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Energy Efficiency & Conservation

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1 Energy Efficiency & Conservation

2 The Energy Pyramid ENERGY EFFICIENCY:
Using less energy to accomplish the same task, such as heating or lighting a building ENERGY CONSERVATION: At the top of the pyramid – the ultimate goal – is renewable energy or energy sustainability. We need to start at the bottom and build a solid foundation of the pyramid with Energy Conservation. Energy conservation is the practice of decreasing the amount of energy that we use. Simple behavioral changes can make a long lasting and immediate impact on the amount of fuel and electricity we use. Everyone can do and it costs NOTHING to do! Some examples of conservation are: Turning off the lights unplugging unused item fixing leaky faucets turning down the thermostat in the winter – up in the summer Adjusting the blinds Once we have conserved as much as possible, we then move on to becoming more energy efficient Energy efficiency is using less energy to accomplish the same task. This is where CFL’s come in; Energy Star appliances which use up to 20% less energy than the national standard installing CFLs buying Energy star appliances - use less electricity to get the job done. ES clothes washers have a double benefit: they use less electricity and less water Is the practice of decreasing the quantity of energy used

3 SWCE Programs Dual Fuel:
Electric (gshp, ashp, boilers, etc.) as main heat source with fossil fuel back up Dual Fuel rate applies ($0.05/ kWh) Water heater and a/c can also be put on DF rate Marathon Water Heaters: * FREE 85 – or 105-gallon water heater if on control for at least 7 years * $5 or $10 / month or if on Dual Fuel then DF rate SW offers a couple programs to help conserve energy during peak times. Dual fuel Gshp – 300 to 400% efficient Ashp – 200% efficient Df rate - $.05 kWh Marathon Water Heaters 85-gallon PS 105 gallon Storage Cycled Cooling During a control we cycle the compressor on for 15 mn and off for 15 min. Temps may drop 1-2 degrees during the control Cycled Cooling: Receive $15 credit ($5 for months of June, July and August)

4 SWCE 2010 Residential Energy Star Rebates
clothes washers - $25 dishwashers - $25 refrigerators and freezers - $50 with recycling of old appliance - $75 dehumidifiers - $25 room window air conditioners - $35 ECM (electric commutated motor) - $100 CFL’s - $2/ bulb or up to ½ the package price Ground source heat pumps - $400 / ton Ductless air source heat pumps - $300 Energy Star products use at least 20% less energy than the national standard. No matter what product you’re buying –tv’s, computers, appliances- always look for the Blue Energy Star Logo. There are numerous Energy Star rebates available to SW members. The rebate forms are available on line or you may request to have one mailed to you. Rebate forms are available at Look for the Energy Star logo whenever you buy

5 Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)
What is an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)? ECM ‘s adjust its speed to ensure the optimal airflow at all times. In addition ECM motors are significantly quieter and less expensive to operate than conventional furnace fans. ECMs use significantly less electricity to deliver the warm air from the furnace and the cool air from the CAC throughout your home. With their adjustable speed design, furnaces with an ECM motor operate with as little as 80 watts of electricity. That’s as much as ten times less than standard fan motors which run on high all the time. Furnaces equipped with an Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) have lower annual operating costs and can save you $40 to $300 per year depending on how you use the furnace fan . The newest rebate that SW has to offer is for an Electrically commutated motor. An ECM adjusts its speed to ensure optimal airflow at all times. They are significantly quieter and less expensive to operate than the conventional furnace fans. Furnaces with an ECM uses ten times less energy than standard fan motors which run on high all the time Depending on how you use your furnace fan, you can save $40 to $300 per year on operating costs.

6 Qualified Installation (QI) Rebates
Central A/C and Air Source Heat Pump rebates are available through HVAC companies who have taken an assessment test. Once they have taken this test, they become a ‘qualified installer’ in the state of Minnesota. This test assures that the unit is being installed correctly and that the homeowner is getting the SEER rating that they paid for. The A/C and ASHP rebates are as follows: A/C ASHP 13 SEER $30 $330 14 SEER $180 $480 15 SEER $280 $580 16+ SEER $330 $630 A list of qualified installers can be found on our website under the ‘save energy and money’ heading. To qualify for central air conditioner and ashp rebates, your unit must be installed by a qualified installer. To become qualified, the installer has passed a test showing that they know how to correctly install a/c’s and ashp’s. The qualified installer then orders the rebates forms directly from Great River Energy and will then submit them to SW once the testing is done on the installed unit. You can find a qualified installer by a link on our website, or SW can mail a localized list to you.

7 Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural Rebates
Standard rebates: milking vacuum pump VFD milk transfer pump VFD lighting NEMA premium efficient motors Custom rebates may include, but not limited to: compressor heat recovery systems plate & frame type milk pre-coolers hog farrowing controls scroll compressors for bulk tank low pressure irrigation systems livestock water heaters There are several rebates available for high efficient agricultural equipment. Here’s a list of some of them. Please contact Doug Hughes for any questions regarding the commercial, industrial and agricultural rebates.

8 The Smart Strip works like this: It has one plug called “control”
Pretty The Smart Strip works like this: It has one plug called “control” It has special plugs for things that go off when the “control” is not in use It has additional plugs that are always on So plug the computer or TV itself into the master Plug in monitor, speakers and various other devices into the special plugs - use the 'always active' sockets for the satellite receiver/Tivo/etc. When the “control” is off, the Smart Strip automatically turns off the special plugs The smart strip is so much more than a power strip. It has one plug called the ‘control’ plug, and it has ‘special’ plugs that shut off when the power to the ‘control’ plug goes off. In addition it has additional plugs that are always on. How could this benefit you? Plug your computer or TV into the control plug; plug the monitor, speakers, dvd player into the special plugs. You can plug your satellite receiver into the constant on plug. When you turn off your tv or computer, all the extra devices automatically shut off saving you time and money! The smart strip is available everywhere.

9 Niagara Electric Water Heater Conservation Kit
Available from Niagara for only $10 from Jan 1- March 31, 2010 Mail in form is in the current issue of Sparks or Go on-line to ‘’ Under Promotions, use promo code ‘SWC671’ LIMIT 1 The conservation kit includes: Earth ™ Massage Showerhead (1.5 GPM) Kitchen Swivel Aerator (1.5 GPM) The showerhead saves 40 percent more water and energy than a standard showerhead and actually enhances water pressure. The bathroom faucet aerators maintain great water pressure while saving 55 percent more water and energy The Kitchen Swivel Aerator saves 30 percent more energy and water than a standard aerator. It attaches to your current faucet and allows a wide-spray radius and swivel. The unique “pause ” action halts flow, that keeps a consistent temperature. Hot Water Temperature Card measures the temperature of hot tap water to see if your current water temperature is in an efficient range. Lowering your water temperature just 10 degrees can save you three to five percent in energy costs. Two Bathroom Faucet Aerators (1.0 GPM) Hot Water Temperature Card

10 The biggest bang for the buck? CFL’s!
Did you know… That % of your electric bill is attributed to lighting alone? CFL’s use up to 75% less energy to produce the same amount of light? Lasts up to 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs? You can save $30 or more in energy costs over the life of the bulb? SWCE offers $2 per bulb (up to ½ the price of package rebate) CFL’s generate 70% less heat Safer to operate Can cut energy cost associated with home cooling cost Still haven’t changed out to CFL’s?… They use up to 75% less energy last up to 10 times longer can save $30 or more over the life of the bulb generate 70% less heat and SWCE offers a rebate - $2 /bulb or up to half the price

11 Check out we for an interactive way to see what you can save through energy saving practices. Go through the house room by room and watch your savings grow as you change to CFL’s, turn off the lights, adjust the blinds. Now that you can see just how easy it is to save energy and money you can decide the best energy saving practices for your own household.

12 Home Energy Audits A home energy audit typically lasts about 2 hours.
The following areas are examined: furnace or boiler air conditioner insulation air leaks water heater appliances An infrared camera used inside will pinpoint cold air seeping through ceilings, walls and floors. A picture from the outside will show heat loss. A blower door test, which identifies air leaks, can be performed for an additional cost. Additional testing may be available, depending on the company. Home energy audits are a very educational tool that will help determine how efficient your home is and how to become more energy efficient. An infrared camera is used to locate where cold air is coming into the house and where warm air is leaking out. Home energy audits range from $100-$600 depending on the company and how in-depth the audit is. There is a company called EZBNgreen that has performed home audits for some SWCE members and the feedback has been very positive. EZBNgreen is currently offering SWCE members an energy audit for only $69 plus 50% off mileage charge. There is a handout with more information in your bags. Prices vary greatly from under $100 to over $600 per audit. Here’s two website to search for a home energy audit:

13 Websites: 763-274-4248
Affordable Home Energy Audits Interactive website on how ‘little’ things add up If you would like any additional information, please call SW. Find an energy auditor

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