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pan Testing Centers I-9 Training Important Note About this Presentation AUDIO ALERT This training presentation contains audio. Please ensure that you.

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2 pan Testing Centers I-9 Training

3 Important Note About this Presentation AUDIO ALERT This training presentation contains audio. Please ensure that you have audio enabled on your computer, and that the volume is turned up. You should be able to hear this information being spoken to you while on this screen. Please do not proceed past this screen until you have confirmed that you are able to hear the audio.

4 I-9 Verification What Is It? Why? WHAT All citizens and non-citizen employees who will be working in the United States must prove they are eligible and authorized to do so. This is done by completing the Employee Eligibility Verification. Form I-9. WHY When any company hires a new employee, the employer is required by Federal law to complete a Form I-9 to verify the employees identity and eligibility to work in the United States.

5 What role do pan Testing Centers play in the I-9 Process? pan Testing Centers are used by some companies as additional I-9 processing facilities, to provide more options to newly hired employees who must complete this task before starting work. pan Proctors will act as Processing Agents, verifying the documents new hire employees must present for validation of their U.S. work eligibility. pan Proctors are NOT HR Specialists, but ARE expected to be familiar with the basic requirements, acceptable documents, and the process for accurately completing the Form I-9 electronically via the pan Proctor Console.

6 Center Requirements Proctor type time blocks are needed to be entered and available in EVM. Proctor time blocks do not require a testing station and are used for non- testing events which only require the Proctors time. Each center must have a scanner at or near the proctor station to upload copies/images of the documents presented by the applicant for verification. Form I-9 contains three sections: Section 1: Employee Information and Verification (completed by the applicant prior to scheduling) Section 2: Employer Review and Verification (completed by pan Testing Center Processing Agents) Section 3: Updating and Re-verification (completed by the applicants employer)

7 I-9 Candidate Processing Step 1 – Candidate Check-In Check the candidate in as you normally do for all other candidates. NOTE: The primary photo ID presented for check-in may not necessarily be the same ID the candidate will present for the I-9 verification. Follow all normal check-in procedures and requirements.

8 I-9 Candidate Check-In Step 2: Launch I9 Once the screen refreshes, click the Launch I-9 link in the middle of your console screen. The I9 express verification screen will open in a separate window.

9 I-9 Candidate Processing Receipts CAUTION NOTE: There are several links on the form that reference a receipt. These are not used often and do not reflect that YOU, the Processing Agent, has received anything. Please be sure to understand the proper usage of these receipts. The View and Print Employee Receipt link on the middle right hand corner of your screen should only be clicked if a candidate requests an Employee Receipt.

10 I-9 Candidate Processing Receipts DOCUMENT RECEIPTS: Next to List A and List B and C Document Selection, there is an empty box and the word Receipt. DO NOT mark any of the Receipt boxes without first contacting pan. If you have questions about the Receipt box, you may contact pan Operations.

11 Acceptable Documentation RULES RULE 1: ALL candidates must present either : One document from List A OR One document from List B AND One document from List C. RULE 2: You CANNOT request specific documents from a candidate. RULE 3: You can only accept documents which appear in the drop down menus for each individual candidate. The system has already determined what documents are acceptable based on the citizenship status information provided by the candidate when completing Section 1.

12 I-9 Candidate Processing Acceptable Documentation Step 3 - Verify the candidate has presented acceptable document(s). Example of Identification/Documentation that may appear in List B. Example of Identification/Documentation that may appear in List A. Example of Identification/Documentation that may appear in List C.

13 Special Note About Identification Many candidate will present a social security card as a List C document. If the Social Security Card states any of the following, it is NOT acceptable for I-9 verification, and the candidate must present another List C document: – Not Valid For Employment – Valid for Work only with INS Authorization – Valid for Work only with DHS authorization Below please see a sample of a SS Card that is not acceptable for I-9 verification.

14 I-9 Candidate Processing Document Selection Step 4 - Select the document(s) from the appropriate drop down menu(s)

15 I-9 Candidate Processing Entering Document Information Step 5 - Input the requested document information.

16 I-9 Candidate Processing Review for Accuracy Step 6 - Review the Employer Review screen. VERIFY YOUR ACCURACY!

17 I-9 Candidate Processing Scanning Required Documents Some employers require that the documents presented by the candidate be scanned and submitted with the electronic Form I-9. There are specific image size and format requirements for documents being scanned and uploaded into the I-9 Express system. You may right- click on the image and click Properties to see the image size and format. The maximum image size per image is 1.5 MB. The following formats are supported: PDF, JPEG, TIF, GIF. Test Your Scanner! Make sure it is in proper working order, size and format settings are correct, images come out clear and not dark or blurry, and you know where the file is saved on your computer. Troubleshoot any problems before you have candidates.

18 I-9 Processing Scanning Documents Step 7 – Scan and Upload Documents The box at the top of the Attach Documents screen will indicate if documents need to be scanned and uploaded with the Form I-9. PLEASE NOTE: The checkbox that states Unable to provide ALL scanned documents at this time should NOT be used unless you have confirmed with pan Operations that you are not able to upload the documents due to a scanner failure.

19 I-9 Candidate Processing Step 7 - Upload required documents (continued) Select the document from the drop-down menu. Click browse to retrieve the scanned/saved image file. Find the file on the Proctor Station and select Open.

20 I-9 Candidate Processing Step 7 - Upload required documents (continued) Is the picture clear and not dark? Can the entire face be seen? Can the print information clearly be read?

21 I-9 Candidate Processing Step 8 - Close I-9 Verification Screen The I-9 Verification Process is now Complete! Close the Browser Window and return to the Proctor Console for Check- Out Procedures

22 I-9 Candidate Check-Out Step 9 - Check out the candidate

23 Delete I-9 Processing Images Step 10 - Delete the scanned document image(s)

24 Conclusion Youve finished the I-9 10-Step program. The approximate time to process an actual I-9 candidate is the same as this presentation, start to finish. Proctor type time blocks must be added to your centers scheduled in 30 minute durations, and should be available on an on-going basis whenever possible. Please contact your Resource or Vendor administrator to update your schedule with these seats. You may find the following document List of Acceptable documents in your Document Library – always have this opened or printed for quick reference. Please contact pan at 877-449-8378 with any questions.

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