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Vocabulary Review Ch 22 – Humans and the Environment.

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1 Vocabulary Review Ch 22 – Humans and the Environment

2 The study of the interaction between humans and their own environment. Environmental science

3 Earths rock interior that extends from the molten center of the planets core to the solid surface of its crust Geosphere

4 The portion of Earth that is water, including all oceans, lakes, and rivers Hydrosphere

5 The mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth above the hydrosphere and geosphere Atmosphere

6 The part of the Earth where life exists Biosphere

7 The layer of the atmosphere at an altitude of 15 to 40 km in which ozone absorbs ultraviolet solar radiation Ozone layer

8 The warming of the surface and lower atmosphere of Earth that occurs when carbon dioxide, water vapor, and other gases in the air absorb and reradiate infrared radiation Greenhouse effect

9 The variety of organisms considered at all levels, from populations to ecosystems Biodiversity

10 An index that combines the number and relative abundance of different species in a community Species diversity

11 The amount of variation in the genetic material within all members of a population Genetic diversity

12 Substances that cause unintended harm in air, water, or soil Pollution

13 Water vapor mixed with chemicals that result from human activities Smog

14 A type of hydrocarbon in which some or all of the hydrogen atoms are replaced by chlorine and fluorine; used in coolants for refrigerators and air conditioners and in cleaning solvents Chlorofluorocarbon

15 The accumulation of increasingly large amounts of toxic substances within each successive link of the food chain Biological Magnification

16 Precipitation, such as rain, sleet, snow, that contains a high concentration of acids, often because of the pollution of the atmosphere Acid precipitation

17 The death of every member of a species Extinction

18 A species that is critical to the functioning of the ecosystem in which it lives because it affects the survival in its community Keystone species

19 The condition in which human needs are met in such a way that a human population can survive indefinitely Sustainability

20 A branch of biology that is the study of the management of natural resources and the preservation of biodiversity Conservation biology

21 The science of rehabilitating, replacing, or acquiring the equivalent of any natural resources that have been injured, destroyed, or lost Restoration biology

22 A species that is especially sensitive to ecological change and thus can serve as an indicator of environmental conditions Bioindicator

23 Region of the biosphere that has been identified by conservationists as having high species diversity and as being highly threatened by human Biodiversity hotspot

24 A form of tourism that supports the conservation and sustainable development of ecologically unique areas Ecotourism

25 The study of ecology in areas that are densely populated by humans Urban ecology

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