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Welcome to VetSuccess Orientation

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Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment V E T S U C C E S S Welcome to VetSuccess Orientation.

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1 Welcome to VetSuccess Orientation
Note: -Introduce yourself and inform Veterans of the lesson topic. -Inform Veterans of the purpose of the class.

2 VetSuccess “...let us strive to finish the work we are in, to bind up
the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan....” -President Abraham Lincoln

3 VetSuccess Program Intent
Provide services to assist Veterans and Servicemembers with service-connected disabilities to succeed: In transition … through services to support transition back to civilian life At work … through services resulting in suitable employment On campus … through services to support them during education and training At home … and in their communities … through services to maximize independence in daily living

4 VetSuccess Eligibility Criteria
Veterans: Honorable or other than dishonorable discharge A final VA service-connected disability rating of 10% or more or memorandum rating of 10% Apply for Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment services Active Duty Servicemembers: Expect to receive a honorable discharge Obtain a VA memorandum rating of 20% or more; or obtain a proposed Disability Evaluation Service (DES) rating Note: Memorandum Rating: Servicemembers or veterans who have not received an official rating for service-connected condition(s). The individual is pending a final rating decision, however, it has been determined through a preliminary review by Compensation (Service Center) the individual will receive an official rating of 10% or more for service-connected condition(s). Disability Evaluation Service rating (DES): A rating evaluation conducted by Department of Defense in compliance with VA standards.

5 VetSuccess Basic Benefit Information
Comprehensive Vocational Assessment Employment Assistance Medical Services as needed Independent Living Services Personalized Case Management Services Note: -Comprehensive Vocational Assessment To assist in determining the veterans’ or servicemembers’ vocational direction -Employment Assistance To assist in obtaining suitable employment -Medical Services as needed Medical, Dental, and Vision care; referrals submitted by VR&E staff to VHA -Notes for Comprehensive Vocational Assessment bullet: To include educational, vocational, and employment assessments, as well as, other specialized assessments as needed.

6 VetSuccess Basic Benefit Information
A maximum of 48 months of entitlement for Educational and Vocational training May utilize vocational rehabilitation benefits within 12 years from the date of initial VA disability rating notification Note – Entitlement extension maybe granted when specific criteria are met. Note – Extension to 12 year eligibility period may be granted when specific criteria are met.

7 Evaluation and Planning
VetSuccess Process 218 Rehabilitated Employment Services Application Entitlement Decision Evaluation and Planning Tracks Application received (VONAP or ) Veteran’s eligibility established Schedule Veteran for initial counseling appointment if eligible On-going case management Provide employment services Interview skills Job placement assistance Referral to One-Stop Career Center Identify track Establish vocational or independent living goal Define services needed Develop written plan of services Re-Employment Conduct VR&E orientation to include Five Tracks Video Veteran meets with Counselor Determine employment handicap and serious employment handicap Conduct vocational evaluation to assess skills, abilities & interests Determine feasibility for employment Rapid Access To Employment Suitably employed, or Improved ability to live independently Note: VONAP: Online application found at : Paper application. Veteran can request paper application by contacting local regional office or calling the VA number (800) Self Employment Employment Thru Long-Term Services Independent Living

8 Track Selection 1 Re-employment Track
For individuals separating from active duty, National Guard, or Reserves Services focused on return to previous employers Services may include: Job accommodations Job modifications Work adjustment assistance Consultation with employer

9 Track Selection 2 Rapid Access to Employment
For individuals seeking employment: soon after separation or who already have the necessary skills to be competitive in the job market Services may include: Resume Writing Interviewing Skills Training Job accommodations Refresher Courses Licensure and Certification Job Search Assistance Post-Employment Adjustment Services

10 Track Selection 3 Employment Through Long-Term Services
For individuals needing specialized training and/or education to obtain and maintain suitable employment Services may include: Apprenticeships and internships On-the-Job Training (OJT) Higher education or vocational training Tuition/fees/books/tools/supplies Tutoring Subsistence allowance Personalized case management support

11 Track Selection 4 Self-Employment
For individuals who are not because of their disabilities: has limited access to traditional employment, need flexible work schedules, or a more accommodating work environment Services may include: Analysis of viability of business concept Assistance with development of a business plan Training in small business operations Marketing assistance Guidance on obtaining resources

12 Track Selection 5 Independent Living
For individuals who are not able to work at the current time and need rehabilitation services to live more independently Services may include: Comprehensive in-home assessment Assistive technologies Independent living skills training Connection to community-based support services Personalized case management services Coordination with VA’s Specially Adapted Housing Program and/or VA’s Home Improvement Structure Assistance Program Note: Emphasize key points: -This track is designed to assist individuals in living more independently at home and in the community. -The goal is to increase individuals’ independence to the point that you may someday consider going back to work. -These services are designed to increase individuals’ current abilities to the maximum extent possible. -Specially Adapted Housing Program or VA home Improvement Structure program: Specific criteria needs to be met to be eligible for this program

Specialized job bank and “Job Central” bank of over 500,000 jobs National Association of State Workforce Agencies Direct Employers – Fortune 500 companies Job resource tools resume builder interviewing skills career resources Link to other VA benefits and services on line application for VR&E – Chapter 31 services Educational Benefits Note: Emphasize key points: -At website – veterans and servicemembers have access to over 500,000 jobs from Fortune 500 Companies, Federal, state and local agencies, and other employers -A one-stop centralized employment information website. At this website one can search for jobs, get help with developing a resume, interviewing skills, career information, and link to other employment information. -Veterans and Servicemembers can log on today and fill out the registration information for a free account. Its easy and employers can view individuals’ resume.

14 Programs of Services Chapter 31 : Services to obtain and maintain suitable employment and/or to achieve maximum level of independence in daily living Chapter 36: Educational and vocational counseling for Comprehensive in-home assessment Assistive technologies Independent living skills training Note: -Chapter 31: Please refer to independent living slide. -Chapter 36: Individuals who are eligible for Chapter 36 services include the following: Transitioning service members who are -Within six months prior to discharge from active duty, or -Within one year following discharge from active duty Visit or call to request VA Form , Application for Educational - Vocational Counseling

15 Programs of Services Chapter 18: Vocational training and rehabilitation benefits for children born with Spina Bifida of certain veterans who served in Vietnam or Korea Chapter 35 : Educational counseling for children and widows/spouses of veterans who have a permanent and total service connected disability. Note: Both programs require applicants to apply for benefits through the Education Department. -Chapter 18: Applicant can visit or call to obtain VA Form to apply for services -Chapter 35: Applicant can visit or call to obtain VA Form to apply for services

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