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Acquire a foundational knowledge of selling to understand its nature and scope. (foundation)

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1 Acquire a foundational knowledge of selling to understand its nature and scope. (foundation)

2 Selling is… Personal communication between the salesperson and the customer Purpose: Satisfy buying decisions and establish ongoing, profitable relationships

3 Identify types of items that are sold. Goods Services Ideas Experiences

4 Explain reasons that customers buy goods and services. Feature-Benefit selling - Product Features – basic, physical attributes of product -Customer Benefits – advantages or satisfaction customers get from product

5 Explain reasons that customers buy goods and services. Motives Rational- conscious, logical For example: Purchasing a hybrid car due to increased gas mileage Emotional – feelings associated with purchase For example: Purchasing a Valentine’s gift for a loved one

6 Explain how & where selling occurs. Inside Sales – done from the sellers’ place of business Retail Sales – businesses that sell to the final consumer Telemarketing – sales done over the phone, call-centers call you or you call them. Online – sales done at a store website

7 Explain where selling occurs. Outside Sales – takes place outside the seller’s place of business B2B (business to business) Sales – selling goods and services to business At your door

8 HOW ARE PRODUCTS SOLD? Directly to the user Examples: Doctors sell their services directly to their patients Farmers sell their produce directly to consumers at roadside stands Indirectly through intermediaries (wholesalers, retailer, agents, etc.) Examples: A real estate agent sells a house Food lion purchases Pepsi to resale to consumers

9 ROLE OF SELLING IN OUR ECONOMY Keeps the economy moving Flow of buying and selling Promotes competition Affect employment More sales = growing business = more hires Adds utility Usefulness of the product Helps determine customers needs Two way communication Creates a desire for products Appeal to reasons that customers buy

10 Explain personal characteristics of salespeople that are essential to selling. Communication Skills Emotional Intelligence Skills Computer and Technical Skills Positive Attitude Goal Orientated Empathy Honesty Enthusiasm

11 Distinguish between customer service as a process and customer service as a function. Customer Service Mindset – an attitude that customer satisfaction always comes first Customer Services – are actions should attract, retain, & build relationships with customers while influencing them to make purchases

12 Describe how businesses can use customer service to beat their competition. Customer Service can be a Competitive Advantage over the competition Competitive Edge Poor service is more memorable than good service

13 Discuss factors that influence customer expectations of customer service. Interaction with ANY employee Customer-Friendly Policies Must be Consistent - payment, returns, damages Training Knowledgeable, experienced Treatment of Employees Treat others the way you would want to be treated Employee Actions Honest, Ethical Handling Problems

14 Explain how customer service facilitates sales relationships. Maintain Relationships Happy customers will return It is more expensive to replace a customer than it is to maintain one Create Loyalty through Rewards

15 Identify pre-sales opportunities for providing customer service that can facilitate sales relationships. Be aware of who your customer is Be courteous and respectful Be of assistance for customer Provide ample product information

16 Identify post-sales opportunities when customer service can be provided to facilitate sales relationships. Follow-up Ensure satisfaction, call, card, email Handle inquiries and complaints, keep customers satisfies Ask for referrals Keeping a client file Evaluate sales efforts Post Sales Surveys / Comment Cards

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