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Taking the Community along for the ride…… The evolution of Alburys Cultural Precinct.

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1 Taking the Community along for the ride…… The evolution of Alburys Cultural Precinct

2 Case study presentation by Carina Clement, Manager, Albury Libraries as part of the Working Outside the Box forum presented by the Cultural Development Network with RAV, VAPAC and MA (Vic), Plenty Ranges Convention Centre 8 th May 2006

3 AlburyCity Cultural Precinct Albury – City of 45,000 on the NSW / Victorian Border Albury has a Central Precinct around which many of the Citys cultural facilities are already located –Library –Art Gallery –Performing Arts & Conference Centre –Conservatorium


5 Alburys Cultural Precinct The next step in bringing together Alburys cultural facilities into a central precinct has been recognised as a key action for AlburyCity with: – Stage 1being a new integrated public library and museum to be completed in 2007 –Stage 2 Significant extensions and upgrade to the Regional Art Gallery –Stage 3 Construction / re-landscaping of the central square –Stage 4 Upgrade of Albury Performing Arts and Convention Centre

6 Why an integrated Cultural precinct? 1998 – Committee formed to review Cultural facilities 1999 – Australia Street Company employed to develop strategic plan for Library, Museum and Art Gallery services in Albury –Involved stakeholder and public meetings / consultations with community groups, cultural groups, indigenous community, Councillors staff, targeted experts, adjoining Councils, general public –Strategy was formulated and adopted by Council Upgrade / develop new facilities Integration of facilities & management Celebrate culture Cultural Precinct based around central QEII Square

7 Master planning – What will it be like 2000 – Brewster Hjorth Architects appointed Precinct features –Accessibility –Open space / linkages / village green concept –Integrated facilities –Staged implementation Model constructed, displayed and presentation to groups undertaken 2001 Master plan adopted by Council 2003 – Architects Ashton Raggatt McDougall appointed

8 2004 - Exterior design creates community controversy leading to a process of community consultation regarding design. Exterior design approved by Council and intensive design development undertaken by architects. 2005 – Plans approved and Builders appointed 2005 – Marketing plan for facility developed through consultation process 2006 – Building work commences, with opening of the building planned for April / May 2007




12 Community Consultation WHEN During Strategic & Master Planning process During exterior design development Developing a marketing plan Developing Councils cultural plan Library Museum Advisory Committee / Friends and other support groups WHO Cultural community Current clients / traditional client groups / stakeholders Staff & Councillors Indigenous community Business & tourism

13 Community consultation What about non-user groups? Are we attempting to connect with the whole of our community? Audience Development project Marketing plan actions –Devise participative projects for specific audience groups –Community group presentations –Communication strategy Addressing issues within Digital Divide in Albury study Indigenous blessing ceremony Advisory committee - programming and focus group opportunities

14 Library Museum Convergence WHAT –Staff structure –Collections – management & access –Information & research provision –Programming – exhibitions & public programs themed throughout the building

15 Library Museum Convergence Why –Economies of scale –Funding imperative –Service & skill enhancement –Audience development Why not (or issues we have to deal with) –Professional integrity –Audience confusion

16 Cultural Precinct – how integrated Stage 1 – Library Museum integration Staffing structure to reflect integration? Joint public programs Education programming Branding / Marketing –joint newsletter? – joint website?

17 Do the community get it? What does the Albury Cultural Precinct mean to you? –I dont know what it is (Male 18 – 25, Non –user) –What is a precinct? (Male 18 – 25, User of some facilities) –Its wonderful – brings the city to the country (Female, 40, Non-user, but keen to use new library museum) –Centralising facilities – museum more available (Male, 50s, Art Gallery user) –Brings community & culture together. Good for tourism & economy (Female, 18 – 25, Performing Arts Centre User) –My partner is one of the constructions workers. Great learning opportunity for kids (Female, 30s non –user)

18 Challenges Really connecting with non traditional library / museum users / cultural facility users- collaboration beyond consultation / creating partnerships Resourcing constraints – not achieving our / the community vision for the Library Museum Changing Council priorities – not seeing through Cultural Precinct stages Branding & loyalty issues – individual identity versus Cultural Precinct experience Staffing issues – upskilling, change management Outreach issues

19 Beyond the challenges – the Grand Vision We want the Albury Cultural Precinct to be: A Regional First / a Regional Leader Be a place that buzzes – that exceeds expectation Be owned by our community Challenge and develop our community

20 To be achieved by: Integrated service and program delivery –Providing the space and infrastructure –Completing the Cultural Precinct vision Exciting / varied program of events & exhibitions Involving groups / individuals in collaborative projects that work for them –Digital storytelling projects –Youth projects –Family friendly Arts in the Park –Developing community exhibitions

21 Carina Clement Manager Albury Libraries (02) 6051 3470 Albury City Libraries (Branch of Upper Murray Regional Library Service) P.O. Box 323 Albury NSW 2640

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