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Explain the nature & scope of the selling function

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1 Explain the nature & scope of the selling function
Marketing 1.02A Notes

2 What is Selling? Selling is responding to consumer needs and wants through planned, personalized communication in order to influence purchase decisions and ensure satisfaction. Planned communication Personalized communication Influences purchase decisions Should ensure customer satisfaction

3 Individuals that sell A farmer sells produce at a roadside stand
An artisan sells handmade baskets at a craft show A doctor treats a patient A retailer sells a DVD player A hairstylist gives a haircut An accountant prepares a customer’s tax forms

4 Groups that sell Department stores buy shoes to resell to customers
Wholesaler buys candy to resell at a grocery store College bookstore buys books to resell to students

5 Organizations/Agencies that sell for use in operations
Some are used to produce other goods Pizza restaurant buying pepperoni for its pizza Furniture manufacturer buys fabric to use on its chairs/sofas Some are used for general operating purposes Pizza restaurant purchases ovens to bake its pizzas in Furniture manufacturer purchases trucks for delivering its products to wholesalers and retailers

6 Types of Items Sold Tangible products are those items that can be touched, smelled, tasted, seen or heard. Clothes Houses Food DVDs

7 Types of Items Sold Intangible products are productive activities that we pay someone else to perform They are services provided to customers Dry cleaning Lawn care Health care

8 Tangible & Intangible Items
Tangible products have intangible aspects to them Intangible products have tangible aspects attached to them as well A diamond engagement ring is tangible, but it signifies many intangible feelings and emotions, such as love and commitment.

9 Where Selling Occurs Selling happens anywhere person-to-person contact is made. Over the phone On the doorstep of a person’s home At a customer’s place of business In a store or office

10 How Products Are Sold Some goods and services are sold directly to the consumer or user without the use of a wholesaler or retailer. Selling magazines door-to-door Selling candy to friends and relatives to raise money for a student organization Selling products such as cosmetics and Tupperware through home shows

11 How Products Are Sold Goods and services sold indirectly to the consumer by intermediaries (wholesalers & retailers) Video stores purchase from suppliers and then sell or rent DVDs to customers An athlete’s agent gets him/her a five-yr contract with a professional sports team

12 Role of Selling in a Market Economy
Selling keeps our economy moving Businesses buy resources (natural, human, capital) to be used in the production of goods and services and sell to the market that wants them Manufacturers Wholesalers Retailers Individuals and households

13 Role of Selling in a Market Economy
Individuals sell their resources to businesses to help in the production of goods and services No economic flow Keeps our economy moving

14 Role of Selling in a Market Economy
Selling promotes competition All businesses compete for scarce customer dollars Sell the most products + satisfy customer needs + best prices = success Develop new or improved products to make more sales than their competitors

15 Roles of Selling in a Market Economy
Selling affects employment Jobs depend on making sales Businesses grow, more salespeople are hired to keep up with the demand of products Example: Starbucks

16 Roles of Selling in a Market Economy
Selling adds utility. Products can be “in the right place at the right time” Creating customer desire Suggest accessories to go with an outfit Selling helps customers determine needs Enables customers to receive help with their buying problems Customers can determine their needs and select products that are right for them

17 Roles of Selling in a Market Economy
Selling creates desire for products Create desire for new or established products Determine customers’ needs, wants, and buying motives Explaining product features and benefits to customers Heightening their desire through the use of demonstrations

18 Characteristics of a Successful Salespeople
Education and Training Self-Motivation Self-Confidence Product Knowledge Customer Knowledge Ethics Persistence and Patience Selling Skills

19 Characteristics of Successful Salespeople
Belief in selling as a service Communication Skills Creativity Personal Appearance


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