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Year 12/13 Developing Independence Parents Information 9 October 2013.

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1 Year 12/13 Developing Independence Parents Information 9 October 2013

2 AS/A2 AS – Qualifications studied in Year 12. This represents 50% of a full A Level Most Students study the equivalent of 4 subjects at AS Year 12 will take AS examinations in the summer. A2 – Qualifications studied in Year 13 This is the other half of the AS but is more complex in content All students study the equivalent of 3 subjects at A2 Year 13 will take A2 examinations in the summer Some students choose to take on the EPQ as an additional qualification – This is the equivalent UCAS points to an AS

3 Expectations Sixth form study is much more focussed and rigorous than what students have experienced before When we say the work is much harder….This is exactly what it is Your son/daughter will not get by this year on minimal study…they MUST put the work in Taught lessons are only part of your son/daughters KS5 experience. We are trying to prepare students for the next stage in their education/career journey and therefore developing high levels of independence and self drive/motivation are essential to their success

4 Around 75% of Yr12 attended the Induction Day last July and have therefore been taught to organise folders, take effective notes in lessons to support their own learning and consolidation. They were introduced to the preliminary study tasks required to be completed over the summer so that they were prepared for the subjects chosen. Expectations

5 The summer tasks were to keep them on track with learning, but also to inform students of the absolute minimum required to show their commitment to the subjects they had chosen to study. Year 13 students were set holiday work which formed part of the assessment focus for their subjects at A2 As part of developing independence, all students have developed their own Wildly Important Goal – WIG, and a range of objectives have been set to meet their goal over each term. This is being reviewed in one to one sessions with tutors. We would encourage you to discuss your son/daughters WIG so that you are aware of the objectives they have set themselves and the progress they are making towards this. You may well be able to support this at home! Expectations

6 Work Ethic? How much additional work is your son/daughter putting in after school…at home? Are they meeting deadlines in all the subjects they study for both assignments and extended learning? They need to be doing more than last year so that they keep ahead of their studies? These are questions I would encourage you as parents to ask.

7 Reality Check! A Level study is HARD! Year 12 are a year group who have achieved the best ever results at GCSE….So we know they can do it!!! The students currently in Year 13 are also a bright cohort who achieved really well at GCSE/AS – around 45% of this year group achieved their target grades in all of their AS subjects. We also know from student feedback that they know they should be doing more both at home AND at school!

8 Adopt this approach

9 Learning….Extended Learning…Additional reading/Research The 999 approach means that students are taught for 9 lessons, have extended learning for 9 hours and conduct further reading and research for 9 hours at A2. We know that for students studying 4 subjects in Year 12 this is really difficult…BUT they should be able to complete a whole day at school and then do a minimum of 3 hours study every evening….This is an expectation…not a request.

10 Tough Love We have all heard this saying From a Sixth Form point of view….Students OWN STUDY Periods are for study. They are on their timetables so that we can find them when we need them…but also to help them plan their work. Over the next few weeks teachers will be providing students with a breakdown of what they need to be doing for each subject and what is required from an assessment point of view

11 Your son/daughter will need to use the information provided by teachers to plan what they are going to do in their OS periods so that their time is used effectively to support their own learning and develop good study habits. We are doing this for their own good and tutors will be checking that they are working through the information/tasks set by teachers in their one to one sessions. Tough Love

12 Final Thoughts… Where does your son/daughter want to be next summer and in 2 years? Do you want them to be the student who has achieved OR exceeded their target grades in all of their subjects? Thats what we want and hopefully what you want to! AS Level results ( minimum D grade)= Progression to Year 13 A2 Level results = UCAS points to progress to Uni or access to management trainee programme and apprenticeships or jobs

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