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Biology – Chapter 6.

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1 Biology – Chapter 6

2 Our Earth is an ISLAND Unlimited Resources?
If we view the Earth as an island – are there enough resources for our population to survive? Unlimited Resources?

3 Resources Environmental resources classified as either: Renewable
Nonrenewable Renewable – resources that replenish through natural processes (not always unlimited) Nonrenewable – resources that cannot replenish by natural processes List examples of each type of resource Human activities can affect the quality and quantity of otherwise renewable resources

4 Biodiversity Biological diversity (biodiversity) is essential for biosphere survival – allowing the differences in biological systems to absorb any drastic changes that may happen. Biodiversity = the amount of variation in life in a given species, ecosystem, biome or planet

5 Types of Biodiversity Ecosystem diversity – variety of habitats, communities & ecological processes in the biosphere Species diversity – the number of different species in the biosphere Genetic diversity – the total of all the different forms of all the different organisms in the biosphere Biodiversity is one of the Earth’s greatest natural resources – providing us with medicines, building materials, artistic inspiration and food.

6 Threats to Biodiversity
Human activity can be a threat to biodiversity by: Changing natural habitats Land development, deforestation Hunting species to extinction Food, “pests” Introducing toxic compounds into food webs Pollution, biological magnification Introducing foreign species into new environments Invasive species

7 Conserving Biodiversity
Conservation – the management of natural resources to preserve biodiversity for future generations Sustainable Development - A way of using natural resources for human needs without depleting them or causing long term environmental harm

8 Conservation Strategies
Protection of species & ecosystems Biodiversity hotspot = a geographic region with a large amount of biodiversity that is being threatened by humans

9 As of the year 2000, more than 35 biodiversity “hotspots” have been identified


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