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Year 10 Transition to VCE/ VCAL 2015 What happens…..

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1 Year 10 Transition to VCE/ VCAL 2015 What happens…..

2 Week 1 Homegroup assembly- NOW!! There is a lot that is going to happen……so pay attention! WHAT IS ‘TRANSITION’?... Subject choice for VCE/VCE VET/ VCAL. Making decisions for YOU! Understanding the implications of YOUR decisions.

3 Week 2 (omg) Homegroup: Careers Booklet- this session will be devoted to a Pathways program. Students will start investigating what pre-requisites are and how they affect subject selection at VCE. 21.7.13: VICTER 2017 guide available online 22.7.13 Tuesday: Compulsory Year 10ABC Transition Information Evening in Theatre 7pm. 23.7.13 Wednesday: Compulsory Year 10DEF Transition Information Evening in Theatre 7pm.

4 Week 3 29.7.13 Homegroup – Melbourne University guest speaker in the Library Why ask the Uni’s and TAFE’s to come in? 81% of our students in Yr 12 last year went to Uni. 19% of our Yr 12 went to TAFE. Universities can tell us a lot about how and why to make decisions about subjects in VCE/ VCAL.

5 Week 4 Tuesday 6.8.13. Counseling Day 1. All students have 20 minutes interview with counselor to explore who you are, what interests you, what you are good at….and more… This is your exploration interview- you need to bring your Careers Booklet in, completed, all your personality tests printed off and ready.

6 Week 5 12.8.13. Tuesday. Parent Teacher Day 12-7pm and ‘Tertiary Expo’ in Gym. 15.8.13 Friday Period 1-2. Year 11 students (selected only) talk to Yr 10 students about subjects.

7 Week 6 20.8.13. Wednesday: Counselling Day 2: Round 1 subject selection completed. VCE VET 2014 applications submitted to Counsellor. Applications for Extension Studies in 2014 (Yr 12) due. Friday 22 8.14: last day for Round 1 selections

8 Week 7 Homegroup Assembly: Round 2 subject selection information. Interviews for all students applying for Year 12 subjects 2015. To explain… all subjects that run in VCE depend on student selection numbers. If enough students select a subject it WILL run. If insufficient students select the subject will NOT run. We make the decisions this week for 2015 subjects based on student selections.

9 Week 8 Week 8! Monday 1.9.13. Round 2 subject selection opens. Friday 5.9.13 Homegroup. Round 2 subject selection submission. No late submissions allowed!!! WHY???

10 Week 9 and10 Well, it is all done, apart from the internal machinations of PHSC! (  ) Remember!!! Get all Round 1 and 2 subject selections in ON TIME! Ask questions if you are not sure what to do. The best person to see is your Counsellor who will be there to help you through this process.

11 Week 11? Holidays actually! See, it takes all term to do this… But, by the end, you will be experts at VCE/ VCE VET/ VCAL!!!

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