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2005/2006 Product Training Indoor Air Quality Craig Ellis

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1 2005/2006 Product Training Indoor Air Quality Craig Ellis
General Manager Trion IAQ

2 Indoor Air Quality – Market Size
Total Market: $2.5 Billion HEPA – Cleanroom: $137 HEPA – Other: $137 Residential: $1,000 Fabric Air Pollution: $300 Cartridge Filter: $185 Electrostatic: $165 Air Washer Filter: $95 Other: $480

3 Indoor Air Quality – Opportunities
Over 5.5 million unitary air conditioners were sold in 2004 Almost 1.9 million heat pumps were sold in 2004 Over 3.5 million gas forced air systems were sold in 2004 Residential HVAC shipments up 8% in 2004 Over 1.9 million new homes built in 2004 New housing starts projected to increase in 2005 Less than 8% of fan coils and furnaces are sold with premium IAQ solutions

4 Indoor Air Quality – Market Drivers
We take over 20,000 breaths and breathe in excess of 350 million particles everyday! According to the EPA, each day a person breathes in 2 teaspoons of pollutants. EPA studies have shown that the air inside our homes and workplaces is 10 – 100 times more polluted than outside air. Indoor Air Quality Index published daily.

5 Indoor Air Quality – Market Drivers (cont.)
Over 50 Million Americans suffer from allergies and asthma. Of this total: Over 20 Million have chronic asthma (2.1 million are children) Over 8 Million children suffer from a mild form of asthma 22 Million suffer from hay fever and allergic rhinitis Over 12 Million from bronchitis Over 35 million suffer from Lung Disease Over $6 Billion/Year is spent on treatment of respiratory ailments.

6 Source of Poor IAQ 15% 13% 10% 5% 4% 53% Data Taken From NIOSH
INSIDE CONTAMINATION UNKNOWN SOURCES OA CONTAMINATION MICROBIAL SOURCES BUILDING MATERIALS POOR VENTILATION 10% 5% 4% 53% Poor ventilation accounts for 53% of all IAQ problems. Most people spend 80% to 90% of their time indoors.

7 Controlling Indoor Air Quality
Source control Ventilation Filtration

8 Air Contaminants A grain of beach sand 80 to 2000 Microns
A strand of human hair 30 to 200 Microns Pollen to 100 Microns Bacteria to 3.0 Microns Tobacco smoke to 1.0 Microns Virus ≤ 0.3 Microns

9 Particulate Size

10 Airborne Particulate Settling Rates
This chart shows time required for a particle released at 5 foot level to settle to the floor in stagnate air.

11 Indoor Air Quality – Industry Test Methods
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) DOP (Dioctyl Pthalate) ASHRAE 52.1 – 1992 Weight Arrestance Dust Spot ASHRAE 52.2 – 1999 (MERV)

12 Indoor Air Quality – Industry Test Methods (cont.)
Clean Air Delivery Rate Designed for portable room air cleaners. Measures overall effectiveness of the air cleaner (air flow/efficiency/natural decay). Rated on pollen, dust and smoke. DOP (Dioctyl Pthalate): MIL Standard 282 Designed for cleanroom type filters. Measures penetration of 0.3/0.12 micron particles through HEPA/ULPA filters.

13 Indoor Air Quality – Industry Test Methods (cont.)
ASHRAE 52.1 – Weight Arrestance Determines initial pressure drop across filter. Determines dust holding capacity of filter. Efficiency determined by calculating the percent removed by weight of the test dust (Arizona road dust and carbon black). Designed for low efficiency filters. ASHRAE 52.1 – Atmospheric Dust Spot Uses outdoor air for testing. Efficiency determined by comparing staining of test paper upstream and downstream of the filter. Efficiency based on the average efficiency over the useful life of the filter. Designed for high efficiency filters.

14 Indoor Air Quality – Industry Test Methods (cont.)
ASHRAE 52.2 Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) Efficiency rating based on clean filter Designed to assist with the application of filters Measures efficiency in three different particle ranges: 10.0 Microns and above 3.0 – 10.0 microns 0.3 – 3.0 microns

15 Trion Air Bear Supreme High Efficiency Media Air Cleaners

16 Media Air Cleaners: How They Work
Dirty Air Pre-Filter Main Filter Clean Air Straining Impingement Diffusion Interception Brownian Effect

17 Air Bear Supreme Uses a combination of four filtering principles, impingement, interception, diffusion, and straining Available in three sizes, two air flow capacities 16”H x 25”W x 7 ¼”D – 1400 CFM 20”H x 20”W x 7 ¼”D – 1400 CFM 20”H x 25”W x 7 ¼”D – 2000 CFM Cabinet knockouts allow upgrade on Electronic Air Cleaner One piece wrap around, 20 gauge cabinet supports 400 lb. furnace Pearl White powder-coated cabinet finish

18 Air Bear Supreme (cont.)
Extended surface,17-pleat filter design Minimizes pressure drop rated air flow) Maximizes dust holding capacity (190 grams) Increases filter life 100% electrostatically charged synthetic fibers Enhances filter performance Minimizes initial pressure drop Helps prevent microbial growth Gaskets to prevent air by-pass MERV 8 efficiency

19 Pleat Alignment Comparison
The Trion filter has perfect pleat alignment due to design of support fingers on the upstream (air entry) side of the filter. Pleat alignment on competitive filter is poor because there are are no support fingers upstream. Poor pleat alignment will result in higher pressure drop after installation than literature shows and shorter filter lifecycles.

20 Air Bear Supreme with Specially-Designed Support Fingers
Trion’s Internal Support Fingers are designed with dual edge “tabs” which hold the support finger in place during operation, even under tough conditions.

21 Leading Competitive Filter without Anchor Tabs on Support Fingers
Competitive Filter has no tabs to secure the support fingers in place. This allows movement of the supports during shipping, handling, and operation. When the support fingers move, the pleats become misaligned.

22 Air Bear Right Angle Ideal for installations requiring a 90 Degree Adapter. Built-in Duct Work/Adjustable Duct Opening eliminates the need for field forming transition significantly reduces installation time Space-Saving Design - saves 6” to 8” as compared to competitive products with 90 degree turns.

23 Air Bear Right Angle (cont.)
Right / Left hand installation Works as Turning Vanes - for even distribution of air across the filter 2000 CFM Uses the same filter as the Air Bear Supreme 2000 Outside Dimensions: 15 1/2”W x 24 3/4”D x 23 3/8”H

24 Why the Air Bear Supreme?
5-10 times more efficient than traditional 1” throw away filters Effectively removes particulate such as mold spores, pollen, and dust Protects coils Fail safe product Replacement media business

25 Trion HE Plus High Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaners

26 Electronic Air Cleaners: How They Work
Dirty Air Clean Air Ionizer: High voltage ionization electrically charges airborne pollutants/particles such as dust, bacteria, smoke, mold spores and pollen. Forever Filter/Collector: Works like a powerful magnet to attract and retain charged particles. This keeps harmful irritants from being constantly re-circulated into the home. Washable and never needs to be replaced.

27 HE PLUS Available in three sizes, two air flow capacities
16”H x 20”W x 7 ¼”D – 1400 CFM 16”H x 25”W x 7 ¼”D – 1400 CFM 20”H x 20”W x 7 ¼”D – 1400 CFM 20”H x 25”W x 7 ¼”D – 2000 CFM One piece wrap around, 20 gauge cabinet supports 400 lb. furnace Pearl White powder-coated cabinet finish

28 HE PLUS (cont.) Input/output voltage LED lights
Green light – power on Red light – high voltage present Power cord - simple, easy electrical hook up Knock out provided for hardwiring Integrated air flow sensor Low pressure drop – 0.14”, max. Washable aluminum mesh pre-filter Optional charcoal after-filter

29 HE PLUS 1400/2000 Easy access universal on-board power supply
Built in fuse protects 24V transformer Input Voltage V 60/50hz Easily converted to 240V Low power consumption – 48 watts 3-Year Limited Warranty

30 Integrated Air Flow Sensor

31 High Altitude Adjustment
Three settings to reduce nuisance arcing Reduces ozone output One universal replacement power supply

32 Why the HE PLUS? Permanent, washable filter High Efficiency, up to 95%
Efficiency increases as air flow decreases Effectively removes sub-micron particles Low, constant pressure drop Protects coils

33 Portable Air Cleaners

34 Electronic Air Purifier – TTE2002A
Permanent, Washable Forever Filter™ Removes Up to 95% of Airborne Pollutants Activated Charcoal Filter Compact Design 3 Fan Speeds Whisper-Quiet Operation Low Power Consumption – 48 Watts Less than 26 ppb Ozone Generation 5-Year Limited Warranty Cleaning Area Square Feet 1 air change/hr. 600 2 air change/hr. 300 3 air change/hr. 200 Dirty Air Clean Air

35 Electronic Air Purifier - TCE3502A
Permanent,Washable Forever Filter™ Removes Up to 95% of Airborne Pollutant Aluminum Mesh Pre-filter Activated Charcoal After-filter Electronic Touch Controls 3 Fan Speeds Whisper-Quiet Operation Low Power Consumption – 70 Watts Less than 26ppb Ozone Generation 5-Year Limited Warranty Cleaning Area Square Feet 1 air change/hr 2 air change/hr 3 air change/hr

36 Ozone(O3) Oxygen(O2) with an extra oxygen atom How is ozone produced?
Ozone is heavier than air Ozone is highly unstable Ozone dissipates quickly with air flow How is ozone produced? Ozone is by-product of high voltage Ozone is created when sun rays react with air pollution(automobile exhaust)

37 Ozone Production in Trion Air Cleaners
Portable Units < 26 parts per billion Ductmount units (at rated air flow) 6 parts per billion on high 5 parts per billion on medium 3 parts per billion on low < 2 parts per billion with activated charcoal filter UL Allowable Limits 50 parts per billion

38 Single Pass Ozone Test Ozone pick-up tube was 2" downstream of unit.
Each reading was taken after 5 minutes at CFM & output setting. Original tests were conducted with cells & prefilters only. An additional test was ran with the addition of carbon post filters. The test started under the worst case scenario; the lowest CFM and the highest power output setting. The result was less than 2 ppb of ozone. The test was stopped at this point since all other settings would give the same results or less.

39 HERRMIDIFIER Humidifiers

40 Benefits of Proper Humidification
Improved Indoor Air Quality Reduction in Static Electricity Individual Comfort Energy Savings Protect Furnishings

41 Humidity And Indoor Air Quality
Percent Relative Humidity Optimum Zone Bacteria Viruses Fungi Mites Indicates Increase In Effect Infections And Asthma Interactions Sensitivity Insufficent Data Above 50% RH Respiratory Allergic Rhinitis Chemical Indoor Ozone Source: ASHRAE Transactions 1985, Volume 91 Also "Indirect Health Effects Of Relative Humidity In Indoor Environments", Environmental Health Perspectives Vol 65, pp , 1968

42 Types of Humidifiers Offered
By-Pass Flow Through Evaporative Pad Power Flow Through Evaporative Pad Evaporative Drum Centrifugal Atomizer Atomizing Mister

43 G-200/300 By-pass Flow Through
High Capacity G-200, 14.4 GPD G-300, 18.0 GPD Right or left hand discharge Supply Plenum Duct or Return mounted Wall or Duct Mount Humidistat Outdoor temperature compensating humidistat Self-Piercing Saddle Valve 24V Brass Solenoid Valve Only requires 1/2” of overhead clearance

44 G-200/300WK Installation Kit
Installation, Operation & Service manual Mounting template Collar/damper assembly 6” Flex hose with straps Humidistat Low voltage transformer Self-tapping saddle valve ¼” water supply tubing ½” drain line B A B C B D E D F E C F

45 G-100 Power Flow Through 19 gallons per day @ 120º F
Wall or duct mount humidistat Outdoor temperature compensating humidistat 2” evaporator pad Duct Opening 12” x 15” Mounts to 14” Duct 120V, 60Hz, 1ph Weight: 13 Pounds

46 Rotating Drum 465-C1 Right or left hand discharge; ½” clearance overhead Evaporative Capacity 140ºF: Return – 22.5 GPD Supply 17.1 GPD Independent mounting bracket 24V, 3 watt motor Weight: 11 Pounds Humidistat 24V / 20-80% RH Dimensions: 14 ¾”W x 11”D x 11 ½”H

47 707U Centrifugal Atomizer
Models include: 707SM, 707TW Model 707SM - Mounted on the return of any warm air heating system Model 707TW provides humidification in hydronically heated homes (or any installation without ducts) Free Standing or Whole-house installations

48 Mister 50 Atomizer Tilt out mounting
.75” hollow core oil nozzle with stainless steel mesh Duct opening 5” x 5 3/8” PSI Adjustable nozzle – 3 positional installation Input voltage – 24V, 6 watt Preset thermostat for operation at 110 º F Convertible wall/duct mount humidistat, saddle valve, 10’ tubing

49 Commercial Products Bars Offices Restaurants Recreational Facilities
Designated Smoking Areas

50 Commercial Products (cont.)
Ceiling Mount Air Cleaners – CAC500M/1000E Electronic or 95% ASHRAE filter Recessed in 2’ x 2’ ceiling panel 3 Speed Fan Airflow: 210, 340, 450 CFM 250, 415, 570 CFM

51 Commercial Products (cont.)
Ceiling Mount Air Cleaners – FM1000E/M Electronic or 95% ASHRAE filter Flush-mounts in 2’ x 4’ ceiling panel 3 Speed Fan Airflow: 600, 800, 1000 CFM

52 Commercial Products (cont.)
Ceiling Mount Electronic Air Cleaners – SE400/800E Up to 95% efficiency Flush or surface mount in 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ ceiling panel(can be wall mounted) Fresh air vent 3 Speed Fan Airflow: 200, 300, 400 CFM 400, 600, 800 CFM

53 Industrial Products Grinding Dust Coolant Mist Oil Smoke Oil Mist
Metal Fines Process Dust Welding Fumes

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