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Marketing Ch 14 The Sales Process.

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1 Marketing Ch 14 The Sales Process

2 The Steps of a Sale Preapproach – Looking for customers and getting ready for the sale Approaching the customer – actually greeting the customer face-to-face Determining Needs – learning what the customer is looking for in a good or service in order to decide what product to show and which features to present first

3 The Steps of a Sale Presenting the product – educating the customer about the product’s features and benefits Handling questions and objection – learning why the customer is reluctant to buy, providing information to remove that uncertainty, and helping the customer make a satisfying buying decision

4 The Steps of a Sale Closing the sale – getting the customer’s positive agreement to buy Suggestion selling – suggesting that the customer buy additional merchandise or service to save money or better enjoy the original purchase Reassuring and follow-up – helping a customer feel that he or she has made a wise purchase

5 The Preapproach Getting ready to sell
Can prepare for the sale by studying their products and keeping abreast of industry trends Appearance

6 Finding New Customers Prospecting – Looking for new customers
Prospect – Is a potential customer Is where salespeople visit customers in their home or business You are evaluated by how many new accounts they open and how much they sell

7 Source and Method of Prospecting
Employer Leads – entire telemarketing department for the sole purpose of generating leads Sales people have great deal of information before meeting them Telephone Directories – White and Yellow pages Trade and Professional Directories – Locate customers by type of business Well known directory: Thomas Register of American Manufacturers

8 Source and Method of Prospecting
Newspapers – Provides good leads Commercial Lists – Buy list of potential customers from companies that specialize in categorizing people Customer Referrals – Satisfied customers gives the name of other people who might buy the product. Endless chain method – asking previous customers of potential customers May receive a gift or discount

9 Source and Method of Prospecting
Cold Canvasing – Try to locate potential customers with little help Other names – Cold Calls, Blind Prospecting

10 Preparing for the Sale in Industrial Selling
Previous Customer Analyze past sales records Know what and how much customer bought last time Know buyer’s personality, family, interests, and hobbies.

11 Preparing for the Sale in Industrial Selling
New Customer Do some homework to qualify before going any further Questions to research: Does the prospect need these products or service? Does the prospect have the financial resources? Does the prospect have the authority to buy?

12 Preparing for the Sale in Retail Setting
Preparation centers on the merchandise and work area Straightening, rearranging, and replenishing stock Adjust price tickets before and after special sales Learn where stock is located and how much is available Taking inventory Arranging displays Vacuuming and dusting

13 Approaching the Customer
Initial approach is critical Approach sets the mood Three purposes To begin conversation You need to be alert to what interest the customer Establish rapport with customer Treat the customer as an individual Be perceptive about the customers buying style Focus on the merchandise

14 The Approach in Industrial Sales
Industrial Sales people generally call on customers at his or her place of business after having set up an appointment Be early Firm handshake and smile Call them by their name Small talk

15 The Approach in Retail Sales
When customers appear in a hurry, approach them quickly When customers are undecided, let them look around When customers are comparison shopping, encourage them to look around and ask questions

16 The Approach in Retail Sales
Three methods Service Approach Method Greeting Approach Method Merchandise Approach Method

17 Service Approach Method
Salesperson asks the customer if he or she needs assistance “May I help you with something” Approach is helpful when the customer is in a hurry Approach is ineffective because it elicits a negative approach “No, I am just looking”

18 Greeting Approach Method
Salesperson simply welcomes the customer to the store Wait a few seconds Customers will say why they are shopping If they need help, they will tell you If they are just looking, they will tell you

19 Merchandise Approach Method
Salesperson makes a comment or asks questions about the product that the customer is looking at You can only use this method when the customer stops to look at an item You can also ask a question about the item Most effective initial approach in retail sales because it immediately focuses attention to the merchandise

20 Chapter Review Complete Facts and Idea Review, Critical Thinking and Communication on page 194

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