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Cedric 496200458 Ruth 496200818 Jeff 497200803 Winni 497200798 Harriet 497200786.

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1 Cedric 496200458 Ruth 496200818 Jeff 497200803 Winni 497200798 Harriet 497200786

2 + There are many ways to preserve urban spaces, including using art to advocate for the community. At least, art is a possible way for preservation. From the example of Treasure Hill, there are conflicts that inevitably arise and the efforts do not always yield desirable results.

3 + Main Idea + History of Treasure Hill + Treasure Hill spaces discussion and Reusable Unoccupied Space (Wu kueimei ) + Art Intervention in Treasure Hill + Artivism in the Last Organic Community of Taipei + The Exhibition of Treasure Hill + Solutions + Discussion Questions

4 Harriet Hou

5 + Treasure Hill is the name of the Guan-yin Shrine. + At the end of 17 th century, in Qing Dynasty, some people immigrated to Taiwan and lived here. + 1930s: – military bunkers and wards neighboring the shrine, and warehouses for water purification plant. + 1945-1950s: – military bunkers and buildings continued to be used for military purposes. – Besides military personnel, there were only 6 households (according to the video).

6 + 1950s-1960s: – Many poor soldiers from Mainland China, started to secretly build shelters/houses around the shrine (self- help squatter buildings). – City lacked housing. – Original dwellers also rented rooms. – Some employees of the water plant start seeking settlement in Treasure Hill. + 1970s: – Military Headquarter relocated elsewhere. Even more illegal housing appeared. (around 200 households)

7 + Building materials come from anything useful they could find, e.g. wood from old markets, train stations, as well as rocks from the river. + Many people worked during the day, and built their house in the evenings. + Treasure Hills dwellers then included senile citizens, single veterans, social underclass, students, and South-East Asian immigrants (Altered Space)

8 + 1980s-: – Taipei City Government wants to take down the illegal buildings for betty city planning. – Treasure Hill was planned to become a park. + Early 1990s: – Parts of Treasure Hill were forced taken down. + 1997: – Gov. slowed down and begin proposing relocation plans. + 2001-2002: – Relocation of several dwellers was done, and the gov. took down 40+ houses that often gets flooded.

9 + A lot of dwellers and NTU professors and students opposed the idea of taking down Treasure Hill. Constant protests eventually changed city governments idea. + : including art village, hostels + City Gov. wants 2 years to renovate T.H. and asked dwellers to move out by the end of 2006. Offered 3 options: – NT$760,000 Monetary Aid and never move back. – NT$360,000 Monetary Aid and can move back after 2 years (rent & 12 years max) – Move to (only 16 households chose this option)

10 + Will be discussed later…

11 Cedric Yeh 496200428

12 + It is aimed to reconsider the possibility of unoccupied and occupied spaces of treasure hill. + resident-oriented – Hung, Peichung. Wunhou.

13 City views 1. Illegal shack = eye-sore 2. mass Security 1. An ideal place for outlaws to hide 2. Gather place for wonderers Hygiene Trash spread of infectious and contagious diseases

14 + 1.Insufficient interaction and communication b/t the artists and locals 2.Less dwellers Coexist with whom? Whose Treasurehill?

15 + – Gov. v. intervening groups – Villagers v. outsiders (i.e. artists) + Love for hometown and relation among neighbors + Will the artistic integration really reviving the village?

16 Legal: = 50 houses Illegal: > 100 ppl Age structure: Opposite pyramid population Worse than contracting model SuzanneKn. Demographic Transition Model (DTM) pyramids. Wikipedia.Com. March 3 rd 2010. Dec. 12th 2010. Hugh, Edward. piramide della popolzaione residente persesso e cittadinanza al. 2006. Dec. 12 2010. Fig. 1. piramide della popolzaione residente Fig 2

17 + (Abstract) 1.for the elders 2.Job opportunity for financially underprivileged + Organic layers of treasurehill: 1. Metabolism of unoccupied spaces for locals: 2. as entertainment 3. Tourism as economic boost Premise for Renovating the Community

18 A. A. B. B. C. C. D. D. E. E.


20 + An interaction with a existing artwork, audience or venue/space. + Associated with the Viennese Actionists, the Dada movement and Neo-Dadaists. + Art enters a situation outside the art world to change the existing conditions there. + Cow Parade 2009 (Huashan Creative Park) & 2006~2010 (East District)

21 + Works of artists undertaking residences in industrial or social settings (Miles) + Art as a load of memory (Grout) – No longer historical or epic monuments – A record of events and memories at a certain period of time – Sharing of communal experiences of artists and residents without hierarchy

22 + Art as a representation of time & space (Grout) – Creation of time-space (unusual, critical, questionable etc.) – Ways of seeing: one perspective to multiple perspective (Impressionists: representation of time) – Different space in different time

23 + Public space as agora in ancient Greek – Agora ( ) : A marketplace and meeting place, central to every Greek city and town – A place for meeting, exchanging and putting something into practice + How to create an agora? – Interaction and mobilization of people rather than installation of facilities – Art as a media easy to make connections between people and environment (Grout)

24 + The efforts of – Keep Treasure Hill as a historical site – Emotional connection of art, history and residents – Art intervention in old space Invitation of resident artists Exposition of Disadvantaged Communities Reconstruction in Taipei City (1998) Treasure Hill New Discovery Film Festival of (2002) (3:10~4:14)

25 + Organization of Urban Re-s (OURs) – Organization of Bureau of Cultural Affairs – Treasure Hill Artivists (artist-activist) Co-op Program (2003) Treasure Hill homeland – an alternative social housing A youth hostel An ecological learning field Artivists-in-residency + Sharing of facilities (workshops for arts and creative theatres, darkroom etc.)

26 + Global Artivists Participation Project (GAPP) – Artistic experiments from 2003 to 2004 – Invite artists from around the globe to submit proposals for identity-building activities To raise Treasure Hills publicity and public support through arts program To legitimatize the community in the eyes of the government To explore the limits of former artless community using creativity to build community identity (6:02~7:13)

27 + Treasure Hill Artist Village (THAV) – Took over by AIR (Artist-in-Residence) Taipei in 2010 – 14 studios for the Artists-in-Resident program, two exhibition rooms and two rehearsal rooms – Arts and Culture Group Offices for individuals and organizations as a platform for the art and cultural exchange – Make reservation before visiting

28 Ruth Pan


30 + Traditional urban planning cannot provide solutions for modern urbanitys density growth + Taipei no exception (transformation of agrarian sector and dependent capital accumulation) + The urban edge (Treasure Hill) as deviances from power cores attempt to control urban sprawl/strycture

31 + Treasure hill as having muli-layer meaning and complexity + product out of informal city but has own spirit of place + Pre-modern organic village but also an understated resistance to the rationality and cosmopolitan modes of Taipei

32 + Adaptive reuse: process of adapting old structures to new uses (artists move in, youth hostel idea) + Architectural reconstruction: returning a building to a known earlier state + Citizens' uses before GAPP

33 + GAPP as spatial experiment and social practice + Concept of artivism + Time concern, some artists not develop close ties with the village and their artist-in- residency programs ended rapidly + Some others developed new possibilities of dialogue with the community life of the village

34 + 2003 GAPP theme for all activities held + Wanted to create a dialogue between the social and cultural others and their transitional shelters into the alternative homeland + Reflection of collective identity of many immigrants from different eras and native lands

35 + Finnish architect-landscape artist Marco Gasagrande + Based on keen observation, sensitive intuition, personal socio-ecological concern created the attic concept project + Attic as a special space taking in lesser used objects from family but not yet discarded

36 + Organic city/community: city without history or layers illegal shacks + Not government planned or legitimized (compared with skyscrapers, libraries, master- planned blocks)



39 + GAPP as strategic tool for cultural landscape conservation at Treasure Hill + Artivism of GAPP not dominated by artsy creative concepts, rather they extend definitions of art in the community + Should have been activism that was counter- institutional, ended up quasi art-curatorial project under gray area of regulations in city government supervision

40 Winni Huang 497200798


42 + + 1971 Born in Taipei, Taiwan 1997 MFA in Photography Rhode Island School of Design Providence

43 + Spatial practice ( ) – An observer, recorder, creator – Try to interpret the past from debris, lives… – To build a new identification + An open studio- – Hope to be a place where people interact + Use Taiwanese tradition as a communicating bridge – Hope to shorten the distance and to make friends – Hope to collect photograph portfolio with several topic

44 + Few residences come to the studio – Different from the gathering area – The use of camera + The hostility of residents toward those activists because of misunderstanding – Enter unoccupied house – Gather deserted goods

45 + photo 400 guests (only 20 residents) + Photos as postcards displayed in the studio

46 + Record the process of establishing the studio – The massy and muddy interior of the house – Many painting and repairing works – Rough equipments for photography + Expect to develop relationship with local ppl. – Cherish every chance of talking and photo taking

47 + Insist to clean the attic and storehouse + Emphasize the experience of the activists – Face the rotten goods and garbage – Live in a unfavorable environment – Satire: Modern art equal to trash?

48 GARDEN Part + Beautify the environment – Recycle deserted furniture – Build the pond – Plant trees + Acceptance from the local ppl. – Realize the activist makes the place better – Sharing foods and the building tips

49 ARCHIVE Part + Guard and display the goods – Show the respect to the past – Restore the memory of the past

50 Repair sequence: unoccupied occupied Enhancement on 1. Facilitation 2. Surveillance system: a. Security b. Emergent case, i.e. immediate Medicare for elders c. as a precaution against crime

51 Redevelopment 1. Tourism as the boost for local eco. 2. Repair work: more local involvers to increase id. of community Skill-acquisition

52 + 1. What other types of activism or preservation techniques could be used to protect places such as Treasure Hill? + 2. Where else in Taiwan can you think of that should be preserved? + 3. How can we as private citizens engage in protecting historical sites? + 4. Other questions or comments?

53 (2009) : - 2001.5.23 Hugh, Edward. Piramide della popolzaione residente persesso e cittadinanza al. 2006. Dec. 12 2010. Kang, Min Jay. Con-Fronting the Edge of Modern Urbanity-GAPP (Global Artivists Participation Project) at Treasure Hill,Taipei. Asian Modernity and the Role of Culture Cities: Asian culture Symposium, Gwanju, Korea. 2005. Kin, Ming Estate. Tiu-Kengleng Wikipedia.Com. July 2005. Dec. 12th 2010. SuzanneKn. Demographic Transition Model (DTM) pyramids. Wikipedia.Com. March 3rd 2010. Dec. 12th 2010. Wu, queimei. The Treasure Spaces discussion and Unoccupied space reusable. Diss. Fu-Jen Catholic University, 2006. E4399435A.

54 + http://www.atelier- http://www.atelier- + ll.htm ll.htm + 360 360 + 2 2 + + + + +

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