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How to take Geocoded Photos with Nokia C5 handset and Upload in the Reseller Data Collection module.

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1 How to take Geocoded Photos with Nokia C5 handset and Upload in the Reseller Data Collection module

2 Assisted GPS (A-GPS) is used to retrieve assistance data over a packet data connection, which assists in calculating the coordinates of your current location when your device is receiving signals from satellites. To enable the A-GPS service, select > Applications > GPS data and Options > Positioning settings > Positioning methods > Assisted GPS > Options >enable. How To Enable GPS Over Mobile

3 How To Enable Camera to Capture Satellite Data To enable the GPS data service, select > settings > show GPS Info > On 1 2

4 While Clicking a Picture How to Check GPS Is Enable Or Not Satellite Signal Not Available Satellite signal Available Note:- While capturing the images satellite signal must be There as in image 2 12

5 How to get the Acceptable Resolution in Nokia C-5 Click on Camera Go to option Go to settings Go to image quality Select print 2 M Medium

6 Click to add photograph /s if any to be uploaded, this can be done by checking the Yes button and following the procedure indicated there on. You can upload upto a maximum of 5 photos in jpeg / gif/ bmp / jpg format Since the Photo uploaded is Geo Coded photograph you earn Rs. 20/- per contract, for normal photos, the earning is Rs.10/- per contract. If you do not want to upload photo, click on No and then click on Home. You will be taken to the main page for entering your next data. Uploading Geocoded Photographs in the Reseller website after entering other Business Details-

7 After clicking on upload photograph button following page will be displayed.Now click on upload photos. After Clicking on upload photos link, following page will be displayed. Now browse a image from your hard disk (Ensure to copy the photos from mobile to your hard disk of your Laptop or PC ) and upload it.

8 After selecting the photograph click on the check box of 'terms and conditions shown below and then click on UPLOAD button to upload photograph. The photograph selected should be in the jpg/gif/png format otherwise the image will not be uploaded

9 STEP 10: If image is uploaded successfully the following page will be displayed as shown below. Here all the photographs for the contract are displayed including the one which is uploaded. If more photographs for the same contract are to be uploaded then click on Add more button and page will be redirected.Click on home to go back to homepage. Only for Illustration, these kind of generic photos will not be accepted

10 1. Uploaded images/Photo approved if...Uploaded images/Photo approved if... 2. Uploaded images/Photo Reject if...Uploaded images/Photo Reject if... 3. Showcase Image Uploading Specification,Showcase Image Uploading Specification 4. Uploaded images, visibility on website,Uploaded images, visibility on website Image Uploading Specification

11 Uploaded images/Photo approved if... 1. Photos of the Business Frontage/Front view with the Signboard 2.Photos from the Inside of the Hotels, Store, Showroom, Enterprise with relevant products sold in the establishment.

12 3. Photos/Images accompanied with logo

13 Uploaded images/Photo Rejected if... 1. Only company logo photograph is uploaded, 2.Same images for two companies will not be approved,

14 3. Objectionable content not to be included as a photo/image, 4. Blurred or bad quality or Wrong orientation images will not be accepted,

15 5. Only a view of signboard will not be accepted, 6. If you are uploading only photo of the owner of the establishment,

16 Generic Photographs (taken by are NOT accepted, 9.Scan copy of Visiting cards, Catalogues are not accepted, 8.Copy Right Photographs are not accepted,

17 Image Uploading Specification 1. Try to maintain Dimension of the images: Maximum: width – 400 Pix, Height – 400 Pix and and resolution 72 Pix/inches. Minimum: width – 200 Pix, Height – 150 Pix and resolution 72 Pix/inches. 2. Try to give proper name and description for your uploaded images, like given below.

18 In case of any assistance required, please email us on any of the email IDs as mentioned in the Contact Us section of the Home Page of Reseller website.


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