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Monarch Beverage Introduction to Sales Todays goals: Introduce you to our sales standards and proceduresIntroduce you to our sales standards and procedures.

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2 Monarch Beverage Introduction to Sales

3 Todays goals: Introduce you to our sales standards and proceduresIntroduce you to our sales standards and procedures Provide information about company and Sales division structureProvide information about company and Sales division structure Explain the training processExplain the training process

4 Winning sales characteristics Why were you chosen? Winning sales characteristics Self-confidence Enthusiasm Creativity Persistence Profit orientation Self-starting Outgoing Enjoy being in control Sincerity Enjoy being part of a winning team Commitment to excellence

5 What Retailers Want Reliability/ dependability Excellent market knowledge Excellent product knowledge Good work ethic Someone cheerful and interested in their business Good listeners that suggest ideas to improve business

6 What is a Merchandiser and Rep In Training? Students of the beer and wine industry, learning standards and procedures relating to sales and applying them to their accounts. A vital link between Monarch Beverage, our retailers and our customers

7 What is a RIT?

8 What is a Sales Rep? An employee responsible for the sale and service of Monarchs beer and wine brands, in a professional manner, maximizing the full potential and profitability of both the retailer and the company.

9 Monarch Account Base On-Premise Accounts where customers buy beer/ wine products and drink them there. Examples: Examples: Bars, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, golf courses, bowling alleys, etc.Off-Premise Accounts where customers buy beer/ wine products and drink them off-site. Examples: Examples: Grocery stores, liquor stores, convenient stores, super-stores, drug- stores, gas stations.

10 Company Structure CEO Phil Terry CEO TransportationTransportation Gen. Mgr John Xenos Gen. Mgr John Xenos SVP - Operations Fred Dufour SVP - Operations Fred Dufour SVP – Strategy Natalie Roberts SVP – Strategy Natalie Roberts SVP - Sales Scott Shipley SVP - Sales Scott Shipley I.T./ I.S. Fleet & Facility PurchasingPurchasing WarehouseWarehouse OTROTR Accounting/ Finance Human Resources Customer Service Public Relations Creative Marketing Risk Management Beer Sales (All) Wine Sales (All) Vision Concepts Training & Dev. World Class Bev. Brands/ Chains

11 Sales Division Structure Liquor Division Southern Beer Wine Divisions Beer Divisions World Class Beer Inside Sales IndianaIndiana Beer Grocery On-PremiseOn-Premise Reset Team SalesSales SalesSales Fine Wine Central Fine Wine Northern Wine Grocery Inside Sales Department NationalNational

12 Beer Sales Personnel Sales Division Managers District Managers Sales Reps Sales Reps In Training MerchandisersMerchandisers On-premise Specialist Director of Beer Sales Dave Rogers Area Managers Chain Sales Managers

13 Wine Sales Personnel Director of Wine Marketing Director of Wine Marketing Area Managers Director of Wine Sales Ben Francis Chain Sales Managers District Managers Sales Reps Sales Reps In Training Reset Manager

14 Marketing Personnel Graphic Artists POS Manager Bruce Potee POS Manager Bruce Potee Creative Director Jeff Brown Creative Director Jeff Brown Inventory Specialist Graphic Artist Clerk Public Relations Amanda Uhles Public Relations Amanda Uhles Vision Concepts Director Keith Downey Vision Concepts Director Keith Downey Promotion Specialists Promotions Mgr Michelle McPheron Promotions Mgr Michelle McPheron V.C. Sales Rep Ryan Weston V.C. Sales Rep Ryan Weston

15 2011 Personnel by Position Sr. V.P. of Sales1 Directors 2 Sales Div. Mgrs8 Bus. Dev. Mgrs1 Area Managers2 Reset Managers2 Brand Manager1 Beer C.A.M.1 Beer C.A.R.4 Chain A. Analyst1 Wine C.A.M.3 Key Account Rep1 Promotional Mgr.1 District Managers33 Beer Sales Spec.1 On-Prem. Spec.1 Sales Reps144 Reps In Training16 Merchandisers37 Total260

16 Communication

17 Communication Methods Avaya Voic System Cell Phones Fax Machines Palms / Inside Sales

18 Avaya Voic System Company Events Team Information Out of Stock Reports (beer or wine) Success Stories Pricing Information Job Openings Sunday Inside Sales rep

19 Voic s sendKnow how to send messages (1) receiveKnow how to receive messages (2) attachKnow how to attach messages Speed up, slow down, and skip (5,6 – 8, 9) Change your recorded name (5,5)Change your recorded name (5,5)

20 Voic Phone Numbers In the office: In the office: Message button Local: Local: From cell phone: From cell phone:

21 Cell Phones All Sales employees have company cell phones (Managers have iPhones) AT&T to AT&T calls are free Sprint calls to cell phones are free iBooks app – smart phone users Free nights and weekends (9pm – 6am) Forward work calls to personal phone

22 Cell Phones – Minutes Position Anytime Minutes Merchandisers100 Off-Premise Reps/ RITs500 On-Premise Sales Reps 1,000 DMs and managers 1,200+

23 Jessie Temple - Ext Cell Phone and Voic Queen

24 Managers and office personnel have company addresses First initial last beverage.comExample:

25 Fax Machines Good for work documents, payroll/ benefit information and employee orders Sales Divisions Human Resources Inside Sales (ee orders) World Class Beer Evansville Sellersburg

26 Office Addresses IndianapolisEvansvilleSellersburg 9347 E. Pendleton Pike Indianapolis IN Proficient Court Evansville Future Drive Suite A Sellersburg, IN 47172

27 Palms / Inside Sales Both are used to input orders in our computer systems Learn basic functions of the palms If you call Inside Sales be ready Call Inside Sales if you need to add on to an order New palms have Quantity Discounts Transmit orders throughout the day

28 Inside Sales Call on our bottom 3% of customers - about 500 accounts per In. Sales Rep. Accepting customers calls Getting graphics and POS to accounts Running reports, covering Receptionist Input addendums, demands and price changes from Sales Reps and managers

29 Inside Sales Diana Jeff Katy Jessie

30 Inside Sales Contact Info. 8:00am – 5:00pm Mon-Fri Local Office: option 2 Toll Free: option 2 11:00am - 3:45pmSunday Local Office: option 2 Toll Free: option 2

31 Organization Home, Vehicle, Sales Bag

32 Your House or Apartment Get a box to keep files organized Make room for P.O.S. Calendars of upcoming events Start the library

33 Vehicle/ Office on Wheels Neat and clean (inside and out) Sales bag, POS, etc. Stack POS neatly Use buckets Courtesy parking Drive safely

34 Monarch Sales Bags every accountGoes into every account Control Book, Pitch Book, duster, pens, paper, markers, box knives, mileage logs etc. Buy a 3-hole puncher See Kristen Lampkin for replacement supplies and business cards

35 Helpful Information Maps Training Assignments Pricing Delivery Days Phone numbers Code Date Packet Transfer info from your orientation binder

36 S.T.A.M.P.S. Areas of Responsibility Areas of Responsibility

37 S = Selling Our top priority for the company PersuadingPersuading accounts to use our programs to grow their business ListeningListening to account needs and goals hot buttonsLearning retailer hot buttons Providing knowledgeProviding industry, company, and brand knowledge to key decision makers

38 S = Selling Requirements for success: Excellent product knowledge Presentation preparation Ability to overcome objections The ability to consistently close

39 T = Territory Management Managing your territory like it's your own business Using planning tools effectively Measuring and analyzing your progress Keeping up with industry trends Managing relevant internal and external relationships

40 T = Territory Management Activities Include: Pre-planning Credits and collections Competitive awareness Territory trends Using technology and equipment

41 A = Administration Required paperwork Neat, organized, accurate and legible Double check calculations Trackers, progress reports, plans and goal setting Turn in early Paperwork doesnt stop with your DM

42 early on time on time late If youre early, youre on time If youre on time, youre late If youre late, dont even bother showing up Vince Lombardi

43 M = Merchandising Shows pride in an account Generates impulse purchases Creates excitement and makes products more appealing Shows how much you care about selling- in and selling-through products.

44 Merchandising


46 P = Personal Habits Positive, optimistic attitude Professional appearance Professionalism in how you plan and prepare for the day and each sales presentation Perfecting your craft through continued learning

47 S = Service Being reliable and honoring commitments Handling special problems quickly Preventing Out of Stocks (O.O.S.) Placing intelligent orders Merchandising "Working for the account"

48 Service

49 Review Areas of Responsibility

50 Standards of Performance

51 3 Main Purposes 1.Evaluate our accounts 2.Introduce new items to the market 3.Continue support for existing brands

52 Grocery, Convenience, Liquor Accounts Off Premise Standards Grocery, Convenience, Liquor Accounts Distribution Shelf Cold-box (Liquor/ Wine) Rotation (Beer divisons only) Display Pricing/ Promotion

53 Distribution DISTRIBUTE!Our first job as a distributor is to DISTRIBUTE! Selling in new products Selling in existing products Utilizing our 6,700 accounts What do/ don't we have in an account? Filling the "pipeline"

54 New ______ NR 6 Distribution Example New ______ NR 6 # of Monarch accounts 6,700 1 cs. sent to each account x 1 Total cases shipped 6,700 Avg. price per cs. x $24.00 $160,800 Total _____Dollars$160,800

55 Shelf

56 Give products a permanent location Maintain our 9 shelf standards (discussed later) Prevent shelf Out of Stocks (O.O.S.) Merchandise our "little soldiers"

57 Coldbox – Wine/ Liquor Hot spot after 5pm Be competitive with types and sizes Best Positions: Eye level, handle side Expensive to operate Know the laws!

58 Rotation – Beer Divisions Encourage repeat trial Minimize wasted dollars: inventory, paperwork, shipping and handling, time and effort for everyone involved in picking up outdated product 2011 – $980,000 cases = about 60,000 cases

59 Display Encourage impulse sales Maximize cases out of the warehouse Look for high pass, high pause areas outside the beer and wine departments Beer: First in flow and floor domination Wine: Beat 50% Wine: Beat 50%

60 Pricing/ Promotion Products without a price arent for sale! W.I.S. -W.I.S. - pricing whenever possible Get to know your pricing coordinators Prices must correct, and consistent throughout account

61 Price/ Promotion Suppliers spend big money on POS (Point of Sale)! Keep up with recent promotion Neat, Clean, Current! Every display should have some type of POS

62 Review Standards of Performance

63 Who buys our products? Consumer Demographics

64 Average Shopper - Grocery 5 foot, 5 inch tall Female Right Handed Price Conscious Brand Loyal Concerned with quality Will not bend or stretch for products Refuses to buy a substitute 42% of the time Glances at products for only a few seconds Rarely uses a shopping list

65 My Average Shopper - Grocery

66 Typical Liquor Store Consumer

67 Lets Eat!!! Introduce: Grocery store basics Backrooms basics Pallet jacks Display standards Shelf standards

68 On –Premise

69 Importance of the On-Premise Sales for off premise start on-premise Focus = Young adults What young adults drink today, older adults drink tomorrow People are influenced by their peers Commercials help reinforce a consumers chosen brand – creates loyalty

70 Why Young Adults Choose Beer Brands 1.People they know drink it 2.Taste 3.Price

71 On-Premise The 7 Standards of Performance Distribution Price P.O.S. Backbar Display Waitstaff Promotion Quality/ Rotation

72 On Premise - Pricing Clearly advertise special pricing or Features Be competitive or dominant Use the Graphics Dept. Put in banner requests as early as possible

73 On Premise - P.O.S. Whos winning the battle? Replace competitive P.O.S. when possible Location, location, location Generate Excitement The silent salesperson

74 On Premise - P.O.S. P.O.S. Guidelines Clear view of patrons High pass, high pause Eye catching Clutter free Clear message

75 On Premise - P.O.S. Merchandising Zones: –Exterior –Entryway –1st Impact –Beer Serving Area –Entertainment Areas

76 On Premise - Backbar Display Display product selection People draw on resources from a number of different sources Strategically place draft knobs Hook up the bartender!

77 On Premise - Promotions Why accounts do promotions: Increase sales (alcohol and food) Stand out vs. competition Build traffic on slow days/ nights Perception = fun and entertaining Good word-of-mouth advertising Develop customer loyalty

78 On Premise - Promotions Benefits for Monarch Create brand awareness Encourage trial On-premise leads to Off- premise sales Convert competitive drinkers Increase retailer sales and increase traffic

79 On Premise - Promotions Select an account Pick an effective date and time Advertise and promote Coordinate details with account Have enough product and P.O.S.

80 On Premise - Wait staff The sales reps sales force Focus on increasing check totals Contests and prizes! Provide product information Bring samples Body P.O.S.!

81 On Premise - Quality First impression Ask for ways to improve service Correct draft problems Rotate kegs, bottles and cans

82 Review On-Premise Standards of Performance

83 On –Premise Merchandizing Zones

84 On Premise Merchandising Zones Exterior: What customers see from the outside of the account Entryway: P.O.S. found entering an account 1st Impact: What the 1 st thing that jumps out to customers after entering an account Beer Serving Area: Place where customers place orders (tabletop, back bar area, etc.) Entertainment: Pool tables, video games, stages, T.V.s, darts, etc.

85 On Premise Merchandising Zones (Continued) Additional 5 Ts TabletopsTelevisionsTelephonesTrashcansToilets

86 Review Merchandizing Zones

87 On Premise – Keg Information Keg – a.k.a. ½ bbl ½ bbl = 1,984 oz. ½ bbl = 15.5 gallons ½ bbl = 6.88 cases ¼ bbl = 992 oz. 1/6 bbl = 661 oz. Import Keg = 50L 50L = 1,676 oz.

88 Typical On-Premise Consumer Male Years Old Earns more than $30,000+ per year 82% of beer consumption 60% of beer consumption 75% of patrons earn at least 30K

89 Typical On-Premise Consumer

90 Review Typical Consumers

91 Training Assignments Guidelines: Read assigned chapters weekly Complete the training packet and all included activities Get regular DM help Study for your test!!!

92 Welcome Aboard!!! Good Luck and Good Selling!

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