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TrueDRY Dehumidification Systems Training Module Click For Next Slide To advance this module, click when this icon appears on the slide.

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1 TrueDRY Dehumidification Systems Training Module Click For Next Slide To advance this module, click when this icon appears on the slide.

2 2HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number What you will learn Why is dehumidification important? Who needs dehumidification? Key features TrueDRY product family - TrueDRY DH90 - TrueDRY DH65 System Control Solutions Installation Applications Positioning Dehumidification to Homeowners Click For Next Slide

3 3HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Todays homes are built tighter to increase energy efficiency. However, tighter homes can limit the natural exchange of indoor and outdoor air leading to poor indoor air quality and leaving excessive humidity trapped inside the home. Why is Dehumidification Important? Sources Of Humidity Include: COOKING Boiling water and other cooking methods release humidity into the air. PEOPLE People consistently add moisture into their home through breathing and perspiration. BATHING AND SHOWERING Bathroom fans can help, but showering and bathing are two primary sources of excess moisture. INFILTRATION Outside air can cause excess humidity when air seeps through cracks in flooring, electrical outlets and windows. Click For Next Slide

4 4HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Why dehumidify? - Saves money on utility bills - Improves comfort - Protects the home - Allows full A/C SEER efficiency - Optimal humidity eliminates environment for bacteria, viruses Who needs dehumidification? - Condensation on walls and windows - Home smells musty – basement, crawl space - Uncomfortable sleeping conditions - Cupped wood flooring - Allergy sufferers and asthmatics Dehumidification Click For Next Slide

5 5HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Doesn't An Air Conditioner Dehumidify? Homeowners are familiar with temperature (sensible heat), but often dont consider humidity (latent heat) when they feel uncomfortable. Most people will either run their air conditioner or turn their thermostat down hoping to be more comfortable. But if theres excess humidity in the air, theyll still feel clammy and uncomfortable. Attempting to use air conditioning as a way to dehumidify only lowers the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of the unit, causing it to run less efficiently, resulting in higher energy costs for the homeowner. Air conditioners are designed to control temperature, not humidity. Click For Next Slide

6 6HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Latent vs. Sensible Heat Dehumidification removes Latent Heat - For moderate temps – A/C isnt running to remove significant moisture. - Raining, evening, spring or fall (shoulder seasons). - Relative Humidity (RH) in the house is lowered so it feels cooler and the thermostat can be turned up. A/C System designed for Sensible Heat removal - Removes some latent heat as a byproduct (80% sensible and 20% latent). - Out of every $1.00 spent to cool living space roughly $0.80 is spent on the sensible load and $0.20 is spent on the latent load. The Dehumidifier takes on the latent load work and allows the A/C to focus on the heat sensed by the thermostat (sensible heat). - A/C actually achieves the SEER rating it was designed to achieve. Click For Next Slide

7 7HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Homeowners with excess humidity in their homes often purchase portable, single-room dehumidifiers that can be noisy and difficult to maintain. Plus, they only remove moisture in the rooms where theyre located. TrueDRY Dehumidification Systems are integrated, which means theyre more effective and can be less expensive than putting multiple single-room units in a home. Plus, TrueDRY can be installed out of sight/out of mind in the central heating and cooling system to provide dehumidification to all rooms in the home. TrueDRY can also be used as a standalone solution to quietly remove moisture from specific problem areas, improve comfort and eliminate the need for maintenance (such as emptying collection buckets) all while using less energy compared to most portable dehumidifiers. Click For Next Slide

8 8HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Eco-Friendly Since TrueDRY removes humidity, and air with less moisture feels cooler, ENERGY STAR ® estimates that homeowners can save up to six percent on cooling costs for every degree the thermostat is turned up. Click For Next Slide

9 9HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Every homeowner is looking for increased comfort and energy efficiency and with Honeywell TrueDRY DH90, you can offer both. Perfect for larger homes, TrueDRY DH90 efficiently removes excessive moisture from the air each day. In addition to dehumidification, TrueDRY DH90 also features an integrated ventilation control that introduces fresh, filtered air into the homes as stale air and excessive moisture is removed. TrueDRY DH90 Dehumidifier Click For Next Slide

10 10HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Removes 90 Pints per day Uses 6.2 amps 5 Year Warranty Pre-Core Technology Auto leveling Fan at back by intake LED Indicator Feedback ensure proper operation Dehumidifying & Ventilation Options Available Power damper opens when unit runs Dehumidify with Ventilation: W8150, VP IAQ at ASHRAE 62.2 Key Features: TrueDRY DH90 Dehumidifier Click For Next Slide

11 11HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Evap. Coil Condenser Coil Air to Air Heat Exchanger Uses same technology as Honeywell Heat Recovery Ventilators: Air coming from evaporator pre-cools the air entering the core Raises Water Removal Efficiency by 200% Provides More Removal Per Unit of Electricity Amp draw 30% less than competitive brand More Efficiency Through Pre-Core Technology Click For Next Slide

12 12HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number TrueDRY DH65 Dehumidifier Whether removing moisture evenly from the entire home or focusing specifically on humidity problem areas, the Honeywell TrueDRY DH65 provides an integrated solution that operates quietly and efficiently. TrueDRY DH65 removes more moisture while using less energy than the leading portable dehumidifiers on the market, making it the ideal solution for applications where space is limited and high- performance is critical. Click For Next Slide

13 13HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Key Features: TrueDRY DH65 Dehumidifier Can be centrally ducted for whole-house control or operate unducted to address moisture problem areas such as attics or crawl spaces. Energy efficient because it removes more moisture (up to 65 pints) using less energy (only 2.02 liter per kilowatt hour). Removable side panels and quick-connect duct collars simplify maintenance and service. Compact size, only 26"L x 12"H x 12"W MERV 11 Filtration Uses only 6.2 Amps 5 Year Warranty Click For Next Slide

14 14HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number LED Service Diagnostics Notifies user when maintenance is needed. Built-In Humidity/Ventilation Control Integrates operation at the device for simplified installation. Also compatible with external controls for advanced operation. Click For Next Slide Key Features: TrueDRY DH65 Dehumidifier

15 15HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Thumb-screw duct quick-connects Click For Next Slide Key Features: TrueDRY DH65 Dehumidifier

16 16HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Intuitive Wiring Simplifies installation and provides options for operation. Click For Next Slide Key Features: TrueDRY DH65 Dehumidifier

17 17HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number MERV 11 Filtration Extends dehumidifier performance and efficiency. Click For Next Slide Key Features: TrueDRY DH65 Dehumidifier

18 18HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Easy-Access Service Removable side panels and quick- connect duct collars simplify maintenance and service. Click For Next Slide Key Features: TrueDRY DH65 Dehumidifier

19 19HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Automatic Water Removal Integrated drain port automatically drains water, which means no more buckets to empty. Click For Next Slide Key Features: TrueDRY DH65 Dehumidifier

20 20HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Metal leveling feet for precision install. Click For Next Slide Key Features: TrueDRY DH65 Dehumidifier

21 21HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number TrueDRY Models Three 65-pint models - DH65A1015 With VisionPRO IAQ and outdoor temp sensor - DH65DG115 With TrueIAQ and outdoor enthalpy sensor - DH65A1007 With H8908 manual/W8150 auto-vent Three 90-pint models - DH90A1015 With VisionPRO IAQ and outdoor sensor - DH90DG115 With TrueIAQ and outdoor enthalpy sensor - DH90A1007 With H8908 manual/W8150 auto-vent Click For Next Slide

22 22HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Choose a System Control Solution VisionPRO ® IAQ Best When… - Integrated HVAC and IAQ control is desired with only 3 wires. - Running IAQ equipment regardless of heating or cooling stage. - Room mounted control, no duct. TrueIAQ Best When… - IAQ equipment (not HVAC) control from duct or home is desired. - Integrating IAQ equipment control (not HVAC), regardless of heating or cooling stage. - Advanced outdoor monitoring is desired, such as economizing and extreme-climate shutdown. Manual Control Best When… - Room or duct mounted. - Desired to hit one humidity level regardless of outdoor condition. - Installed in unconditioned spaces where mechanical parts are more robust. Click For Next Slide

23 23HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number TrueDRY: Limitless installation options! Click For Next Slide

24 24HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Positioning Dehumidification to Homeowners Ask questions - Allergies - Condensation on walls, windows - Uncomfortable sleeping - Cupped flooring - Musty smell in the basement, attic, living space or crawlspace Observe home for signs After identifying a need: - Explain dehumidification benefits Independent control of temp and humidity Helps reduce mold and mildew Finished basements, stand alone or centrally ducted - Offer one more time before clean-up Click For Next Slide

25 TrueDRY Dehumidification Systems Knowledge Test Click For Next Slide

26 26HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Now that you completed this training module, take the short quiz to test your knowledge. TrueDRY Dehumidification Systems Knowledge Test

27 27HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Test 1. What are some causes of humidity in the home? a. Cooking b. People c. Infiltration d. Bathing/Showering e. A and C Only f. All of the above 2. Dehumidification removes _____ heat from a home. a. Sensible b. Latent

28 28HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Test 3. What is the Amp rating of the TrueDRY DH90? a. 5.3 b. 6.2 c. 7.0 d The DH90 includes a fresh air ventilation port. a. True b. False 5. On the DH90, what is the advantage of having the fan by the intake? a. More efficient operation b. Increased energy efficiency c. Quieter Operation d. None of the above

29 29HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Test 6. The TrueDRY DH65 can be centrally ducted or used in standalone applications. a. True b. False 7. What is the MERV rating on the TrueDRY DH65? a. MERV 8 b. MERV 11 c. MERV 16 d. There is no MERV rating on the TrueDRY DH65

30 30HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Test 8. What is the warranty on the TrueDRY DH90 and DH65? a. 2 Years b. 3 Years c. 5 Years d. 10 Years 9. Both the TrueDRY DH90 and DH65 can be controlled by: a. VisionPRO® IAQ b. TrueIAQ c. Manual Humidistat d. A and B Only e. A – C

31 31HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Test 10. The TrueDRY can be used in the following applications: a. Crawlspaces b. Attics or Basements c. Rooftops d. Closets e. A, B and D Only f. All of the above

32 32HONEYWELL - CONFIDENTIAL File Number Answer Key 1. F 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. C 6. A 7. B 8. C 9. E 10. E

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