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CARD-LINKED OFFERS Financial Institutions. What We Do We deliver Card-Linked Offers that generate strong results by engaging cardholders and creating.

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1 CARD-LINKED OFFERS Financial Institutions

2 What We Do We deliver Card-Linked Offers that generate strong results by engaging cardholders and creating powerful incentives that encourage more loyalty. Local merchants linked to local financial institutions will finally have an exclusive insight into spending analytics. By supporting local merchants the community benefits from a positive economic impact derived directly from your financial institutions Card-Linked Offers program.

3 Our Goal For Your Program 1.Making your Financial Institutions card the most relevant in their wallets. 2.Providing relevant and valuable offers to your cardholders. 3.Grow your deposits with cash back rewards from merchants into your accounts. 4.Increase your Interchange Revenue as spending increases. 5.Recruit new bank customers through the latest local channels, including social media & mobile technology. 6.Create a viable Retention Program through loyalty.

4 The benefits of the card-linked offer havent gone unnoticed. National banks, start-ups and venture firms have all embraced the card-linked offer as a potentially groundbreaking technology. Bank of America has been one of the most vocal early adopters, running prime time ads for its BankAmeriDeals program.

5 1.Development and implementation costs are traditionally high 2.Integration process with core processor is extensive and expensive 3.Large corporations target large banks and not smaller financial institutions 4.There was never a provider solely offering Local Merchants with Local Financial Institutions. 5.Card-Linked Offers has only been around since 2010, we are one of the pioneers 6.No Other CLO Provider offers a NO Integration, NO Cost Solution Six Reasons Why Community Banks and Credit Unions Havent Had Access to This Technology

6 1.Keeping It Local developed a proprietary platform specifically for smaller FIs. 2.There is absolutely NO integration with your core processor or your existing platform. 3.We acquire all the merchants for your rewards program at no cost. 4.We design a branded platform with your color scheme & logo. 5.We provide all of the program management and customer service at no cost. 6.We provide the complete rewards solution at no cost to you or your cardholders. Six Reasons Why Keeping It Local Can Provide Community Banks And Credit Unions Access To This Technology

7 Your Cardholders Have Full Control Of Their Settings And Notifications

8 Automatic Enrollment Through Our PCI/SSAE-16 Audited Processing Platform

9 Local Merchants Are Acquired Where Your Cardholders Reside One Branch may have cardholders living in multiple cities surrounding the branch (e.g. Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale)

10 We Then Customize The Offer And Present It As A Cash-Back Reward

11 We Deliver Rewards Through Multiple Marketing Platforms

12 Branded Rewards Platform

13 Cardholders Are Directed To Merchant Featured Pages

14 Card-Linked Offers Are Placed Under A Relevant Transaction On Rewards History

15 Merchants and Financial Institution Receive Analytics

16 Personal Account Numbers (PAN) 16 digit numbers (PANs) are required for our PCI/SSAE 16 audited compliant processor to identify your existing cardholders on our system. NO OTHER INFORMATION IS REQUIRED 1.No CVV or Expiration Date required 2.No PIN required 3.No Social Security Number required 4.No Drivers License Number required

17 Certified Keeping It Local POS APP Your existing (Visa or MC) bank cardholders can: Redeem Pre-sold Offer Redeem Cash Rewards Keeping It Local Rewards PC-based touch-screen tablet. Certified Keeping It Local POS applications

18 Daily Merchant Settlement Is Automated Merchants open an account on our system that automatically will ACH funds on a daily cyclical basis for cash back.

19 Cash-Back Deposits Simply provide the routing/bank account numbers associated to the debit card and well ACH funds directly into the accounts at your bank. Cash Back Rewards are credited back to all cardholders on the 15 th of each month.

20 4 What it costs and how we get started. Easy to Implement

21 3 Easy Steps To Start Your Program We acquire relevant local merchants for your bank, based on your cardholder demographics & preferences. Step 1 We design and customized a branded bank rewards platform. Step 2 Step 3 We launch a internal test-pilot among a few merchants in preparation of the official launch.

22 3 Easy Steps In Launching Your Program Your bank announces the rewards program on your website and in online banking banners. Step 1 We deliver your Ad campaigns via emails, social media & mobile. Step 2 Step 3 Your bank mails out inserts in monthly bank statements to checking or credit card clients.

23 Responsibilities & Cost We acquire relevant local merchants for your bank based on your cardholder demographics & preferences. Keeping It Local Incurs Cost Development of Platform We customize and design your branded rewards platform. Set up fee: $10k - $25k (waived) Acquisition of Merchants Execution & Sustainability We launch and maintain on-going customer service & administration of your program. Keeping It Local Incurs Cost Cardholder Fees All rewards transactions: Free Monthly Fee:Free *Dormancy Fee:$0.99/mo. *Yearly Maintenance Fee:$0.99/yr. *First year waived

24 Timelines To Launch (90 days) We immediately begin to acquire merchants near your cardholders. Timeline: 60-days Development of Platform We design and program your platform based on your preferences. Timeline: 30-days Acquisition of Merchants Back-End Admin We provide your personnel with manuals and simple training to login and monitor. Timeline: 1 day Marketing We recommend having a 30 day marketing launch campaign at each branch. Timeline: 30 days

25 Rewards That Make A Difference 1-800-409-8050

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