectation of employment following completion of the training.

34 Requirements for TAA Training Approval No suitable employment is available to you. You have the background, education, skills or experience to succeed in the training. You have the physical, mental, and financial capabilities to complete the training.

35 Other TAA Benefits

36 Job Search Allowance If suitable work is not available to you in your commuting area. Applications must be approved of before you make job search arrangements. There are time limits for filing job search applications.

37 Job Search Allowance If work for which you are qualified is not available in your area, you may apply for a Job Search Allowance which would pay for: 90% of the cost of necessary job search expenses e.g., transportation costs up to $1,250.

38 You must apply for a Job Search Allowance before the later of: 365 days after certification or your last total separation, or 182 days after training is completed, unless the worker received a training waiver.

39 Relocation Allowance If it is determined that suitable work is not available in your current area of residence, and You find long term work or a bona fide offer of work within the United States, You may apply for a Relocation Allowance.

40 Relocation Allowance Applications must be filed for and approved before the relocation begins. You may receive only one Relocation Allowance. The relocation must occur within 182 days after: –the filing of the relocation application, or –the conclusion of TAA-approved training

41 An approved Relocation Allowance would pay: 90% of the reasonable and necessary relocation expenses, and A Lump Sum equal to 3 times your former average weekly wage up to a maximum of $1,250.

42 You must apply for a Relocation Allowance before the later of: 425 days after certification or your last total separation, or 182 days after training concluded, unless the worker received a training waiver.

43 Your Responsibilities (A) Read the information and materials carefully. Use the services offered by your Job Center and other community resources. Keep a notebook of your efforts to find work.

44 Your Responsibilities (B) See your TAA representative early to explore your benefits and their requirements. Apply for benefits within the specified time frames. Keep your TAA representative informed of and changes in your training program or employment status.

45 To find employment make effective use of: Re-employment Services. Trade Adjustment Assistance Benefits. Other programs or community services.

46 TAA Benefits are unique and are not available to most job seekers. Use yours wisely!

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